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The right equipment and ergonomics in the workplace
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The Right Equipment and Ergonomics in The Workplace

Automatic procedures often replace hand soldering workplaces. But not in principle, because there are still applications where solder joints have to be made manually. What factors determine a good soldering result in an optimal and ergonomic working environment? In times of highly integrated electronics and smallest components, high concentration and well-being of […]

how to secure embedded systems
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How to Secure Embedded Systems?

The embedded systems tailored to a wide variety of applications require not only the right software but also sufficient protection to ensure trouble-free operation. The task of housing is primarily to protect the electronics inside against harmful environmental influences. It is therefore particularly important to know possible dangers in advance and […]

What is Human Machine Interface (HMI) development and its Applications
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What is Human Machine Interface (HMI) development and its Applications

The days when component distributors were able to monopolize access to customers as gatekeepers are over in times of web shops. Finding new ways of customer retention through design-in-services is essential. The development of customer-specific HMI applications is ideal for this. Distributors of electronic components are currently facing challenging times. On the one […]