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Best Outdoor Security Cameras Wireless of 2018 – Best Top Reviews Online

We have tested 62 wireless outdoor security cameras and selected 10 best cameras for you. These 10 cameras are included with all the latest technologies and updated features to provide you the best security system.

Which is the best outdoor security cameras wireless?
  • Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System Smart HD
  • Arlo Pro 2 by Netgear
  • Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam
  • ZOSI 4PCS Megapixel 720P Wireless Outdoor IP Camera System
  • 4sdot Outdoor Security Camera
  • Zmodo Wireless Home Security Cameras System
  • TOUCAN WIFI Outdoor Home Security Camera System
  • SMONET Wireless Security Camera System
  • Funlux 720p HD Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera
  • ONWOTE 1080P HD NVR Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera System


Now you can secure your desired place with extra security by the top picked wireless camera.

1. Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System Smart HD 

2. Arlo Pro 2 by Netgear

3. Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam

4. ZOSI 4PCS Megapixel 720P Wireless Outdoor IP Camera System

5. 4sdot Outdoor Security Camera

6. Zmodo Wireless Home Security Cameras System

7. TOUCAN WIFI Outdoor Home Security Camera System

8. SMONET Wireless Security Camera System

9. Funlux 720p HD Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera

10. ONWOTE 1080P HD NVR Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera System

Tips for buying a security camera

The market for surveillance cameras is getting bigger and bigger. This is undoubtedly due to the increased demand for modern technology. So that you always decide on the right camera that suits you, the most important criteria are listed below.

1. Why should it be a wireless security camera?

An IP camera will be integrated into the existing home network. This can be done either by LAN cable or wirelessly over the WLAN. Today, the technology is so far that you no longer need a PC or laptop for the operation. A smartphone and a tablet are usually sufficient, as a permanent USB connection is no longer necessary. To see what the camera is recording, this data is either sent to you directly or made available to you in a cloud or on an FTP server.

2. Further purchase criteria

Outdoor use: For outdoor use, you must ensure that the housing of the camera with this makes. The surveillance camera should therefore ideally have a metal housing, as these are weatherproof, waterproof and dust-repellent. Also, in the best case, the WLAN reception must be sufficient up to precisely the place, so that you can receive signals at all. If this is not the case, then you have to lay a LAN cable, which again has to meet the weatherproof criteria.

The height of the resolution: Basically, you should note regarding a resolution that 640 x 480 pixels are sufficient so that you can expect good pictures. The larger the area you want to see with the surveillance camera, the higher the resolution should be. Here you should opt for models that have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
Tip: The higher the resolution, the more space the data occupies. Therefore, a memory card with higher capacity should be chosen.

Software: The surveillance camera software should be easy to use. So it can be advantageous if the device can be set up via the PC or the laptop. Pre-saved settings should already be given in the ideal case.

Many wireless surveillance cameras now offer the option of accessing the system via smartphone or tablet. Access can be set via an app, and in case that movements are detected, the app would then send a push message. You can then log in to the system through the app and then see what is going on in or around your home.

Tip: If you are on your own Wi-Fi network, it may happen that too many registered cell phones, etc. may limit the activity. The same can happen if you use multiple monitors.

Night vision: To obtain clear images even in the dark, the surveillance camera must be equipped with infrared cameras. For this purpose, around the lens infrared LED’ s attached, which will then light in the monitored area. Perhaps it may be the case with some cameras that these LED’ s can be seen as they are possibly slightly reddish shimmer.

Alarm: The WLAN surveillance cameras outdoor can trigger an alarm in various areas. It is a motion sensor that triggers the alarm and then forwards it to you as a user in a variety of ways.

  • E-Mail: In this way, the camera sends you photos to the deposited email address.
  • SMS: The surveillance camera can, if you notice something suspicious, send a text message from which you can switch directly to live mode.
  • Push message: When using the app to a surveillance camera, you may receive a push message about suspicious moves.
  • Video Capture: Suspicious motion around the surveillance camera starts a video capture, which is then saved to a memory card or in the cloud.

Legal for the use of a wireless outdoor surveillance camera

Nobody will take offense at protecting your house from unwelcome visitors. But you must not install a surveillance camera so easily. An outdoor camera may only be mounted in such a way that it only films the private area. It is forbidden for the camera to point to the public street or sidewalk.

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