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10 Beautiful and Practical Gifts for Back to School

On the first day of school, of course, the school bag should not be missing. This tradition has been a tradition for 200 years. In former times it was stuffed with all sorts of sweets, but this is a relic from days gone by when such treats were still rare. Nowadays, parents are asked to give creative gifts to their children at school. The possibilities are unlimited. Not only is useful, everything can be fun. And if you still lack the ideas, let the following suggestions inspire you.

  1. A friends album: With such a child, your child will not only have a lot of fun, but it also helps to make the first contacts.
  2. Street Chalk: Always popular at the Pausenhof.
  3. Plush Animal: A small plush animal makes school day easier, for example as a lucky winner for examinations.
  4. A clock: Punctuality is becoming more and more important for the little ones, so you also need a utensil to keep an eye on the time.
  5. A Jumping Rope: Brings the children fun and physical activity at the same time.
  6. Paving: Children should play. In doing so, they are always attracted minor injuries. With a few plasters, they are well equipped for this.
  7. Address sticker: This makes it possible to label books, notebooks, gymnastic bags, etc. well. If they are lost, the Finder immediately knows who they belong to.
  8. An umbrella: You have to go to school in wind and weather. But that is no reason to get wet.
  9. Reflective Pendants: In the winter the morning school paths have to be completed in the dark. With such supporters, children remain readily visible.
  10. A cap: Not only contemporary chic, but it also protects against excessive sunshine in the summer.

Of course, some sweets are allowed. Surprise horses and gummy bears are always popular. But also fresh fruit is delicious and not long ago not unpopular with all children.

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