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12 month baby milestones – 1 year baby care tips

The 12th month of life: If everything has a name – you give your baby everything that makes it challenging? If your little family member can already speak the first words, then you should no longer respond to pure pointing as expected.

The language development: gibberish continue to allow

The vocabulary you hear from your baby around the first birthday will probably only consist of a few words. Some words that your child already understands would certainly impress you if you could see them written down.

To train and expand your baby’s vocabulary, you can now also use small questions and instructions. The prompt “, Please give me your cup!” or the question “Where is your ball?” understands your child gradually better and better. At first, it will probably react to it with gestures and later with one-word sentences. Reading books together and naming things also adds to the vocabulary of your child.

Never forget the courtesies “please” and “thank you” when talking to your baby. Applied from the beginning, these are also taken for granted for your baby and later toddler. Children learn through their actions, often not through their words.  If you do not understand your baby, it may be because he likes to experiment with sounds despite first knowing the word.

A game that is still fun and continues to train language skills. However, you should not fall into baby-talk too often, as your baby should learn that you can only understand the “adult language” and express it intelligibly with just the right words.

Discover new games alone

In the twelfth month, many babies have perfected their pincer grip (thumb-forefinger grip), and independent baby games have now lasted up to five minutes. A period when your blast comes up with interesting ideas that you may not find so funny.

The rubbing of fabric sofas with baby porridge, the throwing of the TV with wooden blocks or the use of the remote control as a hammer encounters only a few parents on raptures. Provide game alternatives from the outset and, for example, prepare old bowls and wooden spoons for patching.

Also, do not be shy about saying “no” to your baby when the detection and play ideas cause unwanted damage.

Make the nap together

Was afternoon nap an important respite for your baby and you? That can change for the first birthday. Some babies no longer feel tired at noon, and others protest against involuntary bedtime in the wake of their desire for independence. However, to take a breather in the middle of the day often helps a compromise.

Make the lunch break just a read-out and cuddle hour. This leaves your baby and you to rest and often leads to tired sleepy Protestant but the desired sleep.

Discover the world together

Arrived in the twelfth month of life, it seems incredible to many parents, how her little one has developed in recent weeks and months. Now your baby is ready to include it in the preparations for the first big birthday party, for example:

  • Cake baking,
  • tinkering and wrapping gifts,
  • Decorate.

You can also train speech comprehension, coarse and fine motor skills using the following games:

  • Play hide and seek,
  • read together the favorite book (let your baby tell the stories if it already speaks a few words),
  • Build towers with building blocks or kitchen utensils (such as bowls),
  • Making faces in front of the mirror.

You have not been together in the zoo, forest or on a larger playground or in an indoor arcade? Then you should take the first birthday as an opportunity to show your baby one of these exciting places.

Useful for babies 12th-month


As soon as children can sit and crawl, child-friendly vehicles become interesting for them. Sliding cars help the little ones to get around and increase their interest in mobility. For older children tricycle, scooter and bike are exciting means of transportation.

Baby Shoes

For the first steps outside the apartment, baby shoes protect the little explorers from the weather and injuries to the soles of their feet. By walking with the first shoes, infants become accustomed to wearing sturdy shoes. Breathable, lightweight and flexible materials are important for good mobility of the little feet.

Wooden Toys

At the age of 12 months, the dwarfs are finally old enough for their first beautiful wooden toy. The wooden blocks are pleasant to hold and invite you to build, stack and plug together, thereby promoting fine motor skills. Wooden puzzles also offer great search and combination fun.


  • individual increase in weight and body length
  • Deviations from the average values may be up to 1,500 g
  • 12th month average weight: 9,000 g (girls), 9,700 g (boys)
  • Dress size: 74 to 86
  • Shoe size: 15 to 18
  • Head circumference: 42 to 46 cm
Development of the senses
  • Tangible things are explored both with the hands and with the mouth
Motoric development
  • Tweezers grip (index finger-thumb grip) is perfected
  • individual types of locomotion are tried and used, for example, to get toys out of their range (Porsche, crawl, crawl, circling, rolling over, etc.)
  • Sitting alone and sitting still possible now
  • Pulling up, first standing and walking
  • It is now possible to clap your hands and do finer work (such as threading chains) 
Linguistic development
  • Lallmonologist: Imitation of the existing speech sounds in the area
  • Transition to one-word utterances
Parent-child bond
  • Expressing one’s state of health through facial expressions, sounds, first words
  • Fremdeln possible
  • safe or insecure attachment to the parents
Exciting leisure and game ideas
  • Books, rattles, balls, stacking towers and other baby-friendly games
  • ball bath
  • common swimming, baby swimming lessons, baby playgroups
  • Baby food in combination with breast milk or pre-milk / follow -on milk
Baby Sleep
  • about 14 hours of sleep a day, individual wake-sleep rhythm (even at night)
Important dates for parents and baby
  • Appointment or execution of the check-up U6 (takes place in the period 10th to 12th month of life)

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