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Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

With the passage of time, furniture grows old and sometimes furniture also accumulates grime and dirt. So, the color of the furniture diminishes, resulting in the dull appearance of the furniture. With these considerations in the mind, owners of the furniture often think about how to repair their ‘favorite’ or dear furniture pieces and bring them back to their original structure.

Instead of abandoning the furniture, you must spend a little time in restoring the furniture. Paint spraying the furniture is the most convenient solution. You should spray paint your furniture. The painting of the furniture gives it a new spirit.

1. Is It Better To Brush Or Spray Paint Furniture?

The excellent finish will be achieved when you use the best technique for spray painting the furniture. So, let us find which one is better between brush painting and spray painting.

a. Spray Painting:

Spray painting is the type of painting in which painting is done with the help of the HVLP paint sprayer. Spray painting is oftentimes preferred by the experts who want to finish the projects quickly. There are many other benefits of the spray painting, which are given below:

  • Spray painting produces high-gloss and lacquer finish on the furniture.
  • You can achieve even coverage with the help of a paint sprayer without brushstrokes.
  • Spray paint can be done quicker than a paintbrush.
  • Spray paint dries more quickly than the paintbrush.
  • The spray paint process is easily done on the furniture that has small pieces, spindles and small pieces.
  • Spray paint works on all types of surfaces, such as wood, steel, resin, plastic, metal and wicker, etc.

b. Paintbrush Or Roll-Painting

It is true that the paintbrush is very time-consuming, but painting your furniture with the brush strokes actually increase the beauty of the furniture. A smooth and excellent finish is achieved from the paintbrush or roll-painting. Here are some of the advantages of the hand-painting of the brush:

  • You are given a great many options to hand-brush the furniture, including the possibility of obtaining mix colors or custom colors.
  • It is a cheaper option as you require a few tools, and paintbrush spreads on larger space than spray-paint.
  • It is the least-toxic brushing solution, which does not require ventilation or much.
  • If you are an expert painter, you can bring out nice designs on the furniture too.

Both of these types are good. You must choose the type of painting for your furniture depending on the type of surface and design. However, we suggest you go with spray paint.

2. What Is The Best Spray Painter For Home Use?

You will have to go to markets to choose the best spray painter for home use. You must not worry now, we have handpicked the best spray painters for your house. Here are some of the best spray painter for the home use:

a. Graco Magnum X5 Airless Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum X5 Airless Sprayer is one of the most efficient and reliable airless sprayer, which is used for both home use and furniture. This is a high-pressure system is really powerful so you can utilize un-thinned paints, yet obtain the excellent finish.

Good Features of the Product:

  • It is an adjustable airless sprayer.
  • Its hose length is up to 75 feet.
  • The tips of the machine do not get clogged, so you can continuously spray paint.
  • The Clean-up process is really a convenient process.

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b. HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer

 HomeRight C800971.A Super

It is a quite affordable HVLP paint sprayer, which is suitable for both general use and professional use.

Good Features of the Product:

  • It has a 450-watt power of the motor.
  • The product comes along with a package, which includes spray gun and three tips allowing you to undertake different types of spraying jobs.
  • It is really a fairly-priced product.

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c. Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Paint Sprayer

 Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System

This device has an adjustable nozzle, which allows you to optimize the dispersal patterns so that you could obtain the desired results.

Good Features of the Product:

  • It has a quite impressive hose of 25-foot long.
  • It is a fully adjustable airless spray.
  • The product is made of the top-quality components, which means the product will last you longer.

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3. How Do You Use A Paint Sprayer On Furniture?

A paint sprayer is used on furniture in the following ways:

  1. Covering the Surfaces: Before you start painting your furniture, you are suggested to cover all the surfaces with clothes or plastics so that only furniture is colored.
  2. Getting the HVLR Spray Painter: First of all, you must switch on the compressor of the HVLR sprayer or keep the paint sprays ready.
  • Cleaning the Furniture: You must clean the furniture of its all grime and dirtiness. You can also use sandpaper to even the surface area of the furniture.
  1. Using Primer: You must use primer on the furniture so that no stain sticks to the surface of the furniture.
  2. Spray-Painting: You must paint the surfaces of the furniture with the spray-painting. The spray-painting will beautifully spread the gorgeous colors on the furniture.

4. Do Professional Painters Use Sprayers?

Most of the professionals use the spray painters due to its benefits such as quick coverage, smooth finish with an absolutely gorgeous appearance. Airless sprayers are the best when it comes to achieving the smooth finishes for the larger projects. Experts use sprayers on smaller objects most often due to their exceptional qualities.


Paint sprays are a convenient option when it comes to repairing and restoring your old furniture into a new and fresh appearance. You also get tired of looking at the same color for years. So, you must at some point in time try painting your furniture with new colors, bringing luck and prosperity into your house. You must only buy the HVLR spray painter that is high-quality, having the highest performance and yielding the greatest results. The procedure of spray painting the furniture is also quite easy. Therefore, professionals often select spray painting for completing their important projects.

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