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Recognizing sources of danger and avoiding injuries – “I see something that you do not see …”: A child-safe apartment can protect curious children from all sorts of accidents. Some sources of danger are obvious; others are often difficult to recognize for adults at first glance. An attentive walk through the apartment helps.

Create a child-safe apartment

This can be a challenge for parents. Statistics also prove this: Between 200,000 and 300,000 children have injured annually within their own home and in the garden.

These include, of course, collisions and falls in the heat of the moment, which can not be avoided with childish arrogance. They are part of the healthy development. The situation is different with injuries that happen in the absence of child safety in the environment.

Children see the world with different eyes. You are curious, want to investigate and try everything. This is understandable because they get to know the environment and processes that they want to understand.

Try to look at everything with eyes that are as astonished and inquisitive as your child. Here is a cable, there laughs a socket with two funny eyes, there waving a door handle. In the bathroom, taps are waiting to be moved, in the kitchen, there are the funny buttons on the stove. The scissors on the table certainly taste good, and the drawers in the living room hide invisible treasures.

There are certainly much more in the area, which is natural and harmless for you, but for your child the exact opposite. There is still no awareness of possible dangers. So it comes quickly to cuts, burns, poisoning, a fall in the full bath or from the changing table if you are careless for a moment.

So, first of all, it is important to recognize basic sources of danger in the house and garden and to continue to be attentive.

Tour of the apartment


Where are electrical outlets everywhere? Secure all with child-resistant devices. Cables from electrical appliances should not hang down openly or be lying around.

It is also important to bring cords and cords out of reach of your child. This also applies to those on garments, blinds, and curtains.

Door and stair gate

If necessary, secure certain areas with a baby screen. This is especially important on stairs. If your child can already open doors, close them to hazardous areas.

Of course, your child should still be able to move freely in the apartment, but a nasty hobby room, a storage room or an ironing room must be unattended tabu.

Cooker Guard

The enticing scent of the dinner lures small children into the kitchen. Curious, the dwarves want to know what mom is cooking, which quickly leads to burns and injuries.

A stove guard ensures that children have no access to the stove.

Edge protection

The first running and crawling attempts of children are often still a bit awkward. Sharp corners and edges where children bump into it can lead to injuries.

It is therefore advisable at an early stage to equip all pieces of furniture that are within reach of the child with corner and edge protection.

Drawer and cabinet protection

Drawers and cabinets can exert a special fascination. But there are often things that can be dangerous to your child.

A drawer that has been pulled open with all its might even falls on its head.

To prevent injuries and accidents of this kind, there are special fuses.

Window Protection

It may be useful to attach safety devices to windows, balcony and patio doors as well.

So children can not pinch their fingers, nor can they rush out of the window in their wild adventures or make their way through the balcony door alone.

Wherever you store your laundry, dishwashing and cleaning products, make sure your child does not have access to them. Even child-resistant closures can be opened by many a small, inventive head. So put chemical and toxic substances just out of reach. Much in the dustbin may not be dangerous, but certainly not everything. Waste containers are in good hands in a secured cabinet. You should keep medicines in a rather high-mounted cabinet, which you can also secure additionally.

The rules of housing security also apply to the terrace and the garden: cables, cords, and electrical appliances should not be left lying around, sockets, drawers, and doors secured. However improbable that your child understands a mechanism or can muster the adequate strength for an action, you certainly do not want to be misled.

Child safety educates to order

The basic measures for a child-safe apartment are not enough. When it comes to child safety, the order is announced.

Do not leave anything lying around that your child might swallow. Even fragile, pointed or sharp objects, as well as alcoholic beverages, matches, lighters, and cigarettes, are under lock and key.

Plastic bags are often pulled over the head in a playful way; they are not within reach of children’s hands.

Sources of danger in case of inattention

Young children should never move around unattended in the apartment or the garden. Not even if you think you have provided optimal security. Parents are also “only” people, and everyday life with a child can be exhausting.

Quickly, one’s attention may escape a brief moment of distraction, water running into the bathtub, the toilet lid open, the garden pond just five meters away, a window open, the iron or stove still hot, the coffee table animated for climbing or sizzling in the garden, the meat on the grill.

Tablecloths complete the living ambiance. Imagine, you cover the table, go quickly into the kitchen to get spices, your child stumbles and holds on to the tablecloth. The sauce just taken off the stove can cause serious burns.

You may close the dishwasher immediately after it has been dispensed. But once you forget that and your child is alone in the kitchen, a tiny moment is enough to fall into pointed forks and sharp knives. If you always clean them up with the handle, at least this source of danger is eliminated. There is still the possibility that the just filled dish detergent will be tried.

Always make sure that you never leave your child alone with a burning candle in the room. It quickly happened, and the child reaches into the beautiful flickering light.

Do not be discouraged

All this may sound as if the home environment is a single hurdle. This is certainly not the case, do not be alarmed.

Once the apartment is fundamentally childproof, numerous sources of danger have already been eliminated. As far as everyday life and possible inattentiveness are concerned, many things quickly become routine.

Threatens something to distract you, keep in mind: Child safety comes first! Whoever waits at the other end of the line or at the door can be patient.

Also, your child is constantly learning. Support this process by patiently explaining to him patiently what might become dangerous to him and why. As soon as it speaks, it may teach you to behave carelessly or explain why you must not leave the burning candle unattended.


  • Inspect the apartment from a child’s point of view
  • Secure sockets, drawers, cabinets, and windows
  • Stow medicines and cleaning agents safely
  • Keep cables and cords out of reach
  • Secure stairs through grids
  • do not leave any dangerous objects lying around
  • Do not leave child unattended

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