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5 Tips to Keep the Holiday Feeling in Everyday Life

No matter how short or long a trip or a vacation was. Often he was indeed in dire need of a long time. Have you ever worked twice, so that you whistle from the last hole before you can not leave your bed from exhaustion because of sheer relief in the first few days of vacation either or not because of sudden illness?

Or do you go on a long journey and find out on the plane that you did not have time to work out specific plans or itineraries and nothing is fixed apart from your accommodation the first night?

Nice, welcome to the club!

After a few days of rest, variety and thought-gathering, the feeling of being-arrived gradually comes on. The head suddenly becomes clear, the thoughts calm.

A break gives room for yourself!

It’s time for things you always wanted to do (like reading a particular book). It’s time to recharge your batteries. It is time for extraordinary experiences and experiences. It’s time to sort out thoughts and get away. Because the distance to everyday life makes you suddenly see things differently, recognize the essential better or consider difficulties and setbacks neutral (he).

Everyday life automatically moves into the far distance. Every minute is enjoyed relaxed and serene. The longer I’m conscious of myself; the more intense is the feeling of “basic trust,” a feeling that makes everything good.

I always wish that it never ends.

But I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Every time I come back, I pretend not to let the feeling of serenity, of joy and the original trust, leave me again. I still enjoy the heights to the fullest; I take the depths with ease. A few weeks or months that works fine. Then gradually the daily grind creeps in and I realize that I – without consciously aware of it – have walked diligently in the hamster wheel. Suddenly I am not calm anymore, the depths are closing in on me and I do not want anything more than my next break, that is holidays.

So it has gone to me after the Way of St. James, so I went to Iceland and Greenland and the hardest it was after my Peru and Bolivia trip. The wonderful holiday feeling disappeared as fast as a stone sinks into the water.

Never again did I swear! Never again do I want to lose my vacation feeling so fast.

But just as it is with these useless generalizations: never, always, everything, all, each, are all words that are banished from one’s vocabulary. Because, that I never get the feeling again, I cannot exclude.

However, I have decided to beat the quickly dwindling holiday feeling to ask myself the question “where did my holiday feeling come from?”. I have developed different strategies to keep the holiday feeling in my everyday life and to revive it again and again.

1. Do not look back, but forward

Do not mourn your holiday / your trip, but think positive, live in the here & now and look forward. ” The art of living is learning to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun. Of course, not every day is vain blissful cheerfulness, but you can mark the positive events of the day in your mind with a light pen. Because every day has something special. Maybe it’s just minor things. But even little things give strength.

Set new goals for the future and look ahead! 
Do not be afraid to dream, but formulate goals that you would like to achieve. Even “small” goals are ok. Because who sets goals remains active and motivated. Who sets goals takes responsibility for his life and drives not only indiscriminately around like a leaf in the wind.

2. regularly recall positive holiday moments

It is not supposed to be the opposite of point 1 and a “how would I like to be there now and there.” But a  highlighting of an event or a positive holiday feeling, Similar to a picture of peace, in which a situation in the center of the perception is moved, in which satisfaction, relaxation, relaxation and joy prevailed. For example, I like to remember trekking or contemplating a very particular sunset. But it can also mean remembering specific things, such as meeting friends who are in contact with the holiday or the trip. It can also be a typical dish that was eaten in a local and is now cooked at home. A pleasurably drunk masala tea or sticky rice with omelet is my most eaten holiday reminder meals right now.

3. consciously perceive and interrupt the run

But then he is there: the daily routine. Get up, work, eat, go to sleep. A permanent escape, in my opinion, not possible. But that’s ok, too! The important thing is to be aware of the fact and to interrupt the spiral regularly. Best by point 4.

4. Plan things and discover new things

I recognized the hamster wheel and deliberately made a break. I’ve learned these strategies:

4. 1. I become a tourist in my place of residence

I go to museums, I sit alone on beautiful places, as I would do it on trips, I drive to places where I have never been such as natural areas in the area, subway terminus or go to new premises.

4.2. I deliberately plan a venture

I go hiking with friends or visit someone in a different place. I try something new for example a new sport or go running/cycling or swimming.

4.3. I’m doing an “I-may-do-what-I-want-to-break.”

It is my absolute emergency program. If you have not planned anything, but the cover crashes on your head, then this conscious reward comes after the work is done. An hour or an evening will be “released” from all day-to-day obligations. It is a time for oneself in which “bad conscience” is a foreign word because you still wanted to do X, Y and Z. It is a conscious living in the here & now and enjoys. As you consciously take this time out, there is also a conscious end. Otherwise, it does not work.

5. Time to take care of yourself!

That’s probably the most important tip. If you do not stop for a moment to listen to your body, your thoughts and feelings, it’s hard to be one with yourself and the world. And is not that precisely what makes us much easier on vacation?

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