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A handy guide to Small double fitted sheets

Have a small double bed & are looking for buying the fitted sheet for it? Fitted sheets come in a large variety that may confuse you while choosing the sheets for your small double bed. In this article, we are going to provide you with a handy guide that’ll help you in the selection process and make your buying process easier.

Size of the sheets

Size is of supreme importance when it comes to the fitted sheets. Because fitted sheets are designed according to the size of your mattress. So if you have a small double mattress, only go for the small & double fitted sheets for a right and snuggle fit. The measurements for the small double fitted are 122cm by 190cm. If you buy a large or small sheet, it’ll not fit your mattress anyway & cause you trouble.

Color scheme and design

When it comes to the design & color schemes of fitted sheets, you are offered with only a few colors and plain fitted sheets. Because they are meant to lay under the top sheets and protect your mattress. Fitted sheets come in the neutral shades only & we recommend you to go for the lighter shades only because do not overpower your bedding and create a neat and tidy finishing. Moreover, they hide well under the top sheet. If you are choosing dark colors like maroon, black, blue, and brown, do not use a white or any light-colored top sheet with it. Instead, go for a darker top sheet for a perfectly blended look.

On the contrary, if you are not using the top sheet, you can freely choose any color for the fitted sheet and add matching pillows & cushions with it to complement the look.

The fabric material of the fitted sheets

Fitted sheets are made from several fabric materials. These include cotton, linen, Percale, silk, satin, and Egyptian cotton. Among these materials, linen, cotton, Egyptian cotton, and percale are the best because they prevent slipping, absorb the body moisture, prevent smell, and maintain the temperature of the body. For those who are hypoallergenic or have any respiratory disorders should not go for any of these fitted sheets. They should rather adopt the polyester & polypropylene fitted sheets.

Why people use fitted sheets?

Mattresses are often expensive and stress out your budget when replace. Therefore, you need something that can increase the lifetime of your mattress and protect it. The daily wear & tear, pets, liquid spillage, stains, hair dyes, body moisture, and fluids tend to damage the mattress and ruin its texture. Fitted sheets provide a shield against these factors and enhance the life of your mattress. Moreover, fitted sheets keep the mattress neat & help in creating crease-free bedding.

Fitted sheets also save you time in the long run that is likely to spend in making the bed every morning. They keep the bedding elements in their place and do not let them slip or make the bed messy.

How to care for the fitted sheets?

Fitted sheets are in contact with the body and are absorbing the body’s moistures like sweat and oil, makeup, body fluids, hair dyes, and the dirt in the air. All these make the fitted sheets dirt, which is why you need to wash and replace them quite often. It is recommended to wash the fitted sheets once every week. You can wash the fitted sheets by hand or in the washing machine. If you are using the washing machine, always go the gentle cycle and a mild detergent. Also, use the cold or Luke warm water for washing the sheets. It will help to retain the texture of the sheets and keep them fresh. Do not use any chemicals like whiteners or softeners for cleaning the stains.

Look carefully for the satins before washing the fitted sheets, if you see any stain clean them with the water or mild detergent. If the stain does not go, use a mixture of baking soda and lemon to remove the satin. And after the sheets, store them in a safe, dry, and clean storage place.

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