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Cateye urban wireless review -CatEye Urban Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-VT220W

If you’re looking to get information on how well your bicycle travels are going and how you’re burning calories on it, then you should see how the CatEye Urban Wireless Bicycle Computer can help you out. This is a special computer that helps you to identify what’s going on while traveling.

Capable of Measuring Your Trip Data

You can use this to measure all sorts of different points related to your bicycle trip. It can measure your distance, your current speed, the amount of time you’ve been on your bike for even details on your carbon offset.

Calorie Measurements are Used

This bicycle computer also measures the approximate amount of calories you’ve burned over time. This is often used as a means of measuring how well a workout on your bike is based on what you do with it.

Turns On and Off With Ease

An impressive feature of this computer is that it only turns or off when you are in motion. The CatEye Urban Wireless Bicycle Computer will analyze when your bike is in motion and start recording data from there. It will stop recording things if your bike is idle for too much time.

A Very Flexible Model

This model is also designed to be made with several flexibility features. First, it can be used on any bicycle regardless of its tire size. Also, the bracket on the device is made to fit onto many bicycle models. It can fit on handlebars that are 22-32 mm in size and can work with the same adapter for any of these materials. This could be utilized as a means of keeping you from having to buy anything extra just to get this to hook up to your bicycle.

Who Would Buy This?

The CatEye Urban Wireless Bicycle Computer is ideal for those who want to keep records of their bicycle usage during their diet and exercise plans. Using a bicycle is often the key to having a good workout routine, and the bicycle computer will certainly make it easier for anyone to measure one’s performance on the road.

Value for Money

This is a fabulous value for the money as it will provide you with a device that is small and yet contains plenty of details relating to all the things you want out of your system. You should use the CatEye Urban Wireless Bicycle Computer if you need a computer that’s easy to use on your bicycle and will provide you with the help you deserve when seeing how well your travels are going while on a bike.

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