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13 decorating ideas to have an effortless luxury kitchen

Purely functional kitchens are no longer carried. It does not matter if your kitchen is open or in the form of a tube, a touch of elegance and luxury can improve it. Exclusive fittings, classy handles, fresh flowers: Then discover 13 ideas to “refine” your kitchen.

1. Change the lamps

We do not pay attention to the lights of our kitchen, which are usually discreet and functional. Choose an original piece that catches your attention, just like you do in the living room.

Review Council. Big display lamps or fabulous designs will add glamor to space.

2. Choose exclusive batteries and fittings

Luxury is that which is distinctive and unusual. In the kitchen, for example, it will be a copper pile that, also, carry antibacterial patina. A black faucet on a white background is also a striking combination.

Review Council. If you have to change the battery or taps, let yourself be guided by an expert in latest trends.

3. Incorporates bright elements

Place switches and plugs of gold, silver or copper on walls painted in dark tones.

Review Council. Make sure they are few and well chosen so that the result is not exaggerated.

4. Choose ‘classy’ handles and knobs for lockers

Instead of renovating the cabinets, replace the handles and knobs for more elegant ones that incorporate some shine or, why not, skin. If your furniture is dark, it will look especially good.

Review Council. The color brass is a perfect finish that will give a sophisticated look to the kitchen.

5. It incorporates a refrigerator of double door

A luxurious kitchen – and gourmet – is not compatible with small refrigerators. Get yourself a double door, to have enough space. If you also buy it with ice dispenser, success will be assured.

Review Council. As an ideal complement to the refrigerator and in the space of 60 cm wide, place a wine cellar in a high cabinet. You will have your most exclusive wine bottles at the perfect temperature.

6. Look at your little gourmet appliances

The small appliances are renewed with a design look – especially the coffee makers. Placed on the counter, besides having a well-equipped kitchen, you will get an elegant atmosphere. You can also keep your favorite kitchen appliances like pinini press, espresso machine there. kitchen gear review wrote an article on pinini press for food lovers.

Review Council. Do you know the bells without smoke exists? They free up space and create cleaner kitchens visually.

7. Add the fresh flowers

A bouquet of peonies or fresh flowers collected from the garden is a luxury for smell and sight.

Review Council. Place white flowers in a clean environment or play with shades and create contrasts.

8. Uses decorative cleaning supplies

For the bathroom we usually choose luxurious cosmetics, but what about in the kitchen? It is also time to use a good detergent and a quality soap with beautiful packaging.

Review Council. Buy a nice bottle and fill it with the detergent you use regularly. Set the jar and sponge on a tray.

This can be very suitable for your kitchen in your condo at Precondo.

9. Dare with a fancy, luxurious-looking tile

Instead of the classic tile, we suggest that you coat the splash area with vinyl or wallpaper that imitate good materials – you will not need to do any work to remove the old tile. A coating that resembles marble, as in the picture, is a fantastic idea to recreate a refined atmosphere.

Review Council. You can also use mirror tiles that reflect all the glamor of your kitchen.

10. Sit in Design Chairs

In small kitchens, it is quite a luxury to have a dining area. Transparent chairs are the smartest choice: on the one hand, they are elegant and light; on the other, give visual amplitude.

Review Council. If the envelope of your table is white, it brings contrast with black chairs or intense green.

11. Look at your “party” dinnerware

Do not have your good dishes hidden in the closet. A good way to show off your porcelain pieces is to place them on shelves or even on the countertop.

Review Council. You can also place a silversmith insight, which will allow you to have a quick and direct access to the dishes.

12. Art in the kitchen

Normally there are no paintings or works of art in the kitchen, for fear of being stained with grease. However, a picture can give that cosmopolitan point you are looking for.

Review Council. You can highlight a work with a wallpaper or by painting the wall of a particular color. Some even win leaning against the wall and without hanging.

13. Fill your delicatessen cuisine

Place them on open shelves, on trays or simply arranged on the countertop. The containers of this type of products are very decorative; by the way, you’ll have them handy for cooking.

Review Council. Take advantage to put some particular edition of a book of recipes next to the packaging.

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