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4 month old baby milestones – 4 month baby care tips

The Fourth Month: Moving Action Now – If a baby has not started in the third month, it will most likely be for the fourth month in the first mini-pushups. Once you put it on your stomach, it does not just try to lift your head.

Spend some time with yourself

If your baby could barely get enough attention in the first few weeks, many parents are now seeing a change. The burp cloth within reach, a fabric ball or cuddly toy are now so interesting for a few minutes that a baby is completely alone. This concentration on a particular game sometimes costs so much energy that it quickly causes hunger or fatigue.

Some babies also become indignant after some time because something is not going the way they would like it. Sometimes the point has come that they are looking forward to another toy. Watch your baby play, and you’ll quickly find out what he likes and what does not.

Also important: Do not interrupt a baby when it is on its own. If it already learned in peace to discover and play with things, this is a good condition to play even in infancy now and then alone.

Glass from the 4th month?

When looking at the baby department of a super or drugstore, you may have noticed that there is baby food from the fourth month. Although the digestive tract of most babies is so well developed that it these complementary foods may be tolerated, the WHO recommends (World Health Organization), many pediatricians and midwives, after the sixth month with pureed vegetables and baby porridge or baby-led weaning as additional To start food to the mother or pre-milk.

Breast milk or substitute food has numerous health benefits for the baby. They contain all the important vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins that a four to six-month-old baby needs. Also, studies show that breastfeeding children often have fewer allergies and breast milk or pre-milk are more digestible than baby food. Would you like it already in the fourth month of life start with the complementary diet, it is advisable to ask the pediatrician again if there is any health against this project.

Safe with mom and dad

The fourth month is also slowly developing a critical approach to unfamiliar people. Lying to other people for many babies in the first three months is hardly a reason to feel unwell. That can change now. While a baby securely mates and teases everyone else on mom’s or dad’s arm, in the fourth month it suddenly cries when aunt or uncle holds it. If a babysitter is supposed to take care of your baby now and then, Therefore, you should give your baby enough time to get to know him and to gain confidence in him.

Finally quieter nights

Although it does not apply to every baby, most parents can look forward to more relaxed sleep periods from the third or fourth month onwards. Sleeping through is – contrary to many opinions – far from the rule. The baby’s increasing desire to move causes it to get tired faster and sleep longer. However, a baby’s stomach is so small that it is usually empty after no more than five to six hours and then the next meal is necessary. Especially nursing babies often get hungry again after just a few hours Breast milk is very easy to digest.

The promotion in the fourth month

The fourth month gives many moms and dads a foretaste of the many funny moments they can still experience with their baby. Even if it is better for the later development of language to speak normally with her small child, now is the time when the parents are allowed to babble and make strange noises.

Babies are very grateful for this and seem to use this as an incentive even to test the possibilities of their vocal instrument. Some of them just listen intently at first. Others develop their favorite sounds for a while, which they test over and over again. And still, others find a new way to develop sounds every two days.

In addition to the language, it also makes sense to continue to use rattles and other sounding toys to train a baby’s hearing. A little bell on the baby coach also provides amazement and joy. A paper bag also crackles interesting and also feels exciting. Keep in mind, however, that you should only give things to a baby that they can handle without hesitation. In addition to the hands, the mouth is the main instrument for exploring new things in detail.

Regarding the number of toys, you should be more restrained and not present the baby all the play opportunities at once. Change the toys, which prevents boredom. But do not use too many toys, so that your baby can recognize toys and look forward to it.

For the promotion of motor skills, in addition to exercise games at home, where you supported your baby, for example, when turning from the abdominal to the supine position and vice versa, you can also take exercise courses for your baby. PEKIN courses, baby gymnastics, and baby massage are often offered, each with a different focus for it. Also encouraging movement and relaxing at the same time, for many parents and babies baby swimming. TheAdult education centers, as well as local swimming pools or health insurance, offer appropriate courses.

Useful for babies 4th month

Baby sleeping bag

In the first year of a child, a baby sleeping bag ensures a safe and sound sleep. Sleeping in a sleeping bag significantly reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Also, there is always a good temperature in the baby sleeping bag – a heat accumulation as under a blanket pulled over the head is avoided. The baby can not kick free and is kept warm all night long.


A cuddle cloth – usually a combination of cute, cuddly toy head and soft fabric is ideal for small children. The cuddly toy will be an important companion for your baby to cuddle and cuddle but also play. Cuddly toys play an important role in child psychology because they convey safety and security.


Babies have a pronounced need for suction, but a pacifier should not be used until breastfeeding has settled to prevent any suction confusion. The pacifier helps to calm the baby and give him comfort. A pacifier chain is suitable for on the way so that the pacifier is not lost.

The fourth month: All development areas at a glance

  • gradually slower weight gain
  • Weight gain this month about 600 grams
  • 4th-month average weight: 6,400 g (girls), 7,000 g (boys)
  • three to four inches of growth
  • Dress size: 56 to 68
  • Shoe size: 15 to 16
  • Head circumference: 38 to 42 cm
Development of the senses
  • Development of spatial vision, colorful things are now interesting
  • The hearing becomes more and more differentiated, the sense of sound can be better perceived
  • Tangible things are explored both with the hands and with the mouth
Motoric development
  • Turning from the belly to the back now possible for the first time
  • better hand-eye coordination
Linguistic development
  • first Lallphase (notifications are no longer just about screaming, but also about individual noises)
  • Babies understand the “vocal sound” as well as their name.
Exciting leisure and game ideas
  • Squeak ducks, rattles, baby trainers
  • swimming together, PEKIN course, baby massage course, baby swimming course
  • Breast milk or pre-milk
Baby Sleep
  • about 15 hours sleep a day, individual wake-sleep-rhythm (also at night)
Important dates for parents and baby
  • U4 examination at the pediatrician (3rd-4th month of life) 

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