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Best Portable Scanners of 2022

The pandemic may have curtailed business travel, but the category of portable scanners has grown by leaps and bounds to support taking any work on the road. Whether you need to convert paper documents to editable text or compile an expense report with digitized receipts, a variety of mobile scanners are available, each with a unique set of features and capabilities; some are even portable. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite scanners for various uses, including specialized scanners for collecting business cards at trade shows and digitizing book pages in libraries.

Our Top Picks

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The Fundamentals of Portable Scanners

Most portable scanners can function without being plugged into an AC outlet. A few have batteries, while others are powered via a USB connection to a desktop computer or laptop. Wireless scanners transmit data to your computer, smartphone, or tablet via Wi-Fi, and some support memory cards that enable you to scan without a device.

There are numerous aspects to consider when selecting a scanner. Frequent business travelers must balance their desire for the smallest and lightest scanner with their need for specific features such as two-sided scanning, high resolution, and fast scanning speed. If you’re scanning documents, you’ll need optical character recognition (OCR) to convert printed pages into editable text; if you’re scanning at a high volume, you’ll want to consider the scanner’s daily duty cycle, which is the maximum number of pages it can scan per day. Alternatively, if you primarily scan invoices, sales receipts, applications, and other brief documents, an expensive portable with a 20-page automatic document feeder (ADF) is overkill.

Before delving into our top picks for specific mobile scanning scenarios, let’s take a closer look at the features that make certain types of portable scanners ideal for particular tasks.

Manual-Feed vs. Sheetfed Portable Scanners

There are two fundamental types of portable scanners: manual-feed and sheet-fed. Manual-feed portables accept only a single sheet, single- or double-sided. ADFs are included with sheetfed scanners for scanning multipage documents.

If you frequently scan more than three pages of documents, you should choose a sheetfed scanner. Most of these, including the Editors’ Choice-winning Epson WorkForce ES-300W, the Brother ADS-1250W, and the Epson WorkForce ES-300WR Accounting Edition, features ADFs with capacities of up to 20 pages. Several have reduced capacity.

Most portable scanners, including PCMag’s favorite Epson DS-80W and Brother DSmobile DS-940DW, are either manual-feed or single-sheetfed. Manual-feed scanners cost significantly less than their sheet-fed counterparts. If you do not require an ADF, there is no reason to purchase one.

Three Scanning Methods: Simplex, Duplex, and Wand

Whether a portable scanner has two sensors for each side of a two-sided page is nearly as crucial as whether it accepts one or multiple pages. Two sensors enable the device to capture both sides at once (duplex scanning) instead of scanning one side, manually flipping the page over, and feeding it back into the scanner to capture the other side (simplex, or manual-duplex). Although most portable sheetfed scanners are duplex, some less expensive models only scan one side at a time.

Scanning one- or two-page documents with a manual-feed scanner is manageable when capturing one side at a time. Still, the more two-sided pages you scan, the more time-consuming and laborious simplex scanning becomes. An ADF will save you time and effort for more extended, two-sided documents. When scanning a stack of two-sided pages with a sheetfed device, the scanner captures the entire stack from one side; you then manually flip the stack and place it back in the ADF to scan the other side.

If you want to scan a page from a book or another object that cannot be fed into a conventional scanner, you’ll need a wand scanner like the IRIScan Book 5, which you hold in one hand and pass over the object you’re scanning.

Connectivity and Compatibility Portability

Using USB or Wi-Fi, portable scanners transmit data to computers and other devices. USB is the more restrictive option. It is incompatible with your tablet or smartphone and works only with a Windows PC or Mac (sometimes only Windows). Wi-Fi-enabled scanners can wirelessly communicate with Android and iOS apps and desktops and laptops.

A few portable scanners support scanning independently via SD cards or USB thumb drives. Your scans are saved to the memory device while you are on the road, and you can transfer them to your computer, the cloud, or a network drive when you return home or to the office. This is ideal for situations where desk space is limited and there is no room for your computer and scanner.

Your Scanner’s Portable Power Source

Most portable scanners are powered via USB when connected to a computer. Those with internal batteries (or those that can be upgraded to use them) can typically be charged via USB. However, many devices scan and charge faster when using AC power. For instance, Epson’s ES-300W takes only a few hours to charge from its power adapter, four hours over a USB 3.0 connection, and up to 20 hours over a USB 2.0 connection. If you primarily use the scanner away from wall outlets, ensure that it supports USB 3.0, allowing faster data transmission.

Some portable scanners have built-in batteries, while separately purchased batteries can power others. Check a battery’s scan rating if you’ll rely on it to power you through a significant amount of scanning. Some batteries can only handle 100 scans per charge, while others can hold 1,000.

10 Best Portable Scanners of 2022

A portable document scanner is an excellent business and personal tool. They are compact, lightweight, and user-friendly. They can be brought with you wherever you go! This article will discuss the top ten portable scanners. In addition, we will provide a buying guide to assist you in selecting the ideal portable document scanner for your needs. Finally, we will address some frequently asked questions regarding portable document scanners.

1. Best Overall: Brother DS-940DW Duplex and Wireless Compact Mobile Document Scanner

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The Brother DS-940DW is a portable, single-pass duplex scanner – a feature offered by very few $299 products, let alone portable devices with Wi-Fi, USB 3.0, and batteries.

The Brother DS-940DW is nearly one-of-a-kind (its closest competitor is the Epson ES-60W, which I have also used), but before you rush out to purchase, there are a few caveats that apply to both models.

Dual CIS (Contact Imaging Sensors) eliminate the need for bulky optic lenses, mirrors, RGB filters, separate light sources, CCD (Charged Coupled Device), or CMOS, making this scanner extremely portable.

To put this into perspective, the front roller must consistently pull the paper over the sensors before the rear roller pulls the paper out of the rear slot or U-shaped paper receiver. In other words, neither flatbed nor hand scanning capabilities are present.

We mentioned that the best paper is a simple bond, but the specifications allow for up to 270gsm, which is suitable for photos and 1mm thick ID cards.

It fed flawlessly with bond paper but had trouble providing glossy ID cards and heavier photographs. It did not nourish glossy livestock.

And herein lies the qualification. A single, small feed roller has restrictions that must be considered. It is also important not to feed the roller with paper that could damage or soil it. For example, crayon drawings and OHP transparencies are unacceptable. There are no staples, perforations, or punched holes. Be courteous to the roller, and it will return the favor.

Use it in the car, office, with clients, in a café, on a boat, and an airplane, but don’t try to use it for more than it is capable of.

Duplex convenience and different file outputs/destinations are great. The standalone microSD may lack app sophistication, but most mobile warriors will likely utilize it as a scanner to make copies.

We will evaluate it as a portable scanner with a commensurate duty cycle, i.e., a few pages as needed, rather than the theoretical 2,000 pages per month.

If it does not satisfy your need for speed, the Brother ADS-1700W portable duplex scanners will.

Key Features
  • ULTRA COMPACT – At a size barely bigger than a box of spaghetti you can fit this device virtually anywhere (a bag, a purse a pocket) The Brother DSD (Desk Saving Design) feature reduces the amount of space needed to use the device
  • FAST SPEED AND DUPLEX SCANNING – Scan single and double sided documents in a single pass at up to 16ppm (1) Color scanning doesn’t slow you down at all as it has the same scan speed as black and white scanning
  • REAL MOBILITY – With an embedded lithium ion battery and the ability to insert a micro SD card (2) you can use this as a standalone device virtually anywhere Scan to mobile devices with Brother’s free iPrint&Scan mobile app
  • DRIVERLESS SCANNING – Mass storage support lets you utilize a Micro SD card (2) to scan documents and retrieve on a PC without a driver installed Supports Windows, Mac and Linux environments and TWAIN/WIA for PC/ICA for Mac/SANE drivers (3)
  • OPTIMIZE IMAGES AND TEXT –Automatic color detection/adjustment image rotation (PC only) bleed through prevention/background removal text enhancement color drop to enhance the scans Software suite includes document management and OCR software (4)
  • Connectivity Technology: WiFi
  • Scanner Type: Business Card
  • Two-sided scanning
  • Fairly portable
  • Can be expensive

2. Epson RapidReceipt RR-70W

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It is highly precise, dependable, extremely compact, and lightweight, as well as wireless and equipped with an internal battery, allowing it to operate without cables. These characteristics make the RR-70W our most recent top pick in its category.


The ScanSmart interface controls the scanner, configures and executes scan jobs, and creates workflow profiles (scan to email, scan to file, etc.) that Epson refers to as actions. The ScanSmart Accounting Edition module streamlines data collection from scanned financial documents and its incorporation into accounting and finance applications.

Investing an additional $100 or more for a multipage-sheetfed portable like Epson’s WorkForce ES-300WR might not be prudent if you don’t anticipate scanning stacks of receipts or other multipage documents. A manual sheetfed printer, such as the RR-70W, may be more suitable for your needs.

This exquisite item is lightweight, compact, and portable. It is genuinely wireless due to its battery and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s relatively quick and accurate, and the included software’s OCR and data categorization capabilities significantly boost. The RR-70W is worthy of the Editors’ Choice award for its excellence as a manual sheetfed portable receipt and document scanner.

Key Features
  • Receipt management software included — no subscription required; automatically and accurately extracts and categorizes key data from receipts
  • Easily exports data to third-party software (2) — QuickBooks, Quicken, TurboTax, Excel CSV and more
  • Fastest, smallest and lightest wireless mobile single-sheet-fed document scanner in its class (1) ― battery-powered; weighs under 11 oz
  • Wirelessly scan critical documents — to smartphones, tablets, the cloud, PC or Mac (3); built-in rechargeable battery
  • Single-page scanning in as fast as 4 seconds (4) — able to scan sheets up to 8.5″ x 72″
  • Automatic Feeding Mode — automatically accepts each new sheet as it’s inserted; scans up to 15 pages per minute (4)
  • Create editable and searchable PDFs — include Kofax Power PDF for Windows and PDF Converter for Mac bonus software
  • Save time with smart software — automatic file naming and scan document type recognition; easily integrate data into most document management software with included TWAIN driver
  • Scan to your destination of choice — easily upload to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and OneDrive
  • Enjoy amazing image quality — intelligent image adjustments with automatic cropping, blank page deletion, background removal and paper skew correction
  • Relatively fast
  • Accurate OCR
  • Strong software bundle, including ScanSmart Accounting Edition
  • Built-in battery
  • Compact and light
  • No memory card support
  • Lacks ADF

3. Best Portable Multipage and Duplex Document Scanner: Epson WorkForce ES-300W Portable Document Scanner

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The ES-300W, like most Epson WorkForce scanners, includes a comprehensive suite of software, including document and business card archiving applications. The P-215II Scan-tini is supplanted as our Editors’ Choice for portable document scanners by the P-215II Scan-superior Tini’s software package, speedy performance, including rapid PDF file conversion, and wireless connectivity.

The ES-300W’s top cover unfolds and expands into a 20-sheet ADF. The control panel, which spans the top-right and front-right sides of the chassis, consists of four buttons—Power, Stop (Cancel), Start, and Wi-Fi Connect (Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or WPS)—and five status LEDs: Error, Automatic Feeding Mode, Ready, Wi-Fi On/Off, and Battery. On the machine’s top is a switch for switching between standard documents and plastic cards (such as ID cards), and on the machine’s right edge is a switch for selecting Wi-Fi or USB connectivity. The ES-300W supports USB 3.0 and includes the necessary cable.

The scanner has a maximum resolution of 1,200dpi and a daily duty cycle rating of 500 scans, compared to 600dpi and 500 scans per day for the P-215II. JPEG, RTF, TIF, TXT, image and searchable PDF, and Microsoft Word and Excel have supported file formats. Workflow destinations include Printer, Folder, Program, FTP, OCR, SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote. AC or USB power sources can charge the battery or power the device. According to Epson, the battery charges in just a couple of hours via AC, four hours over USB 3.0, and 20 hours over USB 2.0, and it charges more quickly when the scanner is not in use. Epson does not publish a battery life rating for the ES-300W, but we scanned hundreds of pages on a single charge during testing.

With a weight of 2.9 pounds, the Epson WorkForce ES-300W Wireless Portable Duplex Document Scanner adds a significant amount of bulk to your briefcase or backpack. However, the additional weight is likely worth it if you need to scan stacks of documents on the go. On the other hand, if you require a device that is more portable and does not require a PC, you may wish to consider the IRIScan Anywhere 5 Wi-Fi. Aside from that, the ES-300W is a capable entry-level desktop document scanner. Its battery and Wi-Fi radio allows you to operate without stringing many cables. The ES-300W is our new go-to solution for mobile document scanning due to its speed, precision, flexible connectivity, and top-tier software suite.

Key Features
  • Wirelessly scan to your smartphone, tablet or computer plus online cloud storage accounts 2, PC and Mac compatible
  • Fastest scan speeds in its class1, up to 25 ppm/50 ipm(3), Single-Step Technology captures both sides in one pass
  • Total portability, choose from AC, rechargeable battery or USB power(4), wherever your business takes you
  • Quick batch scanning for stacks of paper, 20-page Auto Document Feeder
  • Powerful software included, easy scanning with intuitive Epson ScanSmart Software(2), preview, email, upload and more, automatic file naming and object recognition save time
  • Compatible with most office software, the included TWAIN driver allows for easy connection to most document management software
  • Built-in Nuance Optical Character Recognition (OCR), create searchable PDFs and editable Word and Excel files
  • Easy sharing and collaboration, email or upload to popular cloud storage services(2) such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive
  • Versatile scanning, scan 2-sided documents, receipts, business cards, plastic IDs and more
  • Intelligent color and image adjustments, auto crop, skew correction, blank page and background removal with Epson Image Processing Technology
  • Highly portable.
  • Fast scanning and saving to PDF.
  • Comes with document and business card management software.
  • Battery and integrated Wi-Fi.
  • Finicky when scanning documents with frayed edges.

4.Best for paper scanning: Epson WorkForce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner

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A lightweight model would be preferable if you frequently travel with your scanner. In this instance, the Epson WorkForce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner is ideal. It is powered by USB, allowing you to connect it directly to your laptop.

It can manage all media types, including credit cards, business cards, and paper, up to 270 GSM. The best feature of this scanner is that it can scan at a speed of 5.5 seconds per page and produce the highest quality results. Epson’s SmartScan software can be used to make the scanner’s operation even more straightforward.

Key Features
  • Scan Speed is 5.5 seconds per page.
  • Can scan documents up to 8.5 x 72 inches.
  • Has a TWAIN driver.
  • It is compatible with Mac and Windows.
  • Comes with an automatic feeding mode.
  • Comes with accurate OCR.
  • Has robust software.
  • It’s pretty light and portable.
  • Has no internal battery

5. Best AC-Powered Compact Scanner with ADF: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1300

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Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1300. This compact, portable document scanner is designed for use on the go. It includes a software suite optimized for documents with OCR text recognition and other features. It also functions adequately as a photo scanner, for the most part. However, there is much more to a good scanner than just a few features. To fully comprehend the iX1300, we must delve into its design in its entirety.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1300 is a compact, travel-friendly scanner. With a width of 11.7 inches and a depth of 4.5 inches, it leaves a very small footprint on any desk. And with a thickness of only 3.3 inches, it is small enough to fit in a suitcase. The housing has a matte finish, making it simple to clean and resistant to fingerprints. It is available in either black or white to complement your other devices. The only ornamentation is a grey ScanSnap logo imprint on the top. Other than that, it is entirely bare. The scanner’s total weight is only 4,4 pounds. This only serves to increase its portability.

The ScanSnap iX1300 has a resolution of 600 DPI. This is a reasonably high pixel density, which is sufficient for any text document. It can also be utilized as a photo scanner. We do not claim that it is the best option for that purpose. If you are a professional photographer, you should seek an optimized scanner for your needs. However, these components will appear correctly if your text documents contain graphs, sketches, or other artwork.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1300 is one of the market’s most potent portable scanners. It is portable, compact, and can accommodate some surprisingly lengthy documents. The small ADF is forgivable due to the unit’s small size. And despite this, it will take five minutes to scan ten pages. The software suite is robust, especially the OCR technology. Furthermore, the scan quality itself is surprisingly high. This scanner is superior to the average office scanner.

Key Features
  • Space saving operational design in the smallest of spaces for virtually any work or home office environment
  • Innovative and intelligent paper feeding enhancements to handle the widest variety of document types in the ScanSnap family of scanners
  • Lightning fast one touch paper-in, image-up performance with automatic deskew, color detection and blank page removal to streamline and enhance productivity
  • Scan anywhere you want whenever you want: Along with USB connectivity, Wi-Fi compatibility provides even more connectability to Mac, PC, mobile devices and to cloud services without a computer at all
  • Preserve Photo Memories: Scan 4″ x 6″ photos in under a second with intelligent features such as auto facial orientation and red-eye reduction
  • Fast for a portable scanner
  • Accurate OCR
  • Supports both wireless and USB 3.2 connections
  • Robust ScanSnap software bundle
  • Innovative U-turn Scan and Return Scan save desk space
  • No battery for untethered operation

6. Best Portable Photo/Negative Scanner: ClearClick QuickConvert Scanner

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The ClearClick QuickConvert has a high output resolution and an extensive feature set, but it is not a good value and is difficult to use. The ClearClick QuickConvert is a slide-to-digital image converter compatible with physical prints, slides, and negatives, with a 20 MP output resolution. This is one of the highest resolutions among the devices we evaluated for this comparison.

The scanner is a standalone device that can run and process your images without a computer connection. Connect it to a power source and begin using it. In addition, it comes with an SD card, allowing you to transfer your converted images immediately after converting them.

If your old photo collection consists solely of 35 mm slides, negatives, and printed photographs, this converter is a viable option. It can process photos in the most common sizes, including 3 x 5, 4 x 6, and 5 x 7 prints. However, the unit is incapable of processing and digitizing 110 and 126 slides and negatives, as well as Super 8, so if your collection includes these formats, you should consider an alternative slide-to-digital converter.

Even though its film format compatibility is limited, the QuickConvert comes with various accessories that can simplify the photoconversion process. The included cleaning brush can help remove dust and smudges from old slides, and the image editing software allows for more in-depth image editing and polishing.

The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on the film-to-digital converter. There are no support pages or informational resources on the company’s website. The technical support team can be reached via email, but the company does not provide a phone number or a live chat feature. The converter is 3.5 pounds and measures 9.5 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

The ClearClick QuickConvert is loaded with features and accessories but lacks significant format compatibility and is more difficult to use than the best slide-to-digital converters we reviewed. It comes with various accessories and has one of the highest output resolutions of any device we tested. Given that it is one of the most expensive items we considered, it may not be the best option if you require a flexible, user-friendly device.

Key Features
  • Easily & Quickly Scan Your Old Photos, Slides, & Negatives (1 At A Time) To Digital Photos – Super Quick Conversion, Takes Only 2-3 Seconds To Scan a Photo, Slide, or Negative To Digital (4×6 Photos or Smaller; Press The Size Button To Adjust Scan Size) – NOTE: Does Not Support 5×7 Photos
  • No Computer or Drivers Required! Just Turn It On & Start Scanning. Scans At 14 MegaPixels (22 MegaPixels Interpolated) & Saves Photos As Digital JPEG Files on SD Memory Card (Dimensions/Pixel Count: Approximately 3824 x 2512)
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery For Cord-Free Scanning (Please Fully Charge Before Using) & 5″ Instant Preview LCD Screen
  • Scan Photos Without Having To Remove Them From Photo Albums or Mounts – Scanner Overall Size: 8x7x6 Inches
  • 2 Year Warranty & Tech Support From ClearClick, a USA Based Small Business
  • Small, light, and portable
  • Good scan quality and software bundle
  • Rechargeable, replaceable battery
  • Scans to SD memory cards
  • Supports Wi-Fi
  • No ADF
  • Limited page sizes

7. Best USB-Powered Business Card/ID Scanner: Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Color Duplex Document Scanner

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The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i is an excellent all-around performer, but its small automatic document feeder makes it one of the slowest scanners in its price range. After completing all of our tests, it received an average overall score, but it may be suitable for those with fewer scanning requirements.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i excelled in our scan quality tests, earning a score that was above average for this metric. Both printed and handwritten text appeared nearly identical to the originals, and it could even accurately reproduce full-color documents.

Similar to many of the other models we evaluated, it produced some smudges when scanning receipts, but the resulting scans were perfectly legible. It also performed admirably with full-color scans, with only minor adjustments to the hue of the original documents.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i was relatively slow in terms of speed. Our 10-page, double-sided test document was processed in 45 seconds, resulting in an average of 13 pages per minute. It also has a 10-page document feeder, meaning that for lengthy documents, the document feeder will need to be reloaded at least once per minute. Comparatively, other scanners are only marginally quicker, scanning 14 pages per minute. Nevertheless, it has a 50-page document feeder, so scanning longer documents is more automated and requires fewer reloads.

The ScanSnap S1300i, representing Fujitsu’s more affordable option, provides the high-quality scans one would expect from a Fujitsu scanner in a portable package. We believe it to be one of the best portable models currently available. It lacks some of the advanced features of its larger siblings, however. It only has a 10-page document feeder, which makes scanning lengthy documents tedious.

Key Features
  • One touch scanning with Quick Menu options for PC and Mac
  • Scan up to 12 double-sided pages per minute – Holds up to 10 pages in the automatic document feeder
  • Compact and portable design is USB or AC powered; This product is manufactured in Japan
  • Intelligent automatic image processing including auto color detection, paper size detection, de-skew and orientation, and more
  • Scan documents directly to the cloud and access them from anywhere – compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and more
  • Accurate OCR
  • Robust software bundle
  • Compact design
  • Auto-duplexing ADF
  • Expensive for what it does
  • Small ADF for this segment

8. A Solid Alternative: Raven Compact Document Scanner

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Raven offers four scanners labeled Original, Standard, Compact, and the Pro model analyzed here. The black and white Pro design is available directly from the manufacturer for $649.85 with free two-day shipping in the United States. This price includes free access to Raven Cloud Document Storage, and there are currently no limits on the number of scanned documents you can store on this platform.

Contrary to other scanners, document scanners designed for document processing workflow are not made of the same cheap and flimsy hardware that manufacturers of multifunction printers include.

A sheet of paper may appear smooth to most people, but when one million sheets are repeatedly scanned, the effect is comparable to repeatedly scanning sandpaper.

Although the robust mechanics of the Raven Scanner Pro alleviate some of these concerns, most users will likely mistake this device for a compact fax machine.

To be operational, the machine requires only the addition of the document in-feed tray and the attachment of the power block.

In addition to the power block and cable, a USB cable and an ink stamp with the word “Scan” etched into it are provided.

One way to operate the scanner is via the 8-inch touch panel on the scanner’s front panel, which dwarfs those on multifunction printers but is the king of this hardware.

This display is large and bright, but it is difficult to see when seated in front of the scanner due to its poor viewing angle. It is easier to view while standing.

For its modest price, the Raven Scanner Pro is an impressive piece of equipment capable of scanning a reasonable number of documents daily.

However, it is primarily made of plastic, and we do not know how long it would last if 6,000 pages per day were fed through it. Never underestimate the abrasive potential of paper, in our experience.

We are also uncertain whether the Raven Cloud interface would handle such a large number of documents, as it displays no more than 100 per web page.

You can create folders to structure the contents, but an automatic folder generation function that creates folders by year, month, and day would be handy for volume users.

Unbelievably, there are no subscription fees for using Raven Cloud, which is currently unrestricted in terms of the amount of data that can be stored there.

In addition, it is the only way OCR functionality can function, enabling the search of scanned documents. Locally stored scanned documents may be processed by third-party OCR software, but that is beyond the scope of this product.

Key Features
  • COMPACT DESIGN – small size allows for scanning in virtually any work, home or mobile office environment
  • FAST SCANNING — speeds of 20ppm with two sided duplex scanning, automatic deskewing and automatic blank page removal with a 20-page capacity auto document feeder
  • SCAN ANYWHERE – Raven Desktop has you scanning in minutes to your Windows PC or Mac folders, shared drives, or cloud destinations by USB connection
  • SEARCHABLE DOCUMENTS — searchable PDFs with OCR, plus free unlimited secure cloud storage with Raven Cloud
  • ONE TOUCH WORKFLOWS — easily scan directly to preconfigured workflows with touch navigation buttons on the document scanner
  • Relatively fast scanning and processing
  • Accurate OCR
  • Comprehensive Raven Desktop software with basic document management
  • Business card archiving
  • Financial document scanning
  • Base model lacks Wi-Fi
  • No flash memory support
  • No battery

9. Epson ES-60W Wireless Portable

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Epson is a widely recognized manufacturer of high-quality printers and scanners in this industry, including this portable scanner option offered at a very affordable price.

Due to its construction as a single-sheet-fed scanner with a relatively slim and compact design, it is one of the best options for frequent travelers. Since it is battery-powered and can also be powered via USB, you will encounter no problems using it on business trips. Scanning documents does not require a computer because scanned copies can be stored directly in the cloud. In addition, the Epson Workforce ES-60W includes the Nuance OCR feature, which enables the creation of editable documents, which is a significant advantage.

Regarding other features, this portable scanner is renowned for its rapid scanning speeds, as it only takes about four seconds to scan an entire A4 page. It is compatible with scanning pages up to 8.5″ x 72″ and other items such as receipts, identification cards, etc.

With the aid of the Epson SmartScan software, the process of setting up this portable scanner is greatly simplified; however, the one-time driver installation takes a bit of time. Regarding the warranty, Epson provides this portable scanner with a one-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Fastest, smallest and lightest wireless mobile single-sheet-fed document scanner in its class (1) ― ideal for easy, on-the-go scanning.
  • Groundbreaking speed ― scans a single page in as fast as 4 seconds (2).
  • Wirelessly scan critical documents ― scan to a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device (3). Operating Temperature – 41 ° to 95 °F (5 ° to 35 °C)
  • Smart tools to easily scan and organize documents ― Epson ScanSmart Software (3) makes it easy to scan, review and save.
  • Automatically detects connectivity ― switches between USB and battery-powered wireless without any user intervention; LCD displays wireless and battery status.
  • Includes Nuance OCR ― create searchable PDFs and editable Word and Excel files
  • Scan to the cloud(4) ― scan files directly to online storage accounts with the included software
  • Versatile paper handling ― scans documents up to 8.5″ x 72″, as well as ID cards and receipts
  • TWAIN driver included ― compatible with virtually any imaging software
  • Automatic Feeding Mode ― combine multi-page scans into one file; automatically accepts each new sheet as it’s inserted
  • Scanning speed is pretty fast
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Automatically switches between USB and battery-powered mode
  • The setup process is a bit long

10. Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi Scanner

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Regarding producing portable scanners, Doxie is a well-respected brand with highly durable products packed with features.

With numerous connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, mobile app syncing, USB connectivity, and more. Because it can be connected to a desktop computer, laptop, or even a mobile phone, using this portable scanner is a simple task for anyone. For a completely portable experience, this scanner does not even require the presence of a computer, as it can scan and store documents locally or in the cloud.

The best feature of Doxie Go SE is its brilliant internal battery, which allows it to scan up to 400 pages simultaneously. It is somewhat sluggish in terms of scanning speed, as it takes approximately 8 seconds to scan an entire page. However, the scanning is performed at a resolution of 600dpi, which is relatively high, and the results are impressive. ABBYY OCR technology also enables you to create multi-page searchable PDFs with Doxie’s incredible software, which is available for download. A one-year warranty additionally covers this portable scanner.

Key Features
  • Has Wi-Fi and USB connectivity
  • Takes 8 seconds to scan one page
  • Includes AABBY OCR technology
  • Has Automatic Feeding mode
  • Supports cloud storage
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Scans at 600dpi
  • Very handy design
  • The setup process is easy
  • Scanning speed could be better

Things to Consider for Buying Best Portable Document Scanner

When searching for the best portable document scanner, there are several factors to consider.


What features are required? Some scanners have basic features, whereas others have advanced features like duplex scanning and wireless connectivity.

Type of Documents

What types of documents do you intend to scan? A high dpi (dots per inch) scanner is required to scan photos or artwork.


How frequently will you use your scanner? If you intend to use it daily, you will require a scanner that can withstand heavy use.


Portable scanners can cost anywhere between $60 and $500. It would help if you chose the option that falls within your budget.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can locate the best portable scanner for your needs. And with so many excellent options available, you are sure to find one that fits your budget and meets your scanning requirements. Therefore, do not delay; begin shopping for your ideal portable scanner today!

Now that you know what to look for let’s examine the market’s top portable document scanners!


The speed of a portable scanner is highly dependent on what is being scanned, how it is fed into the machine, and the desired output. Manual duplex scanners require you to provide each page manually; ADFs automate this step and speed up the process. Post-scanning processing, such as converting an image of a document into editable and searchable text, will require more time than storing a business card or image scan that has not been processed.

Scanning at low resolution is relatively quick, but the increased speed is at the expense of image quality. Three hundred dots per inch (dpi) is commonly sufficient for most text pages; anything lower can reduce OCR accuracy. Most portable scanners support resolutions of at least 300dpi, with some capable of much higher resolutions.

Some portables of the present day are as quick as larger desktop document models. Impressively, the Epson ES-300W scanned and saved our 20-page, two-sided text document as a searchable PDF at a rate of 42.9 images per minute (or ipm, with each page side counting as one image). The majority of manual-feed portables we’ve tested, however, performed at roughly half the speed of sheetfed models, primarily because ADFs are typically more efficient than I am at rapidly feeding pages to the scanner, one after the other.

What Do Scanner Volume Limits and Ratings Mean?

The daily duty cycle of a device is the manufacturer-recommended daily limit or the maximum number of scans that can be performed each day without causing excessive wear and tear. Typically, this is a relatively large number. To exceed the volume limit for a scanner with a 1,000-page daily duty cycle, you must load its 20-page ADF more than 50 times daily. That’s a significant amount of scanning.

I’ve heard that the scanner’s warranty will be voided if the volume limit is exceeded. However, despite my best efforts, I have yet to find this information in any security. In addition, I’ve never heard of a warranty being voided for exceeding the duty cycle excessively. I wouldn’t worry too much about the consequences if you occasionally go above and beyond.

When stowing your portable scanner in a backpack or carry-on bag, you’ll need to consider its length and width. After packing a four-pound laptop, its power supply, and any other necessary equipment, such as a portable printer, adding a four-pound scanner can be highly burdensome. Search for the smallest and lightest model that meets your feature specifications to save your back.

The average corded manual-feed portable weighs one pound and measures between 10 and 12 inches in length and width. According to Epson, the smallest and lightest portable scanner available is the DS-70, which measures 1.3 by 10.7 by 1.8 inches (HWD) and weighs 0.59 pounds. Batteries and ADFs are the features that add the most bulk and weight, so if you don’t need them, save yourself the trouble of carrying them.

If you require both a printer and a scanner, the HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-in-One may be the least cumbersome option, measuring 3.6 by 15 by 7.4 inches (HWD) and weighing 6.5 pounds. If you’re setting up a full-featured office on the road, an all-in-one (AIO) device will save you the trouble of juggling multiple devices with greater combined weight and footprint.

Portable scanners, or handheld scanners, are small, electronic devices that allow images or documents to be captured and converted quickly to digital format. These devices are usually small and light, so they can be easily taken anywhere to capture images on the go.

A scanner is a device that captures images from photographic prints, posters, magazine pages and similar sources for computer editing and display. Scanners work by converting the image on the document into digital information that can be stored on a computer through optical character recognition (OCR).

The heart of the handheld scanner is its detector array: a set of tiny light sensors formed into a line that takes up most of the scanner’s length. As it passes over a document, the scanner illuminates the page, and the sensors pick up the image or text as a set of points of light.

The Uniden HomePatrol-2 digital scanner gained its current reputation as a “simple program scanner.” Unlike competing base mobile radio scanners, the Uniden HomePatrol-2 is portable and simple to use. This Uniden mobile device is easy to install as well, making it perfect for beginners.

There are three types of scanners available: drum scanner, flatbed, and handheld scanners.


This concludes the list of the ten best portable scanners for every purpose. We hope this article has helped you narrow your options and understand what to look for when buying a portable scanner.

You can see how beneficial a small device like a handheld document scanner can be. As with other resources, it facilitates the simplification of business processes.

Boost your daily productivity by acquiring one of these devices today. However, you will also be motivated by convenience.

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