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human milk banking guidelines
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Human Milk Banking Guidelines

The demand is greater than the supply – It has long been known:  breast milk is the best food for a baby is. The WHO also recommends breastfeeding fully for the first six months. However, breast milk is also essential for preemies and sick infants if the mother is unable to breastfeed or produces too little milk. Breast milk banks […]

how long should a breastfeeding session last
Baby Guide Breast Feeding

How long should a breastfeeding session last

How long is breastfeeding? This question concerns many mothers and spreads a great deal of uncertainty. The World Health Organization advises all mothers to breastfeed their baby for six months and then slowly feed them. How long does the average breastfeeding take? Prehistoric-era bones, biblical interpretations, and historical records show that breastfeeding in our latitudes used […]