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Casio Prizm fx-CG10 Review

Since its release in early 2011, the graphical calculator fx-CG10 / 20, better known as Casio Prizm, is one of the few that has won the respect of many students and teachers graphical calculators of the Texas Instruments brand. Since the first highlight of the Prizm calculator, Casio has chained promotional advertising presenting the Casio Prizm […]

Buying Guide Electronics Electronics, Computers & Office

HP Prime Graphing Calculator Review

There several years, when HP had released their latest graphing calculator, the HP Premium. I had already made an opinion on it.  J ‘ had loved the perfection of this new calculator and how HP had pushed things with a unique design and with new features never seen before in one of their calculators, but I was a little hungry because I expected to see more from HP. Over the years of its first placing on […]