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5 Gifts for Your Game-Obsessed Children

Are your kids constantly plopped in front of the TV playing PS4? Are they always glued to their tablets playing mobile games? Do they sit at their computer for hours and hours at a time battling on League of Legends? If so, then we’d say that your children are probably game-obsessed.

Your parental impulse might be to rein in your children’s video game habits, but if they’ve got birthdays coming up or if the holidays are on the horizon, this is the time to indulge their passion and put a big smile on their faces. Here are 5 awesome gifts for your game-obsessed children.

playing games

1.      Portable Gaming Case

A portable gaming case is undoubtedly one of the coolest gaming gadgets around, and it makes for one of the most awesome gifts for kids. A gaming case is a case that securely holds your children’s game console so you can take it anywhere. But it also features a built-in screen so your kids can actually play their game console using only the case.

If you’re going on vacation, your kids will easily be able to bring their game console with them by just carrying it along in the case. You won’t have to worry about hooking up the game console to your hotel TV—they can play console games using only the briefcase. It’s simple, easy, and will save you space in the trunk if your kids absolutely insist on bringing their game console on your next summer getaway.

Now you might be wondering: why on Earth would I want my children to bring their game console with them on vacation? Well isn’t it obvious? So you and your spouse can distract them and enjoy some R&R time.

2.      Gaming Lights

Here’s an unconventional, but very cool gaming gift: gaming lights. If your kids have their own TV set or computer gaming rig on which they play games, you can deck it out with colored LED lights so make their gaming setup look intense and futuristic when they’re gaming.

Not only do gaming lights look cool, but they’re also healthy. Children enjoy playing video games in dark rooms because it’s a more immersive setting than playing with the lights on. But the bright light from the TV screen can cause eye strain when they’re playing in a pitch-black room. With LED lights, you can illuminate the room just enough to ease the stress on their eyes while they’re playing.

Pro Tip: If your kids get a bit noisy when they’re gaming, get them a new gaming headset. Gaming headsets are immersive and enable your kids to chat with their gaming friends online. They also keep your children from blowing out your TV speakers.

3.      Mobile Game Controller

Mobile games have gotten a lot more advanced than Farmville. Nowadays, you can play major video game titles on Android and iOS devices. Some of these games require that you attach your smartphone or tablet to a mobile game controller. If your children love playing games on their mobile devices, then a mobile game controller is sure to thrill them.

You’ll appreciate the mobile game controller when you’re on a long road trip. The standard tap-and-swipe mobile games won’t entertain your kids for too long, but the more intensive mobile games that require mobile game controllers will hold their attention for far longer. They won’t keep harassing you with “are we there yet?”

4.      Video Games

playing video games

A new video game is always a great gift for a game-obsessed kid. Your kids probably have a whole list of games they’d want you to buy them. But if you need a little extra help, buy a game for whatever genre your kid likes to play. A few popular game genres are:

  • First-person shooters: Games in which the player shoots at enemies from a first-person POV (i.e. Call of Duty or Fortnite)
  • Racing games: Just like what it sounds—games where the player races vehicles
  • RTS games: Strategy games where the player controls units or armies—check out some of the best RTS games currently on the market
  • MMORPG: An online game where the player completes quests with millions of other players—usually in the fantasy genre (i.e. World of Warcraft)

5.      Gaming Books

Most gamers would prefer playing games than reading. But there are lots of gamers who do love to read books that are based on their favorite video game series (Halo, for instance, had a very popular book series that drew readers to its pages). If you’d like for your kids to cut down on their gaming time and spend more time reading, buy them some books that are based on their favorite games. You can easily find books online that are game-related.

A word of caution: you might want to pair the book with an actual video game, just in case your kids express extreme dissatisfaction with having received a book as a gift. Or maybe that’s a good idea for a practical joke?

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