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CASIO FX-CP400 Review

Despite their difficulty, mathematical problems of any kind will be quickly settled with this graphical calculator (CASIO FX-CP400 + E). As part of recent technology, the Casio FX-CE400 + E is a great help for schooling. Others characterize the model by its appearance approaching that of a mobile phone.

From this look inspired by smartphones, you can already see how much CASIO FX-CP400 + E has a multitude of useful functions. CASIO did not neglect the aesthetic side when making the tool. Dressed in black, he has a modern and attractive design that makes him a better person.

  Strong Points  Weak Points
  • Easy to use and read
  • Big screen
  • Easy to drag and drop
  • Lightweight
  • Great quality
  • Quite slower, need update

Suitable for the areas of:

  • Industrial engineer
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Robotic engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Electric engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Topography
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Statistics

Technical features of the calculator

Useful features are in abundance with CASIO FX-CP400 + E from CASIO 

It solves many mathematical, trigonometric, statistical problems and all the rest. It is also programmed to deal with complex number processing, Laplace and Fourier transformation and matrix calculations.


It is perfectly in hand with its dimensions of 20.6 x 21 x 8.9 cm in length, width and height for a weight of 313 g. It is easily stored in your pockets or your bags with such a scale.

CASIO FX-CP400 + E has a high definition color screen. An original display, it becomes easy for you to switch from portrait to landscape with a simple rotation. This guarantees you optimal comfort. With its touch screen, CASIO FX-CP400 + E undeniably discerns classic models that are limited to the use of the keypad.

Finally, this device is finally powered by 4 AAA batteries provided at the time of purchase.

Physical Characteristics of CASIO FX-CP400

  • High-resolution, large color display with 4.8-inch screen size and a resolution of 320 x 528 pixels
  • Touch-sensitive touch display for finger or pen operation
  • Pinch In / Out (finger zoom)
  • Use of commercially available batteries ensures a smooth test procedure
  • speedy start time
  • intuitive operation thanks to the PC-like menu structure
  • interactive linking of different application areas
  • the rotatable screen in the main and graphics application as well as in the spreadsheet
  • interactive differential calculus
  • 3D Graph
  • extensive German user language
  • virtual keyboard
  • updatable software
  • Connection to the PC as USB mass storage

For Whom is the CASIO FX-CP400 + E made?

Casio designed this FX-CP400 + E for any student working on calculations, graphs, and tables. In a word, the equipment is intended for any student wishing to solve problems of general mathematics, statistics, trigonometry, and algebra. These learners can be high school students or university graduates. It is the same for those who are in scientific prepare. All these targets can thus bring this device during their respective pieces of training.

Only, some of its functions must be restricted at the time of the competitions to avoid cheating. This is why the instrument offers the exam mode which limits access to the user memory during the test. In addition to students, professionals also have the opportunity to use the CASIO FX-CP400 + E in their work. Individuals involved in a trade requiring certain calculations or treatments related to them may all seek their assistance.

Why is CASIO FX-CP400 calculator an excellent choice?

This accessory from CASIO offers you a wide HD color screen, a real quality display. The latter has been designed to give you a better view of operations and graphs.

CASIO FX-CP400 + E can graphically display Cartesian, parametric and polar functions in a precise and clear manner. With its applications “plots, plots and zoom, the graphical resolution of equations becomes a breeze.

The monitor has a rotation option with which it switches from portrait to landscape according to your needs. This display mode helps you to scan more clearly circles, ellipses, parables, all kinds of graphs.

In addition to these details, the manufacturer also favors the graphic determination of the roots as well as the intersections via this model. It is the same for symmetry, asymptotes, and radius. 
Thanks to the screen sharing function, it becomes easier to make the application “drag/drop” to two distinct paths.

High-resolution color touch display of the FX-CP400 “ClassPad II”! 

This new calculator is based on the ClassPad technology and has a computer algebra system integrated (CAS). The handheld impresses with its unique intuitive operation. After a few simple steps, it becomes clear – it is hardly easier. The large LCD with its touch function underlines this impression immediately. Whether with a pen or with your finger, you quickly become familiar with the clear menus and quickly come to a solution.  Due to the size of the display is a clarity at any time. The display or the display can be rotated in some applications, so you have even more space for complex terms or large graphical representations.

320×528 dots and 6.4 cm screen diagonal are already impressive for a graphics-capable CAS computer. The display is very easy to read. Due to the “virtual keyboard” which can be faded in and out, the computer is spared the annoying double, third or even fourth assignments. This is also a comfortable operation to good.  But the FX-CP400 or ClassPad 400 is far more than CAS calculators. > This is a learning tool that appeals to almost everyone! 

Our recommendation: CalcCase CP400 – black synthetic leather protective bag with sewn-in protectors to protect from scratches and bumps. 

How to use CASIO FX-CP400?


From all these specifics, it is evident that the CASIO FX-CP400 + E is a real machine of war when one approaches mathematics. It has a multitude of features as impressive as each other allowing them to turn the exercises into a moment of pure pleasure. College students, high school students, academics or even workers have the opportunity to enjoy his services. Its high-quality color touchscreen also differentiates the article from others. This monitor can provide this product with increased user comfort, which impresses us the most. Both pleasant and offering many possibilities, this model finally suggests a relatively reasonable price.

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