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Best Personalized Gift Ideas for 2020

Getting a personalized gift is a ray of light in a mass-produced world. It’s a fun way for the recipient to set themselves apart and show the world who they are. When you buy a personalized gift, it shows that you care and put thought into the purchase.

There are plenty of options when it comes to personalization. Here are some of the best-personalized gift ideas for 2020. 

Custom Socks

Custom socks are the new novelty t-shirt. These are a fun, practical gift that people will always love getting. For the athlete in your life, get a pair of custom socks made by Elite Sports Socks. These are great technical socks that can be worn for basketball, running, weightlifting, and numerous other sports. 

For your friends with a sense of humor, you can get socks with your face printed on them. Alternatively, take a more sentimental approach and have images of your friend’s beloved pet printed on their socks.

Instagram Grid Photo Magnets

In the digital age, it’s rare to see printed photos. Instead, people upload images and share them on Instagram. You can give your Insta-loving friend the best of both worlds with Instagram grid photo magnets.

Choose some of their favorite shots— including images of you together— and have them printed on fridge magnets. This also makes a fantastic annual gift as you can print their “top nine” to recap the year. Many online photo services and Etsy shops offer this product.

Instagram Grid Photo Magnets

Customized Reusable Shopping Totes

The world is going green, with more stores banning plastic bags and encouraging shoppers to BYOB (bring your own bag). If you have a vinyl cutter, this is a great DIY gift. If not, look to local crafters to have a bespoke bag created for your recipient.

Use this as an opportunity to be witty and print the bags with quips that your friend or family member will love. You can use eco-conscious quotes like “black is the new green” or “this bag is green.” You could also print their name on it or push the boundaries with phrases like “maybe groceries, maybe wine.”

Name or Signature Necklace

Name necklaces like the iconic “Carrie” necklace in Sex and the City are making a big comeback. Hop aboard this gift-giving trend for 2020 and get the person in your life their own custom name necklace. This gift is especially thoughtful for those who have unique names and struggle to find products featuring it. 

Signature necklaces and bracelets are a modern take on this resurging trend. Take your friend’s signature and have it made into a completely unique piece of jewelry. 

Custom Music Box

Music is a powerful trigger for memories and emotions. Give the person on your list a custom music box that plays their favorite song or represents something they love. You can get handcrafted wooden music boxes featuring songs from video games, television shows, or famous bands like Queen.

For an extra personal touch, you can have the music box engraved with a meaningful quote or phrase, the date you met, or a note to share your love.

A Custom Notebook or Datebook

A Custom Notebook or Datebook

Bullet journals, notebooks, and datebooks help people feel like they have their lives together. If you have someone who loves collecting notebooks, have a high-quality custom notebook made with their name on it. You can get everything from hard, printed covers to leather embossed covers. 

Get creative and embrace the recipient’s personal style. Choose patterns and colors you know they love so that they won’t want to leave home without their new gift.

Personalizing a gift makes it special and unique. Use this opportunity to show the person on your list that you’ve been paying attention and want to show how much you care.

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