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Cateye Strada Wireless Review

Do you ride a bicycle as your outside exercise? How do you monitor your exercise effort? Does your bicycle have a device monitoring your performance? Have you ever heard of the CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer (Black) CC-RD300W? It is a wireless, sizeable screen and sensor mount placed on your bicycle handlebar monitoring your speed, distance and time when riding on different terrain. It is run on batteries. It’s sleek, the ultra-lightweight design has attracted many riders’ attention and becomes a very handy gadget for your riding.

General information of the product

It has eight functions to be selected. It is a useful and powerful tool, a necessary companion for every rider on the road. Its large screen and digit display make users feel it is very convenient to read. It displays current speed, max speed, average speed, trip distance, 2nd trip distance, total distance, elapsed time and clock. All functions are combined on the device.

The brand new Cateye clickTec interface makes your usage easy. You simply press the bottom of the computer, all details you need are displayed.

The innovative FlexTight bracket mount fits with the handlebar, which makes your riding experience free of headaches.

What do users think about the CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer?

As a bicycle riding fan, this product can be very helpful and useful; it tracks all the information you need. Its display design and accuracy have become major features of the product.

  • Nice and easy
  • Great item
  • Very Accurate, Very Easy
  • Nice Package! Good choice
  • Excellent bike computer

What developments should the manufacturer consider for the next generation?

Easy to read and eight functions to select plus its accuracy have been awarded. However, what developments did the current users recommend to the manufacturer? All users thought this compact cycling computer is a handy companion, but if this mount can be improved to be more easily installed and aligned, this product can be flawless and perfect. The manufacturer has listened to the user’s voice, and all those comments will be considered in the next upgraded generation.

Where can you buy Cateye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer?

Nowadays shopping online has become a trend. You don’t need to muck around all shops, and you just turn on your computer and get connected to the shop online, such as Amazon, one click will direct you to the Amazon shop to purchase and all different voices of comments from the existing users.

Where can you gain some comments on the Cateye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer?

If you are used to shopping online, you will be convinced once you read that product review on Amazon. All comments and reviews were from genuine consumers. They expressed their like and disliked to the product features. Therefore you will not be misled by the commercial advertisements.

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