Pilates during and after pregnancy
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Pilates During and After Pregnancy

Pilates: Gentle Body Center Training – Targeted training helps prevent incontinence and cervical erosion. Pilates is a functional full-body workout that strengthens the deep-seated muscles in the pelvic floor, abdomen, and back. Pilates classes extra for pregnant women However, general Pilates classes are inappropriate for pregnant women, as they exercise in particular the […]

safe acne treatment during pregnancy
Pregnancy Women Guide

Safe Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

In pregnancy, the hormonal balance changes, which affects, among other things, the skin: Some women enjoy a pure, radiant-looking complexion, others suffer from impurities and pimples. The so-called pregnancy acne can develop regardless of whether you have previously had similar skin problems and occurs increasingly in the first trimester of pregnancy. Impure […]