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Breastfeeding positions for newborn – Best breastfeeding positions

The breastfeeding positions: There are several ways to put on your baby. The weighing attitude is one of the most popular breastfeeding positions; the lateral position is especially comfortable at night. For mothers with a Caesarean scar, the back grip is very comfortable, and an upright breastfeeding position can help with bloating.

For mothers with cesarean section, the back handle is very comfortable

No matter which breastfeeding position you choose, it should be comfortable for you and your baby.

Tip: occasionally varying the breastfeeding position can help with inflamed nipples or congestion .

The classic nursing position is the weighing attitude. Try sitting comfortably on a chair, sofa or bed, and above all relaxed. Several cushions in the back are suitable for an upright posture very well. When breastfeeding while sitting, the baby’s head lies relaxed in your crook. The body lies facing you on the lap, and the baby can reach your nipple comfortably.

In this position, it is important that you support your forearms, for example on a nursing pillow. Also, avoid being too bothered with your baby. An unfavorable posture can quickly lead to tension or back pain and tarnish the pleasure of breastfeeding.

Note: For women who have given birth by cesarean section, weighing is often uncomfortable as the baby presses on the scar.

The cross handle

For babies who have trouble putting on, the cross handle (cross-handle) is recommended. Unlike in birth control, the baby’s head is not held in the crook of the arm, but with the hand.

Baby’s face and upper body point in your direction. If you breastfeed your baby with your right breast, hold your baby with your left arm. The back of the child lies on your thumb and forefinger. So you can gently guide the mouth of your baby to the chest.

The back handle

The back grip is also referred to as a football stance, and it quickly becomes clear why: The baby is “clamped” under the arm like a football or a handbag. Especially for women with cesarean section, this breastfeeding position is very pleasant because the baby does not press on the scar.

The baby’s feet point to your back, his nose is at the level of the nipple, and your child should look at you. Your baby’s head, neck, and shoulders can be gently supported with one hand.

In this nursing position, twins can even be breastfed at the same time with some practice. It is also good for mothers with big breasts and flat nipples. But even if your baby does not put on well, this breastfeeding position can help, as you can better bring his head to the chest.

The Hoppe Rider position

Some babies are barely able to keep awake while breastfeeding. So that the child does not fall asleep, you can sit it upright on your thighs to breastfeed. Her nipple is right in front of her baby’s mouth. To assist, hold the baby’s back with one hand.

In this position, he also gets better air, as in the lateral position. If your baby suffers from painful flatulence, this upright nursing position may help reduce the need for less air and frequent eructation.

The lateral position

Breastfeeding in the lateral position is particularly pleasant for mothers with a perineal tear, episiotomy or cesarean section. You lie comfortably on the side while breastfeeding and your baby’s face points to you. To be able to breastfeed in this position, pull your child very close to your body. You can gently support his head with your overhead arm.

A rolled up towel or nursing pillow supports your baby’s back. Tip: For mothers, it is especially pleasant to put a pillow between your knees and some pillows in the back in this lateral position.

The lateral position is also very popular when breastfeeding at night, as it can be very relaxing for mom and baby.

Breastfeeding with nursing pillow

When you start breastfeeding, a special nursing pillow can help you to put on your baby. The horseshoe-shaped pillow will wrap around your body. It supports your back and your forearm and thus promotes a relaxed posture. Your baby is slightly raised and can comfortably drink at the breast.

When choosing your nursing pillow, you should pay attention to a good quality. If the nursing pillow is too soft or unevenly filled, the baby can not find the right position when breastfeeding. With the mother, an unfavorable posture can quickly lead to tension and back pain.

Tip: Although a nursing pillow can be very helpful, you should not depend on it. In between trying to breastfeed your baby without nursing pillows. So you have no difficulty if you want to put your child on the road, for example, in a café or on the playground.

Breastfeed on the way

So that it works on the way with breastfeeding, there are some tips that you can keep in mind: The weighing attitude is best from all breastfeeding positions, to breastfeed your baby undisturbed. Just like at home, for example, look for a comfortable chair in a café that supports your back.

Also, it is convenient to wear special nursing tops. So you can quietly nurse your child on the go and show almost no skin. However, if you do not feel good about it, you can also put a scarf or cloth over your chest so that you are protected from view.

Wound nipples

Sore nipples often arise because the baby is not properly put on. Especially in the early days, these problems can occur. Young mothers are thus often unsure and give the breastfeeding quite often.

With sore nipples and with congestion, it is very helpful to change the breastfeeding positions regularly. If your baby drinks very quickly from the breast, breastfeed it more often so that the cravings are not so great.

For redness and small tears, the following tips are helpful in assisting wound healing: In case of mild irritation, you can rub some breast milk and gently massage into the nipple.

If the nipples are more irritated and torn, lanolin (wool fat) and healing wool can provide relief. Contact your midwife or a lactation consultant if the sore nipples do not heal or if there is a pain.


  • Weighing is the most popular breastfeeding position
  • The nursing position should be especially comfortable for mother and baby
  • The back handle is particularly comfortable for mothers with cesarean scar
  • Changing nursing positions helps with sore nipples and congestion
  • A nursing pillow supports relaxed breastfeeding
  • On the way, weighing is the ideal resting position



  • The various breastfeeding positions do not serve a better variety for mom and baby, but effectively prevent a milk jam or even sore nipples.
  • Whenever your baby’s chin is lying, the suction power is highest. Regular change of position ensures optimal emptying of the breast.
  • The weighing attitude is the optimal breastfeeding position for on the way since this is also possible without aids. Relaxed breastfeeding is also possible in the restaurant without nursing pillows.
  • The back grip can be facilitated by using a nursing pillow or by leaning on the backrest
  • The back grip is useful for sibling children, as this does not claim the mother completely physically. It is, therefore, possible to read a book to the sibling while doing so.
  • For irritated and torn nipples, it is advisable to cleanse the nipple after breastfeeding with a saline solution and then apply thin wool fat.
  • It is also pleasant to wear so-called breast donuts during the nursing breaks as the nipple does not rub against the clothing. The air can circulate and heal wounds better.
  • Irritated nipples at the beginning of breastfeeding are common and should not prevent you from breastfeeding your baby.

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