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Best Gift Ideas for kids

Giving pleasure to presents does not always have to be expensive – A friend or family member has recruited and you are looking for an idea for creative gifts? Here are some suggestions.

Varied opportunities for creative gifts

Just think what a young family needs. Much can burden the household budget; here you can support with your gift. So that it is something special and reminds of the young happiness, it makes sense to make the gift yourself or to personalize.

You can also give something that serves the pastime and at the same time has an ideal value by showing a reference to the individual family members. Also, you have the opportunity to make the whole family a joy, by giving something to relieve or provide relaxation, so that all gain distance from everyday life.

Creative gifts do not have to be expensive. If necessary, you can join forces with like-minded people for a shared present.

Child and household

As a rule, a young family enjoys everything that benefits the child. However, it has grown out of rompers quickly; the idea is also not very creative. How about a cuddly homemade blanket instead? These can be sewn, knit or crocheted and embroidered with the name of the child. Such a blanket is often a longtime companion.

If you want to give the whole family cuddly hours, make a large blanket, under which everyone can sit together on the sofa. The age of the child does not matter. Another idea is embroidered towels in the favorite colors of family members. Also, you can again stitch the name or beautiful motifs.

Personalized dishes are also practical and individual: Each family member gets his cup and his plate. It does not matter if the child is even younger – at some point, it sits at the table and may be proud of its dishes.

In many cities, there are opportunities to do some pottery and painting under your guidance, or you can inquire about commissioned pottery or gift shops.

Diaper cakes are a classic among the gifts for young families with a baby. With diapers, gift ribbon and some household items you can create them yourself. It not only hides practical household items and things like baby bottles or bibs, but small presents for the whole family.

This can care products and fragrances, teas, special spices, plant seeds for the garden or various coupons – you know the family best. How to make a diaper cake.

Leisure and relaxation

The idea of coupons seems not very creative at first. They do not have to be unimaginative and can please everyone in the family. How about a self-designed map? So the gift looks less impersonal. You could include a voucher for a visit to an animal or leisure park where the family can spend the day together.

A coupon is also a good way to treat your parents to a spa day while taking care of the child, for example visiting the zoo with them. Another option is a relaxing weekend break for the parents. They take the opportunity to give the child a nice time.

Games for the family

In addition to the classic board games, there are other options. Are you artistically talented or like to work with graphics on the computer, but use your talent to make a game for the family. A nice idea is memory cards. Think memorable motives related to family members make playing twice as fun.

Suitable for the child choose a tricycle, a ball, toys, fantasy or fairy tale characters, at the dad, it could be a car, a hammer, a hat and other characteristic motifs, flowers, vases, fruit bowls, and fruits may fit the mum. Another option would be to print the cards with different photos of the family. What you have to keep in mind is that the motives are not too complicated and two maps show the same thing.

To draw or paint cards are made of stronger cardboard, for printing you can choose suitable paper, which you then cut to size and stick to the cards. At the latest, if the child is three years old, it will be happy to uncover his own and the papa and mummy cards and win the game.

Take a look around the trade, and discover more games for young families that you can make yourself.


  • Creative gifts show that you have thought and loving thoughts associated with it. With young families, it’s not that hard to come up with something like:
  • homemade textiles with name tags
  • personalized dishes
  • Diaper cake with little surprises
  • Vouchers for leisure and relaxation
  • Make games yourself

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