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Best Gift Idea for Wandering Mad Friends and Friends

Celebrated my last milestone birthday exuberantly. I got a lot of gifts that were so much fun for me. Because my friends had clearly laboriously considered how they could put me with their gifts in enthusiasm.

I got my infinitely loved new trekking sticks, an illuminated globe with marked possible destinations and a thick envelope containing things from all the marked countries that my friends had collected for me and I got a world trip as a gift.

Of course, it was not a world trip in the strict sense of the word, but a calendar with white closed envelopes that would take me every month to another country.

I would like to share this excellent gift idea with you as a gift idea for your friends who are mad about the internet. Because I promise you: it will not only be a special “travel year” for you, but also for you!

The world travel gift idea

How does it work?

Drum your friends together and divide up the months of the year into groups. Each group chooses a country and devises a program for a day/afternoon/evening. One country and one contact person is defined per group.

In a craft calendar, a self-made envelope is then attached, which is informed about the country and contact person. If possible, the program remains secret until the time of implementation.

If the recipient has opened an envelope, it will make an appointment with the contact person for that month. All others are (most efficiently with the help of a closed Facebook group) then informed as soon as possible about the time, so that they can participate.

With me there were other additional rules:

  • At first I was only allowed to open the envelope of the first month
  • was visited a “travel country”, I was allowed to open the envelope of the next month
  • was an appointment agreed, I only learned the place of the meeting point and got instructions, what I had to bring (eg sporty clothes, warm jackets, bathing suits, …). What exactly would happen that day remained secret until the event.

Every month was a great surprise! Every month, I embarked on a new adventurous journey! Every month I was allowed to travel to a new country as a person struggling with wanderlust.

It was (is) unique! My enthusiasm for this unique gift is unbroken! That’s why I want to spread this special gift idea so that you can give your wander-long-suffering friend’s as much joy as I had (and still have).

Why is the world trip gift idea so special?

  • It is personal and not purchasable. 
  • It is creative. Everyone can contribute their ideas.
  • It’s an ordinary event month after month. Especially in large groups, it is often difficult to meet regularly. It’s an event to get together and meet.
  • It is inexpensive (or can be designed inexpensively).
  • It’s something very special. It is 12 months full of surprises and great joy.
  • Everyone experiences or learns something new. Therefore, I see it as a gift with added value.

To give you a better idea of how the world trip gift idea can be done for TV-crazed friends, let me give you an example. I tell you about the trip around the world that my friends have come up with for me.

My world trip

January – Presentation of the gift

My birthday takes place in January. At the celebration, I received the gift. I was allowed to open the first envelope on site.

February – African food and documentary film in Ghana

My first trip took me to Ghana in Africa. Expect a delicious typical African dinner that we ate with our hands and even African beer. Then we watched together a documentary about the only African orchestra.

March – Bicycle tour from Vienna to Bratislava

In March we met for a bike ride from Vienna to Bratislava. A bike ride that I wanted to do for a long time. In Bratislava, we went for a refreshment meal and in the evening took a train back to Vienna.

April – sightseeing, food and karaoke in China

April took me to distant China. We met for a city walk through Vienna. From the Museumsquartier we went through the first district to the Danube Canal and then to the Naschmarkt in a Chinese restaurant. At the end of the evening, we visited a Chinese karaoke bar.

May – motorcycle tour through Austria

In May I would get to know Lunz am See in the course of a motorcycle trip. Because of bad weather and rain, we adapted the plans. Instead, there was a small tour to the Lainzer Tiergarten, where we went for a walk in the rain. Then we have a picnic together on the floor of my apartment.

June – Midsummer Festival in Scandinavia

In June we celebrated the Midsummer Festival on the Danube. In a barbecue area (of course equipped with a grill) we celebrated together this typical Scandinavian party.

July – Fistball tournament in Schärding

Of this special event, I was one of the few who learned earlier, because of course, the appointment was not determined by me. For a long time, we had all talked about playing fistball together. The annual hobby tournament in Schärding gave us the opportunity to do so.

August – Origami handicraft course in Japan

In August we met for a common Origami craft course in a local. It was our trip to Japan. With beautiful paper, we learned the folding art of the crane.

September – USA

In September I was to be kidnapped to the USA. Unfortunately, this date did not take place. Rumor has it I heard that we “visited” an American football game.

October November December

October / November and December I have not redeemed until now. The reason was that I started my journey through Asia in October of last year. The world trip my friends had prepared was interrupted indefinitely.

With her permission, however, I was allowed to open the last envelopes. Now I know that my trip took me to Colombia in October, Australia in November and Finland & Sweden in December.

What has happened or is happening in these “journeys” is a surprise so far.

Maybe I will tell you about it soon: because now – exactly one year later we are trying to continue the trip around the world.

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