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Best Ryobi Cordless Circular Saws: Which One Should You Buy

We tested Ryobi cordless circular saws to find the best tool for your needs. The Ryobi circular saw is a must-have in any woodshop, and in order to find the best cordless circular saws on the market, we purchased ten of the most popular models for side-by-side comparison testing.

We concentrated on direct-drive battery-powered saws ranging in size from 7 1/4″ framing saws to 5 1/2″ trim saws. Our experts put each of these saws through the same set of tests, focusing on ease of use, cutting power, and, of course, battery life.

Whether you’re looking for a professional-grade saw or a budget-friendly model for the occasional home improvement project, our in-depth review provides expert recommendations based on value and performance.

Our data is organized so that you can easily compare models to find the best cordless circular saw for your needs and budget. Our tech experts are always on the lookout for the best tools for their next DIY project, from the woodshop to the garden. We have in-depth reviews of the best hand tools on the market, ranging from chainsaws to impact drivers.

What to Know About Who Makes Ryobi Tools? 

Various tasks require tools, and people must access high-quality tools to facilitate their work. Ryobi is one of the most well-known tool brands available to do-it-yourselfers for multiple applications. 

This brand contains a variety of hand tools, power tools, and auto mechanic tools. In addition, the brand ensures that these tools are accessible everywhere. Have you ever wondered who manufactures Ryobi tools? This article will reveal some interesting information about the manufacturers of Ryobi tools and some of the products of this brand. 

Who Makes Ryobi Tools? 

Ryobi Limited provides Ryobi tools and remains one of the most sought-after brands due to their superior quality. Since its founding in 1943, this brand has been actively responsible for distributing electric power tools and other valuable items. 

The company began by selling die-cast products, and in 1961 it began manufacturing offset printing presses. Please be aware that the introduction of Ryobi tools began in 1968. This brand’s market presence has been consistent to date. 

Presently, Ryobi operates approximately twelve manufacturing facilities in six countries. In Shelby, Indiana, however, the only manufacturing company in the United States was founded in 1985. 

However, it may be interesting to know that Techtronic Industries Limited is the manufacturer of Ryobi tools (TTi Group). Please be advised that TTi appears to be one of the industry’s most rapidly expanding tool manufacturers. 

Founded by Horst J. Pudwill and Roy Chung Chi Ping in 1985 and headquartered in Hong Kong, TTi has been in operation for some time. This organization employs more than 7,100 people in 133 locations throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

The company provides various private label tools, including Ryobi, Hart, Empire, AEG, Vax, Hoover, and Milwaukee. Since its founding in 1985, this company has supplied high-quality goods. 

TTi is a firm with a robust portfolio in the manufacturing industry, and the company was founded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1990. Among the numerous tool brands available on the market, Ryobi stands out as one of the best-performing options, with a vast assortment for various applications. 

The good news is that Ryobi products, ranging from screwdrivers to advanced drills and power tools, appear reasonably priced. Again, Ryobi provides people with excellent warranties, with some limited warranties lasting up to three years. 

6 Best Ryobi Cordless Circular Saws Reviews

Ryobi adds a full-size circular saw to its lineup of cordless circular saws. The Ryobi Cordless Circular Saw maintains Ryobi’s reputation for combining desirable features at an affordable price. The saw effortlessly cuts lumber and plywood while remaining perfectly balanced and user-friendly. It is typical of Ryobi to improve a classic tool without compromising its functionality. 

The 6 best Ryobi Circular Saws in 2022 ranked based on consumer reviews   

1. Best Overall: Ryobi One P505 18V Lithium Ion Cordless 5 1/2" 4,700 RPM Circular Saw

Consider the Ryobi P505 for all your household woodcutting needs. Its cordless power allows you to transport it anywhere on your property for demolition or do-it-yourself construction projects. It has the capability of corded circular saws but the portability of a cordless one, with 4,700 revolutions per minute.   This portability is accompanied by a collection of features that make it easy to handle in various environments. Rubberized grips on the tool’s handles increase the friction between your hands and the instrument for enhanced control. It also has an additional handle on the unit’s left side, giving you greater control and visibility over your work.   Beyond that, you can adjust the bevel angle to 50 degrees to cut wherever you need around the house. With a 5 1/2″ blade included and a Ryobi battery already in your collection, you’ll be ready to go right out of the box.   The front and side handles of the Ryobi One P505 have a rubber over-mold for improved grip and reduced friction during operation. Rubber over-molding improves grip and hand feel for reduced fatigue when cutting plywood and thicker projects, such as 2″ by 4″ wood pieces.  The Ryobi One P505 weighs 4.95 pounds, approximately 3 pounds less than its DeWalt counterpart. Possibly the lightest circular saw available on the market.  Its 13.4-inch-by-8.8-inch-by-7.7-inch frame provides greater visibility of the project surface and is a better fit for users who prefer smaller, less cumbersome tools.  If you need to replace the blade, an onboard compartment contains a wrench, allowing you to do so without wasting time searching for tools. The P505 from Ryobi will serve you well whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, homeowner, or professional seeking a reliable backup. 
Key Features 
  • GRIPZONE OVERMOLD: The handles of this power tool are lined with a rubber mold. This increases friction between your hands and the tool, improving handling in most conditions 
  • TRANSPARENT LOWER GUARD: The polyurethane blade guard is clear, so you can get maximum visibility on your work while you make your cuts 
  • ADJUSTABLE BEVEL: You can adjust the foot of this cordless circular saw up to 50 degrees to cut at a variety of angles for different applications 
  • EXTRA SIDE HANDLE gives you improved control. Its location on the left side of the tool gives you greater visibility over your cuts while you work 
  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE: The circular saw works with Ryobi’s 18 Volt batteries. These battery models include the P100, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and P108 (Batteries not included) 
  • Users can pick left-handed or right-handed versions to suit use with their dominant hands.
  • Since the Ryobi One P505 is cordless, it allows users better maneuverability while cutting.
  • This circular saw is relatively quiet providing users with a silky-smooth operation while pushing the unit above the project surface.
  • The saw doesn’t come with a free battery.

2. RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V Brushless Cordless Circular Saw PBLCS300B

If we were forced to choose a single cordless tool for carpentry and construction, we would have difficulty deciding against a 7 12″ circular saw for basic cutting tasks. Circular saws are used for everything from sizing rough 2×4 framing to making plunge cuts on exterior wall sheathing. So when we recently had the opportunity to test the most recent Ryobi 7 1/4-inch Circular Saw PBLCS300. Before installing windows and sheathing, we tested it by cutting some replacement 24 jack studs and framing for a porch rehabilitation. This allowed us to evaluate the product’s design, features, and overall performance.  Adding a brushless motor is the single most significant improvement to Ryobi’s PBLCS300 7 14″ circular saw. Ryobi has significantly improved overall power, tool durability, and battery life by incorporating a brushless motor. By placing permanent magnets on the outside of the copper coils, a brushless motor eliminates internal friction caused by brushes. Energizing the coils causes motor rotation based solely on the magnetic interaction between the coils and magnets. This means no brushes to wear out and replace, extending the tool’s lifespan. It also means less energy is lost due to the brushes’ friction, so the motor delivers more power, and the battery lasts longer. The brushless motor in the Ryobi 7-1/4′′ One+ Circular Saw PBLCS300 is a very significant feature.  We discovered that the Ryobi 7-1/4′′ One+ HP Circular Saw PBLCS300 cut quickly, effectively, and maintained speed/RPMs under load. We were pleased with the overall cutting performance of this saw, particularly with a 4Ah +HP or more excellent battery pack. There were a few noteworthy occurrences. The motor ran more smoothly with a thin-kerf blade than a standard-kerf blade. This is because less overall material is being removed. The PBLCS300 circular saw from Ryobi features a thin-kerf blade.  Even with a fully charged 2Ah battery, the saw performed noticeably better with a 4Ah +HP battery than with a 2Ah battery. This is due to the PBLCS300 circular saw’s intelligent HP+ chip electronics. The device detects when a +HP battery is installed and permits the motor to operate at a higher RPM (4300 vs. 3700 with the P508). The One+ tools also have chip integration (P508), but the + HP lineup permits the motor to receive additional battery power. We could hear some motor strain with a 2Ah battery, and the blade appeared to be slowing down slightly. We used the 4Ah +HP battery to cut 2x4s and 12 plywood with no issues for most of the test.  Ryobi did not publish claims regarding the total runtime or number of cuts in standard materials. Tool Box Buzz believes that most major tool manufacturers offering full-size circular saw use lithium-ion battery packs and brushless motors. Based on unscientific testing, we got a typical half-day of intermittent use from a single 4Ah HP+ battery. But with a battery change, this saw should last long enough for the average worker to complete their work in a standard workday. With two battery packs and a rapid charger, the saw will experience no downtime.  The Ryobi 7-1/4-inch One+ Circular Saw PBLCS300 has a depth of 2-7/16 inches at 90 degrees and 1-13/16 inches at 45 degrees (see table below). Adjusting the cutting depth and bevel angle is effortless thanks to the tool-free adjustability of both features. The adjustment process is uniformly smooth. The bevel lever is large and straightforward to grasp firmly. The placement of the depth adjustment allows the operator to leverage the battery casing for one-handed depth adjustments. The depth adjustment features a depth gauge with a small white marker to ensure that the blade adjustment is properly matched to the thickness of the material. The handle slightly obstructs it but is otherwise adequate.  Regarding ergonomics, the Ryobi PBLCS300’s grip is well-designed and highly comfortable. The primary grip is comfortable, and the ambidextrous, push-in safety button is within easy thumb reach and easy to press. The front handle is offset by approximately 20 degrees during prolonged or repetitive cutting to reduce wrist strain. This saw is 13.5″ in length, 7.2″ in height, and 11″ in width. The PBLCS300 circular saw weighs a mere 6.6 lbs. when unassembled. The weight increased to 8.2 pounds when a 4Ah HP+ battery was installed.  A low-mounted LED light near the saw’s baseplate adequately illuminates the cut line when necessary. The bevel adjustment assembly partially obscures the LED, but the right-side light is semi-angled to compensate for this design flaw. The LED light appeared to be of average brightness. During the test, most cuttings were performed outside on horses or in a well-lit area; this did not have a significant negative impact. Some of our favorite circular saws in the past lacked LEDs, so this feature is more of a bonus than a necessity.  The Ryobi PBLCS300 7-1/4-inch circular saw has an outstanding balance of power and performance, especially considering its relatively low price. Especially when paired with a Ryobi +HP battery, the brushless motor increases power and performance. Overall, it is a convenient and highly capable saw. There are not many features of Ryobi circular saws that we would like to see improved in future models. Ryobi could upgrade to a cast aluminum or magnesium shoe. Additionally, they could examine the LED light design to make the miter angle adjustment assembly less obstructive. The PLLCS300 is a well-designed 7 1/4″ circular saw for do-it-yourselfers and homeowners, as evidenced by our short list of recommendations. 
Key Features 
  • Brushless motor delivers up to 40% faster cutting 
  • Over 325 cuts per charge using an 18V ONE+ 6Ah battery 
  • 0-56 degree bevel capacity for cut versatility 
  • Adjustable depth guard for cutting up to 2-7/16 in. depth of cut at 0 degree and 1-3/4 in. at 45 degree 
  • Battery and charger sold separately 
  • Works great
  • Great value
  • It lasts a long time and is quite powerful
  • Difficult to us and see the guide if you're right-handed

3. Best Value: Ryobi P508 18V One+ Brushless 7 1/4-Inch Circular Saw

The Ryobi P508 18V Brushless Circular Saw, slated for release in November 2017, will offer longer run times, more power, and longer motor life. It includes a 7-1/4-inch, 24-tooth, ultra-thin kerf carbide-tipped blade. The new Ryobi P508 will be capable of bevel cuts between 0 and 56 degrees. This circular saw, released on Ryobi’s 18V One+ battery platform, promises improved performance when paired with Lithium+ HP batteries.  This iteration of the Ryobi line of cordless circular saws features several enhancements, the most significant of which is the incorporation of a brushless motor. Brushless motors have longer lifespans, provide more power, and operate for more extended periods than brushed motors.  Ryobi prioritized visibility with this new model. This innovative circular saw is equipped with an LED light that illuminates the cut line and eliminates shadows. A dust blower prevents debris from obscuring the cut line. The Ryobi P508 also has a left-mount blade for optimal cut line visibility… unless you are a southpaw.  This circular saw has a 7-1/4-inch blade, up from 6-1/2 inches. The increased diameter contributes to a 26% increase in its cutting capacity.  According to Ryobi, the P508 features an ergonomic design for increased comfort during extended use. The grip and pommel both feature Ryobo’s micro-textured Gripzone overmold.  This model is an upgrade from the P507, which we found to be a solid performer in its price range and category. The Ryobi P508 appears to be the superior product, although the P507 is a couple of years older. The brushless motor is a significant improvement. Compatibility with the Ryobi Lithium+ HP 4.0Ah battery improves the saw’s performance and runtime compared to the One+ 1.3Ah and 1.5Ah batteries, although the saw will perform adequately with any of them. Additionally, Ryobi increased the size of this model. Moving from 6-1/2″ to 7-1/4″ increases the cutting capacity by 26%, which is never wrong.  This model’s price is double the previous model’s. Nevertheless, if the upgrades enhance the P508’s performance, the price may not be a significant deterrent. And it is still less expensive than similar circular saws available on the market. The rafter hook is still missing, however. This purchase should be a no-brainer for do-it-yourselfers and maintenance crews who already utilize the One+ system. 
Key Features 
  • Full Size Blade: The Ryobi 18V One+ Brushless Circular Saw features a full-size 7-1/4 inch blade for maximum cut capacity and blade variety 
  • Cut Complex Angles: The 0-56 degree bevel cut capacity allows the user to cut the most common and complex angles 
  • LED Light: It also features LED light that illuminates cut line 
  • Spindle Lock: Features spindle lock for quick and easy blade changes 
  • Increased Capacity: The brushless motor provides longer runtime and longer tool life as it offers 34 percent more cuts per charge and 26 percent increased cut capacity 
  • Price
  • Blade on the left
  • A little slow on the RPMs

4. Ryobi P507 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Circular Saw

The Ryobi P507 was a candidate for our Best Purchase Award. This circular saw makes entry into the circular saw market affordable for most budgets. Even better, its performance is adequate. This saw can perform both the most common and the most difficult tasks. Our cutting tests revealed that a particular saw could handle full-depth hardwood crosscuts if you take your time. However, the lower price is accompanied by reduced usability features and battery life.  The most significant improvements over the previous Ryobi P506 Circular Saw begin with the blade size increase from 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 inches. Additionally, product managers eliminated the laser from the previous model. They claim that the power of the Ryobi P507 6-1/2″ One+ Circular Saw has increased by approximately 40% compared to the P6. The design of the front pommel and the previously mentioned rubber overmold have been modified slightly. The bevel capacity has increased to 56 degrees, the weight has decreased to 5 pounds, and the no-load speed has remained at 4700 RPM.  The Ryobi One+ Circular Saw was able to keep fair amounts of sawdust away from the guide during the cut. It wasn’t quite as effective as the blower on the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw, but it was adequate when making cuts more than 1/2 inch apart.  Returning to a few points that I questioned before testing… Even though it felt like it slipped more with a bare hand, the new GripZone is certainly not detrimental to grip. I attempted a few cuts without gloves before donning them for the remainder of the test. In both cases, the grip felt secure. I do not perceive any difference between this and the previous overmold. If the rubber has a denser composition, as I suspect, it will be more durable over time.  I was also uncertain about the orientation of the left blade. Viewing my cut line from the opposite side quickly became natural and even preferred. As soon as I began making beveled cuts, the situation became awkward. My hands will require some time to adjust to tilting in the opposite direction.  I encountered several issues during testing. A few inches into the cut, I discovered what appeared to be a hump that I had to overcome. It turns out that there is a small amount of resistance when sliding the blade guard past its midpoint. The sensation of going over a hump is created by lifting the saw slightly, which allows you to pass this obstacle easily. Also, you can push through it. This will be the standard for beveled and maximum depth cuts.  On the Ryobi P507 6-1/2″ Circular Saw, you won’t find many features like lasers, front blowers, and rafter hooks (though a rafter hook on the next model wouldn’t hurt my feelings). The saw has a solid construction and performs well. The design of the left side blade improves the line of sight, but the beveled cuts will require some adjustment. The minor issues I encountered with the blade guard are acceptable considering the cutting performance I observed.  Compared to other models in this category and price range, I don’t believe you’ll find a better-performing saw. Current Ryobi One+ 18V owners should add this tool without hesitation. Ryobi continues to impress me with the quality they bring to the table at an excellent price point for those looking to enter the cordless platform market without spending top dollar. 
Key Features 
  • ONBOARD GUIDING BASE allows you to maintain precise control over your cuts with both hands on the tool 
  • CUT A VARIETY OF ANGLES with the easy-to-use bevel adjustment knob on the side of the unit. Adjust your angle up to 56 degrees 
  • TOUGH ABS PLASTIC keeps the tool lightweight and sturdy so you can rip through wood with greater control 
  • RUBBER OVERMOLD on the grip allows you to maintain a comfortable and firm grip, even in slippery conditions 
  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE: Like other tools in Ryobi’s One+ family, the P507 is compatible with Ryobi’s 18V batteries, either lithium ion or NiCad. These batteries include the P100, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and P108 
  • Inexpensive
  • Light-weight
  • clear sightlines
  • Paltry battery life
  • Below-average cutting power

5. Ryobi P506 One+ Lithium Ion Cordless Circular Saw

The RYOBI circular saw is affordable with a laser-guided beam and a 4700 RPM blade rotation that ensures precise, quick cuts. The P506 cordless circular saw model is equipped with a sharp blade release mechanism, a three-year warranty, and a rubberized handle grip. The battery charges very quickly, and it also includes a sawdust blower.  In August of 2012, Ryobi made the P506 One+ cordless circular saw available for the first time. Several other circular saw products in the same niche, such as the Dewalt DCS391B and the SKIL 5280-01, outperform the competition, whereas the Ryobi P506 still has some ground to cover.  One of the reasons I can immediately think of why someone would purchase this handheld circular saw by Ryobi is the attractive price. Since this is an exclusive Power Tool product, you only receive the base model with a cutting-edge 24-tooth carbide blade. In this context, you are better off with a Ryobi than circular saws such as the Black & Decker BDECS300C and the Porter Cable PCC660B with a subpar or inexpensive blade.  Thanks to a speed of 4,700 RPM, the blade can easily cut through plywood, oak wood, and other materials with a thickness between 5 and 6 12 inches. Yes, the box specifies a Ryobi 5 12-inch cordless circular saw, but you can achieve a greater cutting depth with the proper angles and maintenance. The saw is not a miracle product; its overall effectiveness depends on its use and where it is needed most.  The Ryobi P506 One+ Lithium Ion 18V cordless circular saw makes quick work of the bull puzzle by slicing through the plywood. This saw will serve you well, particularly if you have a few short planks that require a precise angle cut. My only complaint about this model is the short battery life, which appears to be a typical “deficiency” among circular saws. Therefore, blaming Ryobi for this issue would be an unfair evaluation of the manufacturer’s diligence. 
Key Features 
  • EASY GRIP: Rubber overmold makes it easy for you to grip and control this tool, even in slippery conditions 
  • LASER GUIDE: The tool generates a red line on the work surface in front of the saw upon the tool’s activation, letting you see where you’re working 
  • ADJUSTMENT: Easy-access knobs let you adjust your depth up to 1 9/16 inches and your beveling angle from 0 to 50 degrees 
  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE: This tool is compatible with many Ryobi battery, including the P100, P101, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and P108 
  • INCLUDED BLADE AND BLADE WRENCH: A 5 1/2 inch blade, tipped with carbide to reduce corrosion and wear, is included. The wrench used to remove the blade is included in a slot on the tool 
  • Cheap price.
  • Fast charging that lasts longer than anticipated. For maximum results, use the circular saw in small intervals.
  • 4,700 RPM blade ensures precise speedy cuts. Top it off with the laser guided beam, you are looking at accurate results that leave the guess work out of the equation.
  • Quick blade release mechanism allows for easy replacement.
  • Overall good ergonomics alongside rubberized handle grip.
  • Saw dust blows away automatically in the opposite direction from the user’s position.
  • Not an ideal circular saw for professionals. As a matter of fact, pro woodworkers may not even look at the Ryobi P506 One+ Lithium Ion 18V 5 ½ 4,700 RPM circular saw at Home Depot aisles for that matter.
  • Weak shoe takes a hit on long term durability factor.
  • Reduced battery life due to high RPM blade output.

6. Ryobi R18CS-0 ONE+ 18 V Cordless Circular Saw

Ryobi is a leading manufacturer of power tools with a solid reputation for superior build quality and outstanding performance. The Ryobi R18CS-0 circular saw will be reviewed in this article.  Our evaluation will be based on the tool’s cutting performance, design, build quality, a unique advantage over competing products, limitations, and potential flaws. After reading this review, you will understand what to expect if you purchase this tool and its capabilities and limitations. However, if you discover that it is not suitable for your projects, we will suggest a suitable alternative.  R18CS-0 is a cordless circular saw with a robust drive system and a high-quality blade that is ideal for making long, straight cuts in wood and plastic. The tool’s impressive cutting capacity for its size and price, along with its other outstanding features and functions, make it an ideal option for small to moderate DIY projects.  Brushless motors are the defining characteristic of high-end battery-powered tools. They feature a superior design that eliminates carbon brushes from the drive system. Thus eliminating the disadvantages associated with brushes. In other words, there will be no friction within the internal component of this motor system due to the lack of moving parts typical of brushed motors. In addition, the device will provide increased torque per unit of mass and improved revolutions per minute without overheating or overloading.  The tool’s blade can have up to 4,700 revolutions per minute at a bore size of 15.88mm. This size-appropriate cutting speed and the edge bore guarantee a brilliant, precise, and well-finished cut. In addition, the device permits tool-free depth and bevel adjustments of up to 56 degrees. However, due to its compact design (which necessitates a smaller blade diameter), its cutting depth is quite limited, measuring only 52mm at 90 degrees, 36mm at 45 degrees, and 28mm at 56 degrees.  We can confidently assert that the R18CS-0 has a superior-quality build. The baseplate and blade cover is made of durable, flex-resistant aluminum. It also includes a premium Thin Kerf 150mm blade with 18 carbide teeth for superior cutting performance.  This product is sold separately, without a charger or battery, to keep the price low. You may wonder about the point since you will still need to purchase a battery and charger, and the price will increase. The catch is that the tool is a part of the ONE+ system. This system permits using a single battery for all Ryobi ONE+ tools. If you own a ONE+ device, you do not need to purchase an additional battery or charger.  A vibrating tool with a plastic body is both complex and hazardous to handle. This tool has a rubber over-molded handle to provide an excellent, secure grip and reduce vibrations transmitted to the operator’s body.  This device is equipped with a rotatable dust port that can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to keep the workpieces and line dust-free. 
Key Features 
  • Ideal for making long straight cuts, trimming sheet wood to size, cutting kitchen work tops, flooring or to make quick and accurate cross cuts in timber 
  • Impressive cut capacities 52mm at 90°, 36mm at 45° allows you to complete applications usually reserved for corded tools 
  • Tool less depth and bevel adjustments make it quick at easy to set up the saw 
  • Rotatable dust port helps keep the cut line clear and allows you to work in a dust free environment by connecting to a vacuum 
  • Premium Thin Kerf 165mm blade with 24 carbide tipped teeth provides superb performance and cut quality 
  • A tool-less depth and bevel adjustment for easy setup
  • Excellent cutting depth for its size
  • Superb overall performance
  • Advanced brushless motor technology
  • Compact design
  • Not supplied with battery or charger
  • Fairly small cutting depth compared to relatively larger competitors


Despite RYOBI’s inferior performance compared to other leading brands, we find that they offer incredible value. Professionals value equipment such as the Ryobi 18V brushless impact driver. It provides sufficient power for most tasks and costs only $99. 

To meet the needs of professionals and extreme DIYers, Milwaukee drills come with additional features, faster speeds, and longer runtimes; however, these extras come at a higher price. What are these? Ryobi is the best option if you’re on a tight budget and need a drill for small jobs around the house. 

With speeds of up to 4600 RPM, users can complete any task with swift, precise cutting. This saw has a 5-1/2-inch 18 TPI carbide-tipped blade with a 3/8-inch diameter. 

Ryobi is regarded as one of the best DIY construction brands on the market. Ryobi offers both brushed and brushless power tools, as well as interchangeable 18 Volt One+ batteries, making it an excellent choice for home improvement projects. 

DeWalt offers superior warranties across the board compared to Ryobi. Ryobi does not manufacture as many products as DeWalt, including work gear, clothing, and hand tools. DeWalt produces significantly less outdoor equipment than Ryobi. 

Ryobi offers an extensive selection of brushless tools, which appear to be superior options due to their excellent performance. Ryobi brushless tools typically have increased durability as the brushless technology improves torque output. 

Whether forward or reverse, you can rest assured that the Ryobi brushless power tools will provide 100% constant power and operate quietly, thereby extending their lifespan. 

Final Thoughts

Customers are generally pleased with the performance of Ryobi’s various tools, as evidenced by the brand’s numerous positive reviews. However, some individuals know little to nothing about the Ryobi tool manufacturer. 

Although there are a few rumors about who manufactures Ryobi tools, you may be interested to learn that Techtronic Industries is the manufacturer (TTi). This Hong Kong-based company licenses these manufactured tools to Ryobi and provides them to some other private labels. 

Why Trust Us?

Best Top Reviews Online was founded in 2018 to provide our readers with thorough, unbiased, and independent advice on what to buy. We now have millions of monthly users from all over the world and evaluate over 1,000 products per year.

The article above was written by the BestTopReviewsOnline team, which includes many of the US’s most knowledgeable technical experts. Our team includes well-known writers with extensive experience in mobile phones, computing, technology, photography, and other fields.

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