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safe acne treatment during pregnancy
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Safe Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

In pregnancy, the hormonal balance changes, which affects, among other things, the skin: Some women enjoy a pure, radiant-looking complexion, others suffer from impurities and pimples. The so-called pregnancy acne can develop regardless of whether you have previously had similar skin problems and occurs increasingly in the first trimester of pregnancy. Impure […]

how to take skinfold measurements
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How to Take Skinfold Measurements?

The nuchal translucency as a characteristic of the baby development – The Nackendransparenzuntersuchung (also called neck wrinkle measurement)  is carried out in the context of prenatal care only on explicit request and is associated with no risk to the unborn baby. The term nuchal translucency explained briefly A natural fluid accumulation that occurs during the 11th and 14th […]