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Camping Essentials with Toddlers

Camping with a child – relaxation or rather stress? This depends, among other things, on how old the child is, whether it is a family and child-friendly campsite and whether you start your holiday with a tent or RV.

At what age is camping with a child possible?

In a tent, the holiday with a baby is possible in principle, but it is difficult to accommodate the necessary equipment, the baby can only be on the – possibly not completely clean – soil and everything is a little more complicated than in a motorhome. Also, people could feel disturbed in neighboring tents, as nocturnal weeping penetrates through the thin tarpaulins.

In a caravan, however, you can prepare meals, wrap your baby, possibly even put a baby cot, noises from outside are muted, as well as their child in the immediate area is not as much to hear as, in a tent, it should speak out loud. So that can be quite comfortable.

An RV also has the added benefit of being able to transport the stroller and other utensils without difficulty. If you travel by car and you want to spend your holidays in a tent, you have to find space next to it in the vehicle, which can be difficult even in a station wagon.

However, there are kid-friendly campsites that lend strollers and beds, as well as a baby changing room and kitchens. So, if your car does not provide the means to take everything you need, ask for a campsite that rents out the things you need, and where local events target families with babies and toddlers.

The agiler your child becomes, the more exciting is the stay at a campsite. As soon as it can run, it wants to explore the area more intensively. Therefore, make sure that there are no roads, waterways, steep slopes and the like in the area that could be dangerous for your child.

Camping i,s possible with children of all ages, comfort and relaxation factor vary, however, with the facilities and the local conditions.

Camping is fun!

Would not it be much more pleasant to spend your holidays in a hotel or a pension and be served? Of course, there is also a rich leisure offer for young and old. What is missing is independence.

Which in turn would offer a holiday apartment without you and your child having to give up the usual luxury? However, camping can be cheaper and with a distinctive flair, it creates a sense of freedom and adventure that especially small children enjoy.

They can explore the nature together, look for the company of other campers and spend carefree days – provided the above conditions are right. Incidentally, you do not necessarily have to do without luxury depending on the local conditions when camping.

It is just a unique way of life, which fascinates families with and without children on vacation in a tent or camper.

In some places events are organized exceptionally for children, there are playgrounds, shallow pools for splashing and various leisure activities for children or the whole family. With the choice of a campsite according to your ideas and the decision for tent or camper, you can make the holiday with your child the way you want.

That has to be done

It’s best first to make a  list of what you need. Of course, this varies with the facilities on site and the accommodation in the tent or caravan.

Tent & Camping Equipment

For adventurers who want to camp with children on holiday, there are some things to consider when buying a tent. The tent should be big enough for all residents and also provide space for all luggage. Also, we recommend an accommodation that is easy and quick to set up, tear-resistant and has light bars. So that even a rainy night is not a problem, the tent should have a water column of at least 1,500mm, at best 3,000mm. Flashlights donate the necessary light in the tent from sunset and are well suited for reading a bedtime story.

Travel bag & backpack

In their travel bag the little ones can, depending on their age, already stow their belongings and learn how to keep things organized. Even on excursions, children can carry their water bottle or snacks and clothing in a small backpack.

travel bed

A travel cot usually has a lying surface of 120cm by 60cm and is suitable from birth to a maximum of four years. In a travel cot, children sleep safely and comfortably in the camper. The sleeping area should be easy to assemble and disassemble and have a low weight for transport. Thanks to the high edge even children who are already sitting or standing cannot fall out of bed.

Travel chair

If no high travel chair is provided at the holiday destination, it is advisable to buy your chair while traveling. This allows the baby to spend the holidays at the family table and eat together with the family. Due to the small pack size and the lightweight, a high travel chair can be transported comfortably, whereby the little dwarf does not have to give up the usual comfort when camping.

Well-filled diaper bag

You will also need food for your child, utensils to prepare, as well as vials, pacifiers, cuddly toys and other things that you can use every day at home. For a small child, think of diapers and potty, care and hygiene items – a spacious diaper bag is ideal, and an extra supply can be accommodated separately.


Also essential is the clothing, which depends on the season and the climate at the resort. You should always wind and waterproof things pack, enough clothes to change is mandatory unless the washer and dryer on site.

sun protection

When camping, a large part of the day is spent outdoors. Therefore, remember the sunscreen because the skin of children is still particularly sensitive. Even in cooler temperatures and on cloudy days a sunburn is not excluded. Different manufacturers, therefore, offer sunscreen creams with a high SPF that are specially adapted to the needs of babies and children.

Find a suitable campsite

Child-friendly campsites are available at home and abroad, in the open air and near the city, by the sea and in the mountains. For babies and toddlers, you should choose a location that is not too far away. Otherwise, the journey could be quite exhausting. Even extreme climatic conditions are less favorable for small children.

Popular destinations outside Germany include France, Holland, Austria and Denmark. The weather is similar to the one in Germany and the requirements for sanitary facilities are usually lifted.

The ADAC provides an online database in which you can search specifically for child-friendly campsites and different regions.

At Selectcamp you will find numerous child-friendly campsites abroad, the search can be limited to different ages and the equipment.


  • Camping with a child can be a pleasure for the whole family; it is important to prepare and choose the campsite carefully
  • Tent or camper
  • Transportation for the luggage
  • Equipment on site
  • no danger to small children in the area
  • Leisure activities and employment opportunities

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