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Best Jointer Planer Combos For The Money

Jointer planers are a must-have in any woodworking shop. They are the first tools you use to dimension raw lumber, along with the table saw. You are making flat, square stock, and getting this first step right will make the rest of your woodworking much more enjoyable.  

Any mistakes made at the start will compound later, and you will have to correct your errors later in the building process. That’s why you should get the best jointer/planer you can afford, so you can be sure your lumber is as square and flat as possible, saving you a lot of time and trouble when creating joinery. 

However, with so many different options available, finding the best machine for your specific budget can be difficult. That’s why we compiled our research on Machine Atlas into this Jointer Planer Combo Buyer’s Guide. We’ve chosen what we believe to be the best machine for each budget and a few alternatives. Let’s start with the jointer planers under $300. 

How Does a Jointer Differ from a Planer? 

If you’re new to woodworking and still learning the ropes, you might not know what jointers or planers are or why you’d want a tool that performs both functions. Well, a jointer is a device that smooths out wood and ensures that the edges are uniform. It also provides that you can combine different wood pieces, hence the term “jointer.” On the other hand, a planer allows you to cut a piece of wood to precise dimensions. 

The two tools perform similar tasks related to cutting wood, but there is a significant difference between the tasks you would use each tool for. A jointer will allow you to smooth out a piece of wood without significantly altering its shape. But you’ll need a planer if you’re creating an essay from scratch and need to make deep cuts in the wood. If you have a jointer-planer combo tool, it saves you a great deal of time by allowing you to perform all wood-related tasks with a single machine. 

Why is a quality jointer planer essential? 

Jointer planers are an indispensable component of any woodworking shop. Together with the table saw, they are the first instruments to dimension raw lumber. 

The remainder of your woodworking will be much more fun if you execute this first step well and produce flat, square stock. Any mistakes made at the outset will have a compounding impact, and you will be forced to repair them later in the construction process. 

To ensure that your lumber is as square and flat as possible and to save you a lot of trouble while building joinery, you should acquire the best jointer planer you can find. 

With so many alternatives available, picking the perfect machine for your budget might be challenging. This Jointer-Planer Combo Buyer’s Guide results from compiling all public research on Machine Atlas. We have selected what we believe to be the most incredible machine for each price range and a few options. Let’s begin with the jointer planers under $300. 

Before Purchasing A Jointer Planer Combo 

The most excellent jointer-planer combinations offer numerous benefits to woodworkers, but a quick look at the market reveals a significantly more extensive selection of individual machines. There are both positives and cons, so you should consider them before purchasing a jointer-planer combo. 

A combination jointer and planer appear to be an excellent concept at first glance. On the bright side, using one machine instead of two can save space, especially for a home user or a one-person woodshop. They can also be more economical (but not always). Only one machine requires maintenance, and only one device requires new blades. 

Changing from a jointer to a planer is typically straightforward, although it does slow down production. This is especially true if two individuals must use the same machine. Instead of one person operating the jointer while the other is utilizing the planer, one will be required to wait and maybe reset the function. 

One could also argue that blades must be replaced more frequently with a single cutter block (which we will discuss in a moment). This is both expensive and time-consuming. 

The subsequent sections will assist you in determining if the relative advantages and disadvantages of a jointer planer combo make it a reasonable investment or not. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Jointer Planer Combos 

It should be no surprise that combining a jointer and a planer into a single machine resulted in many technical specifications and practical considerations. These have been grouped into easy-to-understand sections that provide a complete overview of the capabilities of virtually any jointer/planer pair. 

Size and Weight 

One of the primary advantages of a jointer planer combo is the amount of room it can save compared to two separate machines. However, this does not necessarily imply that they are little. The jointer bed can be if 4 feet; while the 58-pound tool is very portable, more significant variants can weigh over 500 pounds. 

It is not necessary to verify the physical dimensions of a portable planer before purchase. Still, it is essential to do so when acquiring a jointer planer to plan where the machine will be installed. Consider also that the tool may require assembling. While assembly is often not complex, components can be heavy. Therefore, assistance is recommended. 

Power and Speed 

Amps are typically used to describe the performance of power tools. However, jointer-planer combos typically utilize horsepower (hp). A few machines are under one horsepower, while the maximum horsepower for large equipment is 5. 

Nonetheless, examining the amp rating and voltage is necessary because they affect the installation. A typical residential outlet provides up to 15 amps at 110 volts (V). A separate or upgraded 220/230V supply will be required for several of these combination tools. 

There are two-speed measurements for jointer planers: 

The rate of feed is expressed in feet per minute (fpm). This is the maximum rate at which wood can pass through the planer. Increased velocity increases production. 

Cutterhead (or cutter block) velocity is expressed in revolutions per minute (rpm). The higher the cutterhead’s rotational speed, the finer the finish it produces. However, the number of blades (also known as knives) must be considered. 

Knives and cutter head designs 

The cutter head of a conventional jointer planer typically contains two or three long knives composed of high-speed steel (HSS). Actual cuts per minute are determined by multiplying the cutter head speed by the number of blades. A two-knife cutter head operating at 9,000 rpm produces 18,000 cuts per minute. A three-knife cutter head may run slower (5,500 rpm) but produces nearly as many cuts (16,500 per minute) and likely operates more silently. 

The helical (or spiral) cutter head, which comprises up to 56 tiny square blades in rows that arc around the head, is an innovation of this type. Typically, tungsten carbide retains its edge longer than HSS. The helical shape provides continuous cutting edges, allowing for great finish quality. Occasionally, it is so good that sanding is unnecessary. 

As the square blades begin to dull, they may be easily unfastened and rotated to obtain a new, sharp edge. Eventually, though, they will all need to be changed, which is time-consuming. Additionally, machines with helical cutter heads are significantly more expensive. 

Bed Width and Cutting Depth 

The bed width determines the largest size board that can be joined or planned using a jointer-planer combination. The width of machines is either 8, 10, or 12 inches. Thus it is also important to examine the length of the bed. A longer bed provides greater support for the board and helps minimize snipping, which occurs when the cutter takes a large piece out of the board at the beginning or end of the cut. However, it does affect the needed physical space. 

On most jointer-planer combos, the maximum depth of cut is 1/8 inch. However, this can vary between the two tasks. Nevertheless, the final cut is typically shallower to give a smoother finish. 

Build Material 

On entry-level machines, both of these components are often made of extruded aluminum. This decreases weight and saves money. However, there is a possibility that they will bend or twist, compromising their precision; thus, reinforcing webs are added. On some models, sheet metal may be utilized as well. This material is less expensive and more robust than aluminum, but may eventually develop rust patches. 

The best jointer-planer combinations typically feature an aluminum fence but cast iron tables. It is incredibly rigid and absorbs machine vibration, contributing to improved precision, but it is also extremely heavy. 

In most cases, stands are made of metal, while elements of the casing on cheaper models may be plastic. This does not offer exceptional endurance in hectic workshop conditions, but cosmetic damage should not impede functionality. 

Standard Type 

The smallest of our top recommendations for jointer/planer combos is a benchtop machine, making it ideal for home woodworkers or shops with limited space. However, most possess a stand of some sort. 

A lightweight model’s stand may be a simple, open steel frame that is welded together, similar to a small table. Occasionally tightening them with a wrench is necessary since they can become loose with use. 

The platform for larger equipment may be a fully enclosed cabinet. These provide the necessary support for cast-iron tables and prevent sawdust from entering the planer mechanism. Typically, they do not offer storage. 

Dust Collection 

Jointer-planer combinations generate a substantial amount of trash. Without dust collection, sawdust and wood chips can spread everywhere. It not only makes cleaning the workshop difficult but also ruins varnished surfaces and poses a health risk. 

Every jointer-planer has a port for attaching a shop vacuum or a larger dust extractor. Diameters can vary, so it is prudent to examine the models in question. Additionally, inexpensive adapters are frequently available. 

Our Top Picks

It is time to examine some real-world instances exhibiting the characteristics above. The finest choices are sorted by category to make it easy to find a jointer planer combo that meets your needs. 

1. Best Overall: JET JJP-12 12-Inch Planer/Jointer

Since woodworkers have diverse needs, selecting the ideal jointer-planer combination is not simple. Jet manufactures various high-quality machines, and its 12-inch model is renowned for its solid construction, great power, and ease of switching between operations.  A dependable 3-hp TEFC (totally enclosed fan-cooled) engine drives the three-knife cutter head at 5,500 revolutions per minute, with a maximum depth of 1/8 inch each pass. The rate of feed is 20 fpm. The 55-inch-long cast iron tables provide sturdy support for even the most extensive stock. A steel cabinet provides a solid base. During function changes, the on/off switch locks out for safety. It also requires a manual restart during a power outage, so the device does not unexpectedly resume. A 4-inch dust port is used for both jointing and planing.  The Jet JJP-12 jointer planer combination is one of the most reasonably priced in its category. Those who are particular about finish quality may wish to consider the JJP-12HH, which includes a helical cutter head but is significantly more expensive. 
Key Features 
  • RAPID CUTS: Three, high-speed, steel knife cutter head provides rapid cutting and a superior finish. 
  • ADAPTABLE: Extremely quick changeover between jointing and planing functions. Fence does not need to be removed. 
  • STABILITY: Heavy-duty, one-piece steel closed stand (includes mounting tabs). 
  • EFFICIENCY: Built-in dust chute with 4″ dust port is used for both jointing and planing operations. 
  • ACCURACY: Heavy-duty cast iron tables with a machined finish ensures accuracy and flatness. 
  • Cast-iron tables
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Rapid change between functions
  • Requires upgraded supply
  • Knife quality could be better

2. Runner-Up: Grizzly G0634Z Planer/Jointer with Spiral Cutter head

This product should be called Grizzly. It is a monster. The Grizzly G0634Z Planer/Jointer with Spiral Cutter Head features heavy-duty machine joints and a 12-inch cutter head. It weighs 734 pounds and is a remarkably stable floor model, so you can rest assured that it will not fall over regardless of your plan. In addition, the tabletop measures just under 60 inches in length by 14 inches in width.  This enormous structure uses carbide to insert a spiral cutter head, producing a smooth planing cut exceeding 20,000 amounts per minute. Using the same machine for planing and jointing saves money; to convert it from a jointer to a planer, raise the quick-release fence.  Since it is a monstrous machine, its size and weight are its only drawbacks. If you are looking for a more portable tabletop option, or if you don’t have room for another floor machine, this may be an inconvenience. It is reasonably priced, but it will last a very long time, and the quality is unmatched, which is why we believe it is the best jointer planer combination available. 
Key Features 
  • Spiral Cutterhead 
  • Fully Adjustable Jointer Tables 
  • 12″ Planing Capacity 
  • 4″ Dust Port 
  • Magnetic Switch with Thermal Overload Protection 
  • Fully Adjustable Center-Mounted Fence 
  • Twin V-Belt Power Transfer 
  • Powder-Coated Finish 
  • 12” cutter head
  • Quick-release fence
  • Sturdy
  • Large tabletop
  • Smooth cut
  • 20,000 cuts per minute
  • Heavy

3. BEST Value: JET JJP-8BT 8" Planer/Jointer Combo

Benchtop machines that can be packed away when not in use are great for woodworkers with limited space. This position is filled by the Jet JJP-8BT jointer planer combo, which weighs only 58 pounds and has a 29-inch table length. It is also lightweight enough for use by carpenters on the construction site.  Despite its small size, the Jet JJP-8BT provides excellent performance. The motor for the 10-inch Jet jointer planer appears to be the same model. It delivers a feed rate of 1912 fpm and a speed of 18,000 cuts per minute for the two-knife cutter head. The maximum cut depth is 5/64 of an inch.  Instead of cast iron, the tables of a budget jointer planer combo are made of extruded aluminum and sheet metal. They are of adequate quality and, like the tall fence, provide sufficient support for the workpiece. Nevertheless, they can be challenging to level. The four-inch dust port has a two-and-a-half-inch adaptor for shop vacuums. 
Key Features 
  • COMPACT: Combination benchtop jointer and planer provides a 2-in-1 machine to maximize work space. 
  • PRECISION: Large aluminum-extruded fence makes joining stable and precise. 
  • POWERFUL: Heavy-duty 13-amp motor for various cutting applications. 
  • PORTABLE: Integrated cord wrap makes transporting easy and ensures workshop safety. 
  • COMFORTABLE: Oversized, ergonomic knobs provide ease of use and maximum control. 
  • Ideal for home workshops
  • Tall fence gives good support
  • Competitive price
  • Fiddly table adjustment
  • Plastic casing

4. UPGRADE PICK: RIKON 25-210H 12" Helical Planer/Jointer

The helical cutter head is the essential feature of the Rikon 25-210H jointer/planer combo. It features four rows of 56 carbide blades spinning at 5,000 rpm. The resulting 20,000 cuts per minute generate an ultra-smooth surface directly off the machine, so sanding is rarely required. With a feed rate of 23 fpm, this machine is highly productive. The maximum cut length in all jointer and plane modes is 1/8 inch.  A powerful 3-hp motor requiring 220V provides propulsion. A 55-inch by 12-inch cast iron table offers good support for workpieces. In conjunction with a solid metal cabinet, this provides the essential sturdy base for high-quality work. A four-inch dust port is installed.  The Rikon 25-210H jointer-planer combination can offer the performance professionals require, although quality control can be inconsistent. The fence may become loose, and the controls may have played, making the setup more challenging. There is typically nothing that cannot be remedied, but given the price, it is not surprising that this frustrates some owners. 
Key Features 
  • Powerful 220V 3 HP, 3400 RPM Motor Easily Cuts at full capacity 
  • 4 Row Helical Cutter Head Produces an ultra-smooth finish 
  • 56, 4 Sided Indexible Carbide Inserts Change easily 
  • Feed rate speed of 23 feet per minute 
  • Creates very smooth surfaces
  • High productivity
  • Solid build
  • Requires upgraded supply
  • Sometimes frustrating to set up

5. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Jet JJP-10BTOS 10" Jointer/Planer Combo

The Jet JJP-10BTOS 10″ Jointer/Planer Combo hits a great mix between affordability and performance. It can be used as a benchtop model or with the included stand and is powered by regular household electricity. This tool is an excellent option for amateur or small-scale professional woodworkers.  The two-knife cutter head has a feed rate of 1912 fpm and operates at 9,000 rpm. In jointer mode, the maximum depth of cut is 1/8 inch, while it is 5/64 inch while planing. Changeover is straightforward and quick. It includes a 212-inch dust port and a 212-inch to 4-inch hose adaptor.  The 36-inch table length supports workpieces, but the tables are aluminum and steel rather than cast iron, so the machine is not nearly as sturdy. The positive aspect is that it is easy to move around. The stand is a bit finicky to assemble and should be checked frequently for loose nuts. However, these are minor complaints, and the Jet JJP-10BTOS jointer planer combo delivers exceptional value overall. 
Key Features 
  • Compact Design: Combination benchtop jointer and planer provides a 2-in-1 machine with a space-saving footprint 
  • Simple Mobility: With an integrated cord wrap, and weighing just 74 lbs. (with stand), this compact machine is easy to relocate 
  • Added Safety: Telescoping blade guard 
  • Ideal Uses: Small shop environments (not commercial grade) and limited space 
  • JET Red Assurance Guarantee: Backed by JET’s industry-leading five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects 
  • Benchtop or stand use
  • Very competitive performance
  • Great value
  • Aluminum and steel tables
  • Stand could be more robust

6. Ridgid JP0610 Planer, 6-1/8-Inch Jointer

Ridgid is primarily recognized as a mid-tier to consumer-grade power tool maker. However, jointer/planer combos tend to choose mid-tier ranges due to the amount of expertise required to justify their use. The Ridgid JP0610 jointer planer combo falls in the middle, with robust cutting specifications but less impressive project dimensions.  Depending on whether it is wired for 120 or 240 volts, this jointer-planer combination, for instance, has a one-hp motor that pushes between 12 and 6 amps. In addition, the Ridgid JP0610 jointer planer combo cuts with three 6″ knives, but only at 3450 RPMs for 10350 cuts per minute.  In contrast, this jointer planer combo is reasonably priced, especially considering that the table is made of cast iron to prevent vibration. However, it is still tough to get over the modest size, which only allows for a 6 18″ x 18″ capacity, while the maximum planing height of 6″ is a pleasant surprise.  The Ridgid JP0610 jointer planer combo justifies its price somewhat by including unique capabilities, such as the ability to perform cuts on workpieces regardless of the bevel direction – even though it is difficult to calibrate effectively. In addition, this is the only jointer planer combo on my list designed to create rabbets with a maximum thickness of half an inch.  Key Features 
  • This item is JOINTER/PLANER, 6-18″ 14668 
  • This product is used for tools-replacement-parts 
  • This product manufacture by Taiwan 
  • 1 HP heavy-duty motor 
  • Heavy duty, easy-to-assemble construction 
  • Dual bevel fence 
  • Convenient dust port 
  • Versatile bed/table 
  • Makes powerful cuts
  • Comes with accessories
  • Allows interior bevels
  • Can make rabbet cuts
  • Not the largest
  • Difficult to adjust

7. RIKON Power Tools 25-010H 10" Planer/Jointer

With its 110V/220V 1.5 HP motor, the RIKON Power Tools 25-010H has no concept of the word “quit.” It accurately cuts with 44 four-sided indexable carbide inserts that can be easily replaced as needed. 

It has a four-row helical cutter head and a 13-foot-per-minute feed rate. It weighs only 166 pounds and has sturdy legs that are easily removable to convert into a workbench top model. Due to its simple design and 5-year warranty, it is not a powerhouse, but it will get the job done. 

This model’s primary concern is ensuring that the tabletop coordinate performs its intended function adequately. After numerous adjustments, the threaded mounting hole on the aluminum table mounting bracket is commonly stripped. In addition, the planer’s adjustable bed is not parallel to the cutting head, which is a significant flaw. 

Key Features 
  • Powerful 110V/220V 1 1/2 HP Motor drives cutter head without stalling 
  • 4 Row Helical Cutter Head Produces an ultra-smooth finish 
  • 44, 4 Sided Indexible Carbide Inserts Change easily 
  • Feed rate speed of 13 feet per minute 
  • Tabletop or floor standing
  • 44 4-sided carbide inserts
  • 5-year warranty
  • Coplaner difficult to adjust
  • Bed not parallel
  • Cumbersome design flaws

8. Best Spiral Cutterhead Jointer and Planer—WEN Jointer Planer Combo

This WEN two-in-one machine provides buyers with power and accuracy. This spiral cutter’s twelve HSS blades rotate at 12,000 RPM to cut smooth, flawless softwoods. The cutting depth ranges from 0 to 0.125 inches, and the machine is capable of 20,000 cuts per minute.  Be sure to remove the oil coating before using it so as not to stain the wood being worked on. “This newer version of the spiral head is incredible,” gushed one delighted customer. “Setup was so simple that I joined wood less than 15 minutes after opening the box.” 
Key Features 
  • Spiral cutterhead system utilizes 12 staggered HSS blades for an ultra-fine finish 
  • Features a spacious 30-by-6-inch table 
  • Remove 0 to 1/8 of an inch of material with each pass 
  • Adjustable 19-3/4 by 4-1/4-inch fence bevels up to 45 degrees 
  • Plane boards up to 6 inches thick and 12.5 inches wide 
  • 15A motor generates 20,000 cuts per minute at a 26 feet per minute feed rate 
  • Includes two reversible 12.5-inch SK5 blades (model BP122K) 
  • Adjust the depth of anywhere from 0 to 1/8 of an inch with each pass 
  • Good horsepower rating of 1.5
  • Large table size of 30 inches
  • Spiral cutter head with 12 HSS blades
  • Affordable
  • Spring-loaded cutter head guard and two push blocks for improved safety
  • Beginner-friendly controls
  • Parts are not of the best quality

9. Shop Fox W1876 6" Benchtop Jointer with Spiral-Style Cutterhead

This W1876 jointer from the famous Shop Fox brand features a 6-inch cutting head. This small jointer machine can only accommodate pieces under 6 inches wide. However, despite its diminutive size, its motor has a horsepower rating of 1.5. 

The used cutter head is a spiral with 12 inserts that rotates at 19000 RPM and makes 12,000 cuts per minute. It can cut to a depth of 18″ and a width of 6″. The infeed and outfeed table is constructed of cast aluminum, which provides a respectable level of durability, especially given that it will work with smaller pieces. This machine is inexpensive and small, fitting on your tabletop. 

Key Features 
  • Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 120V, Single-Phase, 10A 
  • Maximum with of cut: 6 in. 
  • Maximum depth of cut: 1/8 in. 
  • Cutterhead type: spiral-style with 12 inserts 
  • Cutterhead speed: 12,000 RPM 
  • Table size: 6-1/4 x 30 
  • Dust port size: 2-1/2 in. 
  • Compact size tabletop design
  • High-speed design
  • Spiral head cutter head
  • Powerful 1.5 HP for a small jointer
  • Small cutter head

10. WEN JT833H 10-Amp 8-Inch Spiral Benchtop Jointer with Extendable Table

Another benchtop jointer machine is featured on this list. The 8-inch cutting width of the WEN JT833H jointer is adequate for working with medium-sized wood. The spiral-shaped cutter head features 16 HSS blades arranged in a staggered fashion.  For angled cuts, the fence is adjustable and bevels up to 45 degrees. With a speed of 12,000 RPM, woodwork can be made smooth. The infeed table’s cutting depth is adjustable between 0 and 18 inches.  One of the benefits of this WEN JT833H jointer is the 33-inch table size, which can be expanded by extending the support ends. You can extend your table to a length of 51 inches.  This WEN JT833H jointer features a cutter head blade guard for user safety. It is equipped with a spring-loaded design that exposes a small portion of the blade while you work, protecting the user to the greatest extent possible. 
Key Features 
  • Spiral cutterhead system utilizes 16 staggered HSS blades for an ultra-fine finish 
  • Features a spacious 33-by-8-inch table with support arms that extend up to 51 inches 
  • Remove 0 to 1/8 of an inch of material with each pass 
  • Adjustable 19-3/4 by 4-1/4-inch fence bevels up to 45 degrees 
  • The long table length is further extendable to 51 inches to accommodate longer pieces
  • Spring-loaded cutter head blade guard
  • Spiral cutter head design with 16 HSS blades
  • Compactible with WENBP510H replacement spiral blades
  • 45 degrees angled cut
  • Power is low

How We Selected the Best Jointer Planer Combos

I am an engineer by trade and have managed my woodshop for ten years. I understand how this equipment functions and have practical experience with it. As a supplement to my personal experience, our team conducted research on prominent manufacturers and current offerings. 

The selection of high-quality jointer-planer combinations available in the United States is restricted, so it was necessary to develop solutions for the broadest possible range of consumers. 

Each of the best selections is manufactured by a company renowned for its durability and dependability. In addition, we have picked models that represent the best jointer-planer combo in each of the most popular sizes and are available at various prices to accommodate most woodworkers, from amateurs to professionals. 


This article includes a complete reference to the technical features of the most excellent jointer planer combos, along with real-life examples. While many problems with these machines have already been addressed, questions of a more general type regularly arise. We have included answers to frequently asked general questions to facilitate your search for the ideal instrument. 

A jointer is utilized to level the surface of a piece of wood and plane a 90-degree edge. It can also cut bevels (chamfers), such as a 45-degree angle on the edge. A planer is used to create parallel surfaces on both sides of the stock and to plane it to the necessary thickness. Consequently, they are commonly known as thickness planers. 

A jointer may plane rough stock to make it flat, and then the piece can be turned over and planed on the other side. However, planning each side separately may not eliminate the twist if the board has a twist or taper. This is the task at which a planer excels. Those who wish to work with raw lumber require machines or a combination jointer/planer. 

If the board is already flat, a table saw can be used to square an edge (and cut various joints). It cannot be used to correct facial flaws. 

The value of a jointer-planer combination depends on the sort of woodworking you do and the available space. The preceding article addresses the benefits and cons and provides solutions for a range of sizes and pricing points to accommodate the needs of most woodworkers. 


Having a planer/jointer in your workshop is a great way to be more efficient because of the beautiful 2-in-1 concept and because you save space by only storing one tool instead of two. If you choose the floor model, they occupy minimal floor space and are incredibly sturdy, and if you choose the tabletop option, the same is true, but with a different height. 

According to our evaluations, the Grizzly G0634Z is the clear winner. It is a floor model, like most of the Grizzly line, and its long table surface makes planing and tenoning very simple and efficient. It is a formidable adversary. 

The most cost-effective choice was the Jet JJP-BT. It had an excellent balance of quality and price and would be a welcome addition to any store. Jet products are renowned for their excellence in the jointer and planer industries, and the combination of their strengths makes this inexpensive beauty a formidable tool. 

We are aware that selecting your machine can be complex. Consider the many bells and whistles. We hope these reviews and the information in this guide have helped shape your next planer/jointer purchase decision. 

Why Trust Us?

Best Top Reviews Online was founded in 2018 to provide our readers with thorough, unbiased, and independent advice on what to buy. We now have millions of monthly users from all over the world and evaluate over 1,000 products per year.

The article above was written by the BestTopReviewsOnline team, which includes many of the US’s most knowledgeable technical experts. Our team includes well-known writers with extensive experience in mobile phones, computing, technology, photography, and other fields.

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