The 10 Best Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser is a brand with a distinguished history. It was founded in 1945 as a microphone manufacturer but quickly expanded into other areas of audio. Sennheiser can confidently claim to produce some of the best headphones, so it is highly recommended to search for Sennheiser discounts. 

The best Sennheiser headphones provide: 

  • Audiophile-grade sound quality. 
  • A super-comfortable design. 
  • An abundance of advanced features for customizing your listening experience. 

Built with premium internal components, they deliver clear highs, dependable mids, and deep lows. Therefore, these are the best headphones for audiophiles and professionals in the music industry. 

If you want headphones with a more natural sound signature for critical listening, studio work, or immersive home listening, Sennheiser headphones are your best bet. The company’s wired options are ideal for home listening, while its wireless options provide long battery life for extended listening sessions. In addition, Sennheiser’s extensive selection of headphones makes it simple to find a model that meets your specific requirements. 

By continuing to read, learn more about the best Sennheiser headphones, their key features, and how to select the best option for you. 

Our Top Picks

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Overview of Sennheiser Headphones 

After World War II, Fritz Sennheiser and seven other engineers from the University of Hannover in Germany founded Laboratorium Wennebostel or Lab W. 

Lab W’s first product was a voltmeter, but the company quickly expanded its offerings to include microphones. In 1955, the company began manufacturing various audio equipment, such as noise-compensated microphones, miniature magnetic headphones, and microphone transformers. In 1958, the company’s name was changed to Sennheiser Electronic, paving the way for the brand to become an industry leader in audio. 

Sennheiser began selling its products in the United States in the 1980s while enjoying success in its original European market. Additionally, the company had partnered with the German commercial airline Lufthansa to sell headsets to their pilots. This success continued with microphones in Hollywood in 1987, when the renowned MKH 816 shotgun microphone won an Oscar. 

As the 21st century began, Sennheiser Electronic aggressively acquired and expanded in the commercial and consumer audio markets. The company started manufacturing headphones for studios and audio enthusiasts. In addition, the company continued to sell microphones and other audio equipment for professional use. 

Sennheiser continues to sell products for both consumer and business applications. In the consumer world, they are primarily concerned with headphones. Customers can choose from numerous models, including over-ear, audiophile, wireless, and open-back and closed-back headphones. 

How Do Model Names Differ? 

Like many other brands, Sennheiser uses unique model names to distinguish between product lines. In this manner, it is clear what headphones are intended for. In particular: 

  • HD: This denotes audiophile and professional-grade headphones. There are both open-back and closed-back options. Typically, they have an exact frequency response that is close to neutral. 
  • Momentum: These headphones have a sound signature designed to appeal to the masses. Typically, these are closed-back headphones tuned to output punchy, deep bass while maintaining a Hi-Fi sound. 
  • PXC: PXC’s headphones are ideal for frequent commuters and business travelers. These are typically over-the-ear headphones with noise-isolating or noise-canceling capabilities. 
  • CX: In-ear headphones designed for music listening, traveling, sports, and isolation from ambient noise. 
  • IE: IEMs with audiophile-level sound quality. All of them are currently wired. 

Why You Need to Purchase Sennheiser Headphones 

A pair of headphones from Sennheiser is an excellent option for casual and professional listeners due to their superior sound quality, ergonomic design, wide frequency range, and reliable noise reduction technology. In addition, their extensive selection of professional and consumer headphones accommodates various needs. 

Sennheiser headphones are more expensive than other premium brands, such as the best Bose headphones, but the additional cost is well worth considering the superior audio quality. Sennheiser earphones have some noise-canceling features to eliminate external noise, but they are not as effective as they could be, so you may want to look elsewhere for the best headphones for sleep. 

How to choose the best Sennheiser headphones 

The company offers headphones for all tastes and budgets, and (many) of them have excellent sound quality. The brand has received so many awards over the years that we’ve lost track. 

Whether you’re looking for sporty earbuds for running and the gym, a premium pair for travel, or the best noise-canceling headphones for home listening, you’ll find something to suit your needs below. 

There are numerous wireless options but check the battery life rating if you choose a pair with Bluetooth and noise cancellation. It is also important to remember that premium wired Sennheiser headphones may benefit from a headphone amplifier. Consider each of these factors when making your decision. 

The 10 Best Sennheiser Headphones Of 2022

Currently, we have evaluated more than 40 pairs of Sennheiser headphones. They are a reputable brand that produces various models for various purposes, emphasizing open-back, reference-quality headphones. We typically test many Sennheiser headphones each year, so we will continue to update this article as new reviews are published. 

1. Best Overall: Sennheiser PXC 550-II Bluetooth Headphone

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The Sennheiser PXC 550-II is the best due to its comprehensive features. These headphones exemplify the brand’s commitment to staying current with fashion and technology. 

One of the most advantageous features of the PXC 550-II is the NoiseGard Adaptive Noise Cancellation, which adapts to changing environments and automatically adjusts the level of ANC used to provide a noise-free listening experience. 

With its large 32mm dynamic driver and balanced sound signature, the PXC 550-II can produce loud and clear sounds. This gives your music the perfect amount of emphasis and clarity in the higher frequencies without causing ear fatigue. In addition, the PX 550-II has a broad frequency range from 17 to 23 kHz, which gives it deeper bass and more distinct highs. 

Regarding comfort, the ear cups of the PXC 550-II are shaped like a pointed oblong with a forward slant to cover the ears. The right ear cup features an entire touchpad that makes controlling the headphones easier and less confusing. 

These headphones support both wired and wireless operations. Daily commuters and frequent travelers will also appreciate the 30-hour battery life. In addition, they have Smart Pause and access to the Sennheiser Smart Control application. These features make the Sennheiser PXC 550-II incredibly user-friendly and practical for daily use. 

Bluetooth is the most notable distinction between the PXC 550-II and its predecessor, the PXC 550. The PXC 550-II has Bluetooth 5.0, whereas the PXC 550 only has Bluetooth 4.2. Support for quicker codecs such as aptXTM and aptXTM. Low Latency also gives the 550-II an advantage over the audio delay. 

The 550-II is fully charged in three hours with its micro-USB charging port. This isn’t very pleasant, given that most of their competitors now use USB-C to charge headphones in under an hour. 

Key Features 
  • Superior sound quality and active noise cancellation 
  • Exceptional battery performance up to 30 hours 
  • Touch pad control 
  • Smart pause (activated via the app), auto on:off 
  • Included Components: Pxc 550-Ii Headphones, Carry Case, USB Charging Cable (USB-A To Micro-USB), Audio Cable, Flight Adapter 
  • Sound quality
  • Good noise cancelling for price
  • Bluetooth multipoint
  • Portable, comfortable design
  • Bluetooth 5.0, SBC, aptX, aptX Low Latency, AAC, wired
  • Fast charging
  • Microphone quality
  • Easy to accidentally power the headset on/off
  • microUSB charging

2. Strong Runner-Up: SENNHEISER Momentum 3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Comfort, portability, and functionality make the Sennheiser Momentum 3 one of the best headphones in the Sennheiser lineup. 

With humongous 42mm drivers and a warm sound signature, these headphones provide an immersive listening experience with minimal bass emphasis. The Momentum 3 also has an extensive frequency range of 6 to 22kHz, resulting in extremely powerful headphones. 

The Momentum 3 has a 17-hour battery life and supports fast charging, allowing for 1.5 hours of playback from a 10-minute charge. This level of rapid charging is currently considered cutting-edge and can significantly assist frequent travelers. 

Momentum 3’s accessibility features are highlighted by a three-button interface that places crucial commands within easy reach. Voice-assistant integration and Smart Pause are two additional features that facilitate hands-free operation. 

Unfortunately, the inconsistent Auto On/Off feature and lack of a physical on/off button cause the Momentum 3’s battery to drain quickly. Momentum 3 is very comparable to our top-recommended model, the PXC 550-II. 

Similarly, to the PXC 550-II, the Momentum 3 has three levels of noise cancellation, making it one of its most significant features. This, in conjunction with the Transparent Hearing feature, allows you to customize how you hear your music. All of these are also accessible via the Sennheiser Smart Control application. 

However, the PXC 550-II has a more professional-sounding, balanced sound signature than the Momentum 3. Consequently, the PXC 550-II are superior for those who prefer authentic sound quality. 

For the Momentum 3, Sennheiser opted for genuine leather ear pads with less ventilation than the PXC 550-II’s velour padding. 

Key Features 
  • Auto on:off and smart pause never miss a beat with seamless on:off and pause functionality; Plays your music faster than any other headphone 
  • Active noise cancellation and transparent hearing Momentum 3 wireless adapts to your environment wherever you find yourself 
  • Exceptional comfort soft ear pads and headband crafted from genuine leather insure exceptional wearing comfort during long listening sessions 
  • Three button interface provides easy operation without having to read a manual 
  • Automatic pairing mode makes setting up Momentum 3 wireless easy on the first activation 
  • Great audio
  • Folds up small for easy storage and travel
  • Very comfortable
  • Tile and NFC integration
  • Great passive noise isolation
  • AptX LL, aptX, and AAC
  • App-based controls
  • Look and feel the money's-worth
  • Woeful battery life versus the competition
  • Noise reduction isn't as good as Sony and Bose
  • Audio passthrough switch a little fiddly
  • No in-line mic/remote on 3.5mm cable
  • Quite big

3. Best Budget: SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone

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Due to the absence of ANC and wireless connectivity, the Sennheiser HD 559 is less expensive. However, they compensate for their lack of features with audiophile sound quality and a slightly warm but balanced sound signature. In addition, their frequency range of 14 kHz to 26 kHz is sufficiently broad to produce deep bass and extreme highs. 

In addition to sound quality, comfort is one of the most significant advantages of these headphones. The 38mm drivers produce loud sounds, but the open-back design of the headphones prevents the buildup of pressure and moisture. 

In addition to the open-back design, these headphones also feature velour ear pads to ensure hours of comfort. These ear cushions are also replaceable, allowing you to customize their comfort. 

Sennheiser HD 559 headphones are ideal for professionals or discerning users who want to enjoy superior sound quality in quiet environments like their homes. The headphones’ low impedance of 50 ohms makes them compatible with most smartphones. 

The cable is one aspect of the headphones that require further development. Due to their length of 3 meters, these cables can quickly become entangled in household objects. In addition, instead of the standard and universal 3.5mm jack, Sennheiser equipped these headphones with a 6.3mm connection. You must purchase a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter to use this with standard aux connections. 

Key Features 
  • Open back, around ear design. Connectivity Technology: Wired 
  • Powered by proprietary Sennheiser 38 millimeter, 50 ohm transducers 
  • Soft, replaceable ear pads for enhanced comfort 
  • Robust 3 meter detachable cable and 6.3 millimeter jack 
  • Great price/performance ratio.
  • Good bass and sound stage.
  • Forgiving of poor recordings.
  • Some mid bass hump that slightly bleeds into mid-range.
  • Drivers aren't as fast as better headphones.

4. Legendary Pick: Sennheiser HD 800 S Over-the-Ear Audiophile Reference Headphones

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The Sennheiser HD 800 S can best be described as legendary. Sennheiser meticulously crafted these headphones to be among the best neutral headphones on the market today by incorporating distinctive supporting elements that accentuate their sound signature. 

First and foremost, these headphones have angled open-back ear cups so that sound waves are directed directly into your ears. As a result, producers can hear and evaluate even the most subtle nuances of the music. In addition to having the most comprehensive frequency range in the Sennheiser lineup, the 800 S’s 4 – 51 kHz frequency range enables it to produce the most delicate sound nuances. 

In addition, the headphones have a vibration-damping chassis that reduces frequencies that could potentially mask mixing errors. The 56mm driver is also one of the largest ever-used dynamic headphones. The massive drivers are not only loud, but they produce cleaner bass as well. 

Sennheiser replaced the conventional velour ear pads on the HD 800 S with handmade, ultra-soft microfiber. These ear cushions conform to the shape of your head, making listening hours more comfortable. 

The HD 800 and HD 800 S were released six years apart, but the difference in sound quality between the two models is challenging to distinguish. Nevertheless, the HD 800 S includes two additional connection options: a 6.3mm connector and a 4.4mm Pentacon balanced cable. This enables users to connect their headphones to even more sources and amplifiers. Sennheiser has also ceased production of the HD 800. 

The impedance of 300 ohms is the product’s superior quality cost. Moreover, their 3-meter cable has a 6.3mm connection compared to the standard 3.5mm. Due to the factors above, using these headphones without the proper setup is impossible. These are not for you if you do not need to listen to music for your livelihood. 

Key Features 
  • Open back, around ear, reference class dynamic headphone 
  • 56mm ring radiator transducers are the largest drivers ever used in dynamic headphones 
  • Innovative absorber technology reduces unwanted frequency response peaks allowing all the music nuances to become audible 
  • Unique ear cup design directs sound waves to the ear at a slight angle to create an impressively natural and spatial listening experience 
  • Includes two connecting cables: single ended 1/4 inches And balanced 4. 4 mm Pentacon cable 
  • Connectivity technology: Wired 
  • Overall sound quality
  • Bass response
  • Balanced cables
  • A hint of edginess in the top end

5. Best Closed-back Sound Quality: SENNHEISER HD 820 Over-the-Ear Audiophile Reference Headphones

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Despite its striking similarities to the HD 800 S, the Sennheiser HD 820 is the best closed-back option on this list. These closed-back headphones deliver the renowned sound of the HD 800 S. 

With a frequency range of 6 kHz to 48 kHz, the HD 820 can produce everything from deep bass to extreme highs. These headphones utilize the same massive 56mm Ring Radiator drivers as the HD 800 S to generate loud sounds that are not distorted at higher frequencies. 

The HD 820’s ear cups are encased in transparent and lightweight Gorilla Glass, resulting in a closed-back design. This prevents air from escaping and blocks outside noise. While this results in a narrower soundstage, it also gives the HD 820 a more robust bass and a warmer signature. 

Comfort is an additional strength of the HD 820. 360g in weight, they are handcrafted from ultra-soft microfiber that conforms to the shape of your head for a snug fit. 

Similar to the HD 800 S, these headphones also include a 6.3mm connector and a 4.4mm Pentacon balanced cable, allowing users to connect the headphones to various sources. 

The HD 820’s seal can be broken by moving the jaw or the head. This is one of the headphones’ most egregious flaws. Similarly, to the HD 800 S, the HD 820 has a massive 300-ohm impedance and a 3-meter cable. These headphones will not be worthwhile without the right home or studio setup. 

Key Features 
  • The HD 820 delivers an unparalleled, reference-grade audiophile listening experience in a closed headphone 
  • Innovative glass reflectors and frequency absorber systems replicate the wide open characteristics of audiophile speakers in a sealed earcup design 
  • 56mm Ring Radiator transducers and Glass Reflectors provide total immersion in your music with absolute detail and a breathtaking soundstage 
  • Made in Germany using the finest materials for sound integrity, build quality, and luxurious comfort 
  • Connectivity technology: Wired 
  • Included components: HD 820 headphone, 6.35 millimeter cable, 4.4 millimeter Pentaconn cable, owners manual 
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • High Quality Lightweight Construction
  • Satisfying Bass Extension
  • Excellent Soundstage and Imaging
  • Unique Frequency Response Doesn't Play Well with Some Music
  • Bass can be Boomy
  • Balanced Cable Uses P

6. Best for In-Ear Monitoring: Sennheiser IE 400 Pro In-Ear Audio Monitor

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This distinguishes the IE 400 Pro: audiophile headphones in your pocket. Clarity is a specialty of these IEMs, which also have a slightly warm but balanced signature that makes them ideal for monitoring. 

These in-ear monitors feature dynamic 7mm drivers and Sennheiser’s TrueResponse system. This system reduces acoustic stress factors, resulting in sounds without distortion. In addition, these IEMs are equipped with an absorbent resonator chamber that enhances clarity. 

There are a total of six ear tip options included with the IE 400 Pro. Three pairs of varying sizes (S, M, L) are silicone, while the remaining three pairs are made of memory foam. Silicone tips are easier to clean, and the bass and vocals are more prominent. Meanwhile, ear tips made of memory foam provide superior noise isolation without sacrificing comfort. 

With an impedance of 16 ohms and an integrated 3.5mm connection, these can be driven by a standard smartphone. They also include a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter for use with a pocket amplifier on stage. 

The advanced features of the IE 400 Pro have made it both louder and more precise than its predecessor, the IE 40 Pro. The IE 40 Pro has a higher impedance of 19.4 and a longer cable of 125cm than the IE 400 Pro’s 120cm. The IE 400 Pro was created to replace the IE 40 Pro. 

The frequency range from 6 to 19 kHz is expansive, but it excludes frequencies above 20 kHz. Additionally, the quality of the memory foam ear tips leaves much to be desired. In addition to losing their shape in weeks, these ear tips provide inadequate noise isolation. 

Key Features 
  • Detailed and balanced in-ear monitor sound that packs a real punch 
  • Detachable, stage-proof Cable with break-proof connection (patent pending) and reinforced ear hook 
  • Perfect fit due to compact, extremely lightweight earmold in a superior ergonomic yet rugged design 
  • Highest flexibility and wearing comfort with silicone & memory foam ear tips in all sizes, individually adaptable to your ear canal depth 
  • Fast and Detailed Bass
  • Clarity of the Midrange
  • Treble extension
  • Spacious Soundstage
  • Plastic Shell
  • Slightly lack of Midbass

7. Best for TV: Sennheiser RS 195 RF Wireless Headphone

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The Sennheiser RS 195 RF Wireless is distinguished by its television-specific features. These headphones feature both speech and music listening modes. Speech mode eliminates ambient noise and improves speech clarity. Even if the character in the film whispers or the background music becomes loud, you can hear them. On the other hand, the music mode equalizes sounds so that both the music and vocals can be heard clearly. 

The RS 195 RF utilizes Radio Frequency rather than Bluetooth. RF can pass through walls and solid objects, making these headphones the best home-use option. And in the case of the RS 195 RF, you will remain connected even at 100 meters. Additionally, these headphones can operate with minimal audio compression, producing superior sound quality and reduced latency. 

Controllability is another crucial aspect of TV headphones. This is so you won’t have to fumble with the remote or get up to watch the television to access essential functions such as volume. 

On the right ear cup of the RS, 195 RF headphones is a three-button control panel for adjusting the volume and switching between listening modes. In addition to a mode-switching button and sliders for other controls, the multifunctional transmitter features a mode-switching button. 

Following the RS 175 RF was the RS 195 RF. The features of these two headphones are nearly identical, except for a few key differences. The RS 175 RF is lighter (310g vs. 340g), while the RS 195 RF has more durable neodymium magnets. 

The ergonomic design and plush velour ear pads work well to provide comfort. These ear cushions are replaceable, allowing you to obtain a pair that fits you better. 

However, the exterior material of the pads flakes quickly, so you will likely require replacements occasionally. In addition, their noise isolation is poor, so they are only recommended for those who reside in homes with quiet areas. 

Key Features 
  • Closed back, circumaural headphone system with excellent digital wireless audio transmission delivering range up to 328ft/100m (line of sight). Connectivity Technology: Wireless 
  • Selectable hearing boost presets with an additional noise suppression mode for clearer dialogues and superior speech intelligibility. Music listening mode for increased dynamic range. 
  • Multi-purpose transmitter supports both Digital and Analog Inputs in addition Automatic and Manual Level Control – also functions as ‘easy-charge’ cradle and docking station for the headphones 
  • Not compatible with Bluetooth technology. Compatible with analog and digital audio inputs, as well as toggling between inputs. THD, total harmonic distortion: <0.5 % at 1 kHz, 100 dB SPL 
  • Two year warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer. 
  • NOTE: Check User Manual in Technical Specification before use 
  • Power Source Type: Battery 
  • Comfortable wireless headphones with high-quality audio performance.
  • Multiple adjustable listening modes that accentuate different frequency ranges.
  • Can adjust panning to make one ear louder than the other.
  • Expensive.
  • Bulky design not for everyone.

8. Best for Gaming: EPOS Sennheiser GSP 600 Acoustic Gaming Headset

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Sennheiser was never a gaming company per se. However, through several partnerships, Sennheiser cultivated several brands, including the enterprise- and gamer-oriented headphone brand EPOS. In addition, the powerful Sennheiser GSP 600 followed EPOS. 

The GSP 600’s design immediately screams comfort. Their thick memory foam pads conform to your ears to create a noise-isolating seal. This complements the immersive bass provided by the Sennheiser transducers. Additionally, the paddings have a suede leatherette coating that is breathable and gentle on the skin. 

The GSP 600 has a contact pressure adjustable headband. This unique design provides a customized fit that allows the headphones’ weight to rest comfortably on the head. 

A microphone is necessary for gamers, so it’s great that the flip-to-mute boom mic on the GSP 600 produces a natural sound. This microphone’s noise-canceling feature further clarifies the input. Unfortunately, EPOS was unable to incorporate noise cancellation into the headphones themselves. 

Before the EPOS GSP 600 with a closed back, there was the GSP 500 with an open back. The GSP 500 is more breathable due to the difference in form factor, while the GSP 600 is more immersive. The GSP 500 is lighter, and its soft fabric pads are less comfortable. 

Furthermore, with 28 ohms of impedance and two cable options, the GSP 600 is easily compatible with all gaming platforms. This includes smartphones, personal computers, and game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox. 

These headphones’ broad compatibility and low impedance come at the expense of mediocre sound quality. These headphones are analog, so the sound quality depends on the source. To improve sound quality, you must invest in an amplifier such as the GSX1000. 

Key Features 
  • German-engineered Sennheiser transducers ensure exceptional audio clarity with superb dynamics and extended bass response. 
  • Closed-back acoustic design, ergonomic ear cushions and advanced hinge system provide excellent passive noise attenuation. 
  • Advanced noise-cancelling broadcast quality microphone for crystal-clear in game communication. 
  • New headband design features adjustable contact pressure providing a customized fit for every user. 
  • Excellent audio isolation
  • Earcups fit snugly
  • Extremely well-built
  • Thoughtfully designed control layout
  • Mic has poor low frequency response
  • No tweaking software
  • 3.5mm only

9. Best for Listening on the Go: SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2 - Bluetooth in-Ear Buds

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The MOMENTUM series is an assortment of headphones designed for travel and physical activity. Instead of audiophile audio, this line of products focuses on convenience and usability. In 2020, for instance, the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 was regarded as cutting-edge technology. However, they remain one of the best wireless earbuds to this day. 

The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 was the first pair of wireless earbuds with ANC. When this feature is activated, the soundstage of the earbuds is reduced. This complements the L-shaped design of the earbuds by emphasizing bass tones. 

When ANC is disabled, the soundstage expands, which is ideal for commuters who want to hear their surroundings. You can enable Transparent Hearing if you want to listen to your surroundings better. 

These earbuds have a seven-hour lifespan. Nevertheless, the additional 28 hours provided by the charging case are sufficient to keep you company for the entire day. Because these earbuds have an IPX4 rating, light rain or water splashes shouldn’t bother you. 

With these earbuds, the Sennheiser Smart Control App is compatible. The application makes it simple to change the touchpad’s functions, and EQ presets. Customizing the MOMENTUM TW2’s functions will allow you to control the earbuds more effectively, even when moving. 

Key Features 
  • Unrivalled Stereo Sound. 
  • Your Sound. Your Focus. 
  • Comfortable all day listening. 
  • Intuitive to your needs. 
  • Carefully designed. Confidently delivered. 
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • IPX4 rated (Great for the Gym)
  • Better battery life (7 hours + 3 charges)
  • AptX Bluetooth 5.1
  • Great app and touch controls
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Killer sound
  • Pricey
  • Occasional connectivity problems
  • No wireless charging
  • Unintuitive default controls
  • ANC and Transparency Mode tax battery life

10. Best for Sports: SENNHEISER CX Plus True Wireless Earbuds - Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

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Sennheiser CX Plus is frequently contrasted with MOMENTUM True Wireless 2. Although these two earbuds have identical features, the CX Plus is the superior option for sports due to critical differences. 

The CX Plus is equipped with 7mm TrueResponse transducers for clearer sounds. With the Bass Boost feature, these earbuds will give you deeper bass and more emotional highs. The sensitivity of these earbuds is 114 dB, so they are loud. These features may be helpful if you seek a more excellent pump during your workouts. 

The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 and the CX Plus have an IPX4 rating, making them resistant to damage from sweat. However, the CX Plus has an eight-hour battery life, an hour longer than the TW2. The CX Plus charging case has 24 hours as opposed to the TW2’s 28 hours. Nevertheless, both headphones’ battery life is exceptional and would easily last through multiple workouts. 

As with the MOMENTUM Wireless 2, the CX Plus includes ANC if you require additional concentration during physical activities. If you need the ability to hear your surroundings, you can also enable Transparent Hearing. The CX Plus’s touch controls can also be customized via the Smart Control app. This allows you to set commands to help more comfortably control the earbuds’ functions. 

Key Features 
  • Active Noise Cancellation 
  • Customizable Touch Controls 
  • IPX4 and 24-hour Battery Life 
  • Compact, ergonomic design 
  • Good noise cancelling, with transparency
  • Good sound quality
  • IPX4 rating
  • SBC, AAC, and aptX
  • Decent app
  • $50 USD price increase just for ANC
  • Bulky

How to Choose the Best Sennheiser Headphones

Since 1945, Sennheiser has been one of the world’s leading audio brands, catering to professionals and casual listeners. 

Choosing the best Sennheiser headphones is difficult, however. While most of the brand’s products are high quality, Sennheiser headphones stand out. 

In addition, to find the best Sennheiser headphones, you must find a pair that complements your lifestyle and setup. Your preferences for sound, comfort and cost will be significant. 

The following factors should be considered when selecting the best Sennheiser headphones for you: 


Choosing the correct size of Sennheiser headphones is the most critical factor. Selecting the proper size will determine the appearance of your Sennheiser headphones area. Before purchasing Sennheiser headphones, you should measure your workspace’s dimensions. Due to the impossibility of cutting or adjusting Sennheiser headphones, these alternatives are viable in many ways. 


Design refers to forms, hues, dimensions, installations, and others. The design of a Sennheiser headphones section requires more than one word. Moreover, the design of your Sennheiser headphones affects their appearance. Before the layout of your shopping, the design of your product is the most crucial consideration. If you fail to do so, your entire architectural design may be discriminated against. 


Another essential consideration is the product’s durability. The Sennheiser headphones do not require replacement every year or so. Before making a purchase, the durability of the products should be examined. Considering the durability of the Sennheiser headphones, you may wish to explore the product, warranty, and guarantees. 

Simple Operation 

You have Sennheiser headphones on! If this cannot be altered, the purpose of refreshing and revitalizing yourself is defeated. Find something user-friendly. What then? That is simple. These model features can be utilized in less than a second and are the simplest. 


Your budget for purchasing any product is essential, regardless of the situation. Similarly, there should be no difference in selecting or purchasing a product. Before deciding, you should always consider your skills. Therefore, you should also consider the cost before making a final choice. 

Is Sennheiser an Effective Brand? 

Sennheiser has an extensive history of producing high-quality audio equipment. Sennheiser’s headphone lineup ranges from $10 budget headphones to an eye-popping $59,000 electrostatic headphone and amplifier combo, the Sennheiser HE-1. 

Professional environments have used Sennheiser headphones and microphones for years. They are dependable, durable, and perform exceptionally well. 

Sennheiser produces some of the finest headphones for music lovers. The audiophile community regards several their products as classics. 

You can expect a superior audio experience across the board, but you’ll have to pay a premium for the best Sennheiser headphones. 

Nonetheless, if you desire a smooth, rich, and warm sound, you cannot go wrong with Sennheiser headphones. 

What is the lifespan of Sennheiser headphones? 

Most experts concur that headphones should last five to ten years before replacement. However, because Sennheisers are premium headphones, you should anticipate them to last longer. Sennheiser’s superior products have a lifespan of over 15 years for most customers. 

Sennheiser Headphones Warranty 

All Sennheiser headphones are sold with a two-year limited warranty. You can expect Sennheiser to cover the cost of repair or replacement, like warranties on other electronic products if your headphones fail mechanically due to a manufacturer defect. 

To remain eligible for warranty repairs or replacements, you must purchase headphones from an authorized Sennheiser retailer and retain the receipt or bill of sale. Here is a listing of authorized dealers. 

Note that specific issues and components are expressly excluded from the Sennheiser warranty. These consist of the following: 

  • Batteries 
  • Alternate ear pads 
  • Earphone covers 
  • Leather ear cushions 
  • Memory-foam ear cushions 
  • Detachable cable clips 
  • Cases 


In most instances, yes. Even though they are typically made of plastic, Sennheiser headphones, particularly the larger models, appear durable. 

The best feature of Sennheiser headphones is that worn-out components can typically be replaced. Therefore, if something breaks or wears out, it is simple to repair. 

Although the brand is associated with audiophile-grade products, it is challenging to declare them the best objectively. One audiophile will adore Sennheiser headphones, whereas another will despise them. The key is to discover those that suit your preferences. 

Sennheiser headphones give you the highest sound quality with up to 30 hours of battery life for long-lasting enjoyment.

You can pair the MOMENTUM Wireless with up to eight different Bluetooth devices. The MOMENTUM Wireless stores these pairing profiles. You can connect the MOMENTUM Wireless to two devices simulta- neously, e.g. to play music from a Bluetooth device and – at the same time – be prepared for calls via your smartphone.

The best headphones from Sennheiser that we’ve tested are the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless. These well-built over-ears offer versatile performance, whether you’re commuting to work, listening to audio at home, or busy at the office.

Sennheiser promises a jaw-dropping 60 hours of battery life on the Momentum 4, and that’s with active noise cancellation enabled. That’s double what most of the competition offers, where a lot of premium models can typically only muster around 30 hours.

Sennheiser is mainly known for its consumer headphones and professional headphones and microphones, such as the MKH 416 short shotgun, which came to be the Hollywood standard shotgun microphone; and the 816, similar in design with longer reach.

During charging, the Charge status LED on the transmitter lights up red. When the rechargeable batteries are fully charged, the Charge status LED lights up green.

Android users need to go to Bluetooth Settings and pair either Bluetooth headphones or speakers one by one. Once connected, tap the three-dot icon on the right and click on Advanced Settings. Toggle on the ‘dual audio’ option if not already turned on. This should enable users to connect to two devices at once.

Unlike some other waterproof headphones which can be submerged in water or worn while swimming, the Sennheiser momentum true wireless 2 earbuds are not waterproof, but they are resistant to splash and sweat.

There are many disadvantages of a sennheiser headphones. The most common problem is that the sound quality may not be as good as other brands. They can also break easily if you don’t take care of them properly

A wise move, particularly if you’re after some top-quality game audio. Built on Sennheiser’s premium audio pedigree and its long history in quality sound, Sennheiser gaming headsets are some of the most qualified to use the mantle of ‘superior gaming audio’


Sennheiser is a big brand. Therefore, they offer a vast selection of headphones that are either purpose-specific or versatile enough for everyday use. However, they tend to prioritize sound quality over versatility, offering more models designed for critical listening or home theater entertainment than those designed for sports or travel. 

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