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Best Double Elixir Decks – Best Double Elixir Challenge Deck 2018

In this guide, we’ll explain to you which of the best cards you should invest in, which epic cards you should get and which cards you should ignore. Keep in mind that this is our opinion based on experience and statistics from the most used cards at the top players in Clash Royale. We have been playing almost since the beginning of the game and have seen all the trends, the improvements and worsening of cards, and the cards that have always been popular and effective. Trying to concentrate on these cards will help you in the long run, especially in the higher areas. First, let’s start with the top 10 ordinary and rare cards that you should focus on, improve, and ask for donations from your clan.

The best cards to improve and the worst to ignore

The ten best ordinary and rare cards

barbariansBarbarians – The Barbarians has always been popular and also a good card. For the price of only 5 Elixir, summon a strong group of 4 Barbarians. To demonstrate their unification, a Level 8 Barbarian has 579 hit points and 96 damage per second. So they have a total of 2316 hit points and 384 damage per second, no other card gives you so much for so little. The barbarians are not good for their offensive but very good for the defensive. They can defeat the strongest offensive combination in the game, including Pig Rider, Prince, PEKKA, Golem, Skeletons, and so on. So it’s no wonder why barbarians are always on TV Royale.

archersArchers – Similar to the spear goblins, they cost one more elixir. The costs are related to the fact that they are much better. They do more damage and have many more hit points. For example, Level 8 spears goblins have 100 hit points while level 8 archers have 241 hit points. Spear goblins die of arrows, baby dragons, mages, and many other cards, but the archers do not and that’s what makes them so special. Only in higher areas are the archers outclassed by the princess.

fireballFireball – The fireball card is another excellent card to win. Players often underestimate this card to attack the opposing tower. What makes the fireball one of the best cards in the game is its potential to earn an elixir advantage. This card is a defensive breaker. It is best used against large clusters of enemies. An example: The fireball card is an excellent counter to the often used barbarian card. Since it only costs four elixirs, their use against barbarians is always a good choice. It is even better to wait and shoot the fireball so that the units behind it are hit to make it as effective as possible. For example, barbarians are often played in combination with ranged fighters. So you should wait until the barbarians are over the bridge and see that you also catch the units behind with your fireball. The difficulty with a fireball is timing and hitting him properly, but over time you get better and better with him as you gain experience.

goblinsLeprechauns are also among the best cards in Clash Royale because they are so cheap, they only cost two elixirs! While they cause a lot of damage together. For example 3 level 8 goblins do 261 damage per second, which makes them excellent for defending. With only 2 Elixir, they cost very little and you can quickly earn an Elixiervorteil with them. You can see goblins and spear goblins in combination, even among the top players.

minion_hordeLakaienhorde – Like the Barbarians, the Lakaienhorde is also a strong card on the defensive and the offensive. It is often used as it merely counters many strong cards. The Lakaienhorde is one of the best defensive cards in the game. It can be killed with one shot, unlike the Barbarians of Arrows, but it is a fast card and can often kill a large threat before your opponent can even play the arrows.

arrowsArrows – Arrows have always been a trendy card and it is played in all levels. This is very high quality and only costs three elixirs and can give you an elixir benefit if you use them properly. It has a very large hit radius and allows you to damage multiple enemies. For example, you use arrows on a footman horde and a group of spear goblins that instantly gives you a four elixir benefit. So it’s no surprise that the arrow card is one of the best and most popular cards in the game.

hog_riderPig Rider – The Pig Rider is undoubtedly one of the best offensive units in the game. He has a good amount of hit points, is fast, strong and can rush straight to a tower. This makes him an annoying card that is hard to stop. Not only that, the best point for pork riders is that they only cost four elixirs! So it can have a big impact on the game if you have a small elixir benefit.

spear_goblinsSpearguns – Speargooks is one of the cheapest cards in the game and has a high value. It can be the first card you play without losing many elixirs to explore your opponent. The spear goblins are also very strong against air targets behind a tank like a giant or a golem. They are a great way to make good use of Elixir. Just use it as a defense along with your towers. For example, if your opponent sends a mini PEKKA, send simple spear goblins into the arena along with your tower, quickly kill the mini PEKKA without harming you and earn elixir benefits from 2 elixirs. You can also have a baby dragon let your tower attack, only then you put the spear goblins. You lose a few hit points, but you get a 2 Elixiervorteil and still have your spear goblins with whole hit points. Yes, this card is meant to win. 
teslaTesla – The Tesla is one of the strongest defensive cards in the game and only costs four elixirs. Not only that, he can escape area damage because he hides under the ground. To make the game faster, Supercell has decided to weaken all defensive buildings, according to the motto “offensive before defensive.” But the Tesla remains the best defensive building in the game.

wizardWizard – The wizard is one of the best cards due to his in-game skills. He does excellent damage and what makes him special is that he causes area damage. 
He is an excellent card to kill units from huts or some of the often-used cards, such as Barbarians or Horde’s Minions. The only other surface damage cards the air units can attack are the Baby Dragon and the Witch. The baby dragon and the witch are a much weaker card than the mage; they have trouble killing a card like a lackey horde in time. This makes the magician such a good and important card. He also trumps the musketeer because of his area damage.

Now we come to the best epic cards in the game, which you should get and should also be improved. Here are our top 5.

The five best epic cards

baby_dragonBaby Dragon – The Baby Dragon is the best choice when it comes to the best epic card in the game. He is not the strongest card but fits in every deck. He’s holding out so you can place your ranged fighters behind him. He makes area damage against ground and air forces, which is very important to defeat cabin units and hordes of enemies. The other two units that can attack surface damage and air units are the sorcerer and the witch, but what gives the baby dragon an edge is that it costs only four elixirs, with the sorcerer and witch costing 5. Also, the baby kite keeps more and is less prone to the fireball.

Dark Prince CardDark Prince – Like his brother, the Dark Prince is also one of the best offensive cards in the game. The prince is bad against many simple units, but the dark prince is not, he does area damage and can kill them all at once. He is not as aggressive as the prince, but his area damage ability is critical. His many hit points also make him a good defensive card. Not to mention that the costs only four elixirs, one elixir less than his brother.

Poison CardPoison  – The poison is a dangerous defensive card that not only slowly kills and slows down your enemies but slows them down as well. Best of all, it only costs four elixirs, which is very worthwhile when used against units with little hit points. Also, he slows down troops that endure a bit more. Do not forget that your Arenaturm also helps in defense, in combination with the poison; you can get a big elixir advantage. This makes the poison a very good and dangerous card.

golemGolem – The Golem is one of the best cards in the game. Unfortunately, the golem is also one of the most expensive cards in the game; it costs eight elixirs. But that’s also understandable because of his many hit points, his death damage, and his ability to create Golemites after his death. All this together makes it one of the best epic maps.

princePrince – In addition to the Pig Rider, the Prince is one of the best offensive cards in the game because of his attack power and speed, as well as his ability to assault a target and cause double damage. Not only because of that, but also his relatively many hit points make him strong. Meaning, you can use it not only as a defense but also as an attack unit in combination with ranged fighters.

So these are our top 5 epic maps. Now let’s introduce you to the five worst cards in Clash Royale we think you should ignore.

The five worst cards in Clash Royale

Three MusketeersThree Musketeers – The Three Musketeers is one of the strongest cards in the game and one of the worst cards in the game. The reason for this is the cost of 10 elixirs! So you have to spend all your elixir to summon 3 Musketeers and all the enemy has to do is shoot a four elixir fireball to counter it. Ten elixirs are not worth summon three musketeers.

Royal Giant CardRoyale Giant – The Royale Giant is one of the worst cards in the game. It costs six elixirs and is super slow and weak. It is very good that he is a ranged fighter and has relatively many hit points. But you can not use your other ranged fighters behind him because he’s just too slow and standing behind himself. Not only that, he only attacks buildings, which is not bad, but he does not do too much damage.

skeleton_armySkeletal Army – The Skeletal Army is good at defense but cruel on offense and is instantly killed with a rain of arrows. She will trump the gravestone and the barbarians. It also dies instantly when attacked by units that cause area damage. And in combination with an arena tower, it’s super easy to stop a skeletal army. So not a card worth investing in.

valkyrieValkyrie – The Valkyrie is not a bad card, but at higher levels, it is quickly trumped by the Dark Prince. Like the Valkyrie, the dark prince does area damage against ground units but is better overall. Not only that the Valkyrie cannot attack air units, but she is also not a unit that does not stand much. The baby garden  is therefore much better than the Valkyrie. So you better upgrade the Baby Dragon and the Dark Prince instead of the Valkyrie.

rageAnger – The Fury spell is a super spell in Clash of Clans. But in Clash Royale, the problem is that it does not strengthen your units, but only gives them speed. You should rename the spell to Speed Magic because that’s what he is. This card is not a good card, not even with slow troops like the PEKKA, giant skeleton or the balloon. Also because all the troops are also easy to distract. And the anger spell gives only 35% speed, which is not enough.

This was our list of the best and worst cards in Clash Royale, if you disagree, write a comment and let us know your opinion. We hope this list will help you create the right and best deck for you.

Double elixir Challenge


  • The first round is FREE! Yeah! The next cost 100 gems each.
  • Like other challenges, the battle begins with a choice between 2 cards. You choose one of these cards and the other one is given to the opponent. You pick four cards and you get four from your opponent.
  • Elixir charges like in stoppage time constantly and twice as fast.
  • There is the challenge to win unique rewards. The rewards are very good! The first reward you get at two victories.
  • The Double Elixir Challenge starts on May 12th and ends on May 15th.


Number of victoriesprofitOne-time rewards
21,250254,000 gold
52,500938,000 gold
8th4,65021016,000 gold
107,10033532,000 gold
1211,00055064,000 gold

That’s a 124,000 gold bonus for you, and we have not mentioned the card rewards yet. So, if you’re an F2P player, good luck on the first round!

The best tips for 12 wins in the Double Elixir challenge

Always choose at least one victory card! This is probably the most important thing you have to do while playing the challenge. It’s challenging to win the game without a winning card. You just can not hope for victory. Victory Card + Supporters are always better than Glass Cannon Decks.

Choose one of these cards if possible. All of them work very well in any challenge as they require special counter-attacks. If your opponents do not have these counters, they will find it hard to defend against these cards.

Choose a direct damage spell. Sometimes you have no luck and you will not get a victory card. Then you need a direct damage spell to take the tower out. This challenge is “Double Elixir,” so you’ll quickly come back to your spell after using it. Since the Elixir regeneration rate is very high, your opponent will probably play multiple troops at once, giving you the chance to get positive elixir trades.

Keep your deck cheap, but not too cheap. Otherwise, you have to play with ten fingers.

In the challenge, the decisions are usually quite similar (for example, lackeys vs. lackey equestrians). Choose the cheaper cards! It’s best to keep your deck low. You never know what your opponent will give you. What if your opponent gives you Lavahund, Golem, and Giant? Then it will be challenging for you to win the fight.

Better safe than sorry!

Make sure most of your cards fit well. Choose the cards that can meet a variety of cards!

For example, bang, fireball, skeleton army, goblin gang, knight, etc. can deal with different cards; They are also relatively cheap, so they are a good choice.

As we mentioned in the second tip, your opponent may have some special cards that are hard to counter with certain cards, so it’s better to choose versatile cards.

Do not forget your ace up your sleeve! This is the card that your opponent would never think of, find a good opportunity to play it at the right moment.

Having at least one of these cards is ideal. It could be frost, balloon, graveyard, three musketeers, etc.

It’s often good to have at most one of these cards in your deck. This is a card that your opponent least expects, so play it at the best possible moment.

Good luck, people! See you in the Double Elixir Challenge!

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