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Best Air Conditioners For Every budget [Reviews And Buying Guide]

When a heatwave hits, the best air conditioners will quickly lower the temperature of your entire room. Keeping your home cool and comfortable is a breeze with one of these high-tech gadgets at your disposal. There are numerous top models on the market, and we’ve compiled a list of the best, ranging from low-cost to high-end options.  

It should come as no surprise that air conditioners are larger and more expensive than fans, but this is because they are more effective at lowering room temperature and, in some cases, humidity. When selecting a device, consider the noise level and the size of the room you need it for compared to the model’s coverage. 

How Air Conditioning Works 

High heat and humidity make you uncomfortable because they inhibit your body’s ability to release heat into the environment, causing you to sweat. And the more sweat that builds up on your skin and is absorbed by your clothing, the more uncomfortable you will feel. Reduce heat and humidity in the air (cooling and drying it) and increase air circulation, making you more likely to experience comfort. 

Factors to consider when choosing the best air conditioner 

We gathered various units to help you choose the best window or portable air conditioner. We ran them in a hot room while measuring the temperature of their discharge air and the room’s ambient temperature. In addition, we surveyed a few untested appliances for innovative features, soundproofing, efficiency, and cooling capacity. We indicate in the review if we have not utilized the product. 

In addition to our test results, there are five factors to consider when buying an air conditioner. Note that the selection criteria for an air conditioner are interdependent. In other words, it is unlikely that the cheapest air conditioner will be the most robust and capable of cooling a large room. Using these considerations and the appliance’s features, choose a suitable device. 


The cooling capacity and construction of an air conditioner have the most significant impact on its price. Physically larger air conditioners with greater cooling capacity are inherently more expensive than smaller air conditioners with less cooling capacity. Adding sound-dampening materials to an air conditioner will increase its price, as will using more robust motors and a better-constructed compressor. Typically, adding features to an air conditioner increases its cost. 

Cooling capability 

The more cooling capacity you need, the larger the space you need to cool or the more intense the heat in it (such as through large windows facing south or west). This is expressed in BTUs (British Thermal Units, a description of thermal energy). A window or portable air conditioner is more potent if it can remove more BTUs from a given space per unit of time. To determine the BTU of the air conditioner you require, multiply the floor area (length multiplied by width) by twenty. 


Some people prefer analog controls such as knobs and buttons, while others desire the ability to control an air conditioner with a remote or a mobile device. Most modern air conditioners offer a fan-only mode without the cooling provided by the refrigerant-filled coil. However, a few models also include heater and dehumidifier functions and settings that give you greater control over the appliance’s nighttime operation (while you sleep). Multiple fan speeds and cooling settings allow you to rapidly reduce a room’s temperature or fine-tune the air conditioner’s operation to achieve the desired level of indoor comfort. In many instances, this fine-tuning can also lower your electric bill. In regions of the country where the cooling season is lengthy (May to October), this can be a significant factor. 

Energy efficient 

In general, appliances with greater energy efficiency are more expensive. Their cost premium is more likely to be recouped if they reside in a region with a long cooling season (May to October). 

Purchase an air conditioner with the highest possible combined energy efficiency ratio (CEER). CEER is the applicable efficiency rating for window air conditioners. (Note that this is not SEER, which applies to heat pumps and central air conditioning systems.) CEER expresses the ratio of cooling capacity measured in BTUs to the amount of electricity the appliance uses to perform its function; it includes the appliance’s efficiency when the compressor is energized and running and when the compressor is not running, in standby mode. A higher CEER score is preferable. Several air conditioners still feature the older (but still valid) EER rating. The same principle applies: a higher EER is preferable to a lower one. 

Compared to portable 

There are more similarities between window-mounted and freestanding air conditioners on wheels than differences. All air conditioners cool by cycling between the gaseous and liquid states of compressed gas refrigerant. This gas circulates within a coil. The refrigerant is gaseous at one end of the coil, absorbing heat from the air. The refrigerant is compressed to a hot liquid at the opposite end of the coil. On the cold end of the coil, air passing over the coil is cooled and expelled from the room. At the hot end of the coil, air passing over the coil is heated and expelled outside. Between the hot and cold end, water vapor condenses from the air and drains out the bottom of the appliance to the outdoors, or a fan throws it against the hot end of the coil, where it evaporates and is expelled to the outdoors. 

Air conditioners for windows are heavy, weighing between 50 and 80 pounds, and are typically best installed by two people lifting and fastening them. Once installed, they obstruct approximately half of the view from the window. Additionally, they must be meticulously installed to ensure that they remain securely in place, do not fall out of the window, or allow easy access to intruders. A window bracket is an effective means of ensuring a secure installation. Fall is the optimal time to remove an air conditioner, clean it, and store it indoors. 

Portable air conditioners only need their discharge hose (or hoses) to be directed outside. These hoses attach to a window bracket, making their installation easier than window air conditioners and obstructing the view less. Alternatively, emptying the condensation they produce may or may not be necessary.  

In some instances, condensation may evaporate out of the pan and into the room or be expelled from the appliance along with the discharge air stream. In other cases, the drain pan may need to be manually emptied, or the condensation drain hose must be routed to a floor drain. Others utilize a condensate pump to discharge water through a small plastic tube. 

By reading on, find the ideal air conditioner for you, whether it mounts in a window or remains in the room. The right appliance will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the summer, day and night. 

10 Best Air Conditioners For Every budget reviews

If you do not have central air conditioning, a window air conditioner is the next best option for cooling your home. Window air conditioners can cool any room with single-hung or double-hung windows. When you choose an Energy Star*-certified unit, you can save money. Our window selections are all certified. 

Window air conditioners are safe and easy to install if the manufacturer follows instructions. Most models include security brackets to deter intruders and keep your air conditioner in place. 

Since not all windows are suitable for window units, we’ve included our top pick for a portable air conditioner. Also available is our comprehensive guide to the best portable air conditioners. 

We evaluated ten window air conditioners for this guide and consulted the US Environmental Protection Agency spokesperson Enesta Jones (EPA). We subject each unit to a battery of objective tests. In addition, we answer frequently asked questions about air conditioners and define standard terms. 

1. Best Overall: LG LW6019ER Rated 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

The LG LW6019ER 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner is an unbeatable option for most homes due to its attractive, energy-efficient, and affordable design. While this model is rated at 6,000 BTU, the LW6019ER is available in seven sizes up to 24,500 BTU and can cool a space greater than 1,500 square feet, allowing you to find the ideal unit for your home. The unit features three cooling speeds, three fan speeds, a 24-hour on/off timer, and an energy-saving mode. This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for almost anyone seeking to cool a room.  On muggy summer days, you’ll appreciate that this window air conditioner can remove 1.8 pints of moisture per hour from the air, and the four-way louvers allow you to direct the cool air precisely where you want it. In addition, the air conditioner includes a remote that allows you to adjust the settings from anywhere in the room. It operates at approximately 48 decibels at its lowest speed, comparable to a quiet office’s noise level. If the power goes out during operation, the air conditioner will automatically restart when the power is restored.  The LG LW6019ER Window Air Conditioner is an excellent value, but it is not perfect. It can be challenging to set up if you are unfamiliar with window air conditioners due to the ambiguity of the installation instructions. In addition, the larger sizes (at least 18,000 BTU) require a 230-volt outlet, which is unavailable in all homes. 
Key Features 
  • 6, 000 BTU window air conditioner; 6,000 BTU window air conditioner; Energy Star rating; Cools a room up to 260 sq. ft.; Dehumidification up to 1.8 pints per hour; Full-function remote controls unit from across the room; Thermistor thermostat maintains the selected temperature; 3 cooling speeds / 3 fan speeds; 24-hour on/off timer cools on your schedule; Energy saver function conserves energy and saves you money; Height 12.38; Width 19.38; Depth 19.56; Weight 56.00; Color; Operating System 
  • Energy star rating; Batteries Included; Batteries Required; Number of Batteries 2; Battery Type AAA Alkaline Battery; Language English; Assembly Required 
  • Uses standard 115-volt/15-amp electrical outlet 
  • Cools a room up to 260.00 sq. ft 
  • Dehumidification up to 1.80 pints per hour. 
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Digital controls with remote
  • Energy Star certified
  • Quiet during operation
  • Poor installation instructions
  • Larger models require 230-volt outlets

2. Best Budget: GE 5,000-BTU Mechanical Window Air Conditioner

The GE Mechanical Air Conditioner is challenging to beat in terms of value, as it strikes the ideal balance between affordability and performance. Although it lacks the bells and whistles of more expensive window air conditioners, this 36-pound unit is a powerhouse in a compact package. Its 5,000 BTU output can cool a space up to 150 square feet, or roughly a 10 by 15-foot room, and its 10 temperature settings allow you to find the ideal level of coolness.  This window air conditioner has two cooling speeds and two fan speeds controlled by two mechanical dials. It includes everything required for installation, including an EZ mount kit, and its easily removable, washable filter makes maintenance a breeze. However, as a budget-friendly option, this GE window unit lacks an energy-saving mode and is not Energy Star-certified. It also lacks a remote control, so adjustments must be made via the unit’s control panel. This is an excellent option if you want to keep your bedroom cool in the summer and are willing to forego intelligent features. 
Key Features 
  • GE 5000 BTU MECHANICAL WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER – Designed to efficiently cool rooms up to 150 sq ft; easy install kit included so you can start cooling right away 
  • BEST FOR SMALL ROOMS: This AC unit is the right size for delivering 5000 BTU cooling capacity to smaller areas like bedrooms, studio apartments, guest rooms, and home offices 
  • LOW-NOISE OPERATION – Keep the cool air flowing with minimal disruption; ideal for nighttime use in bedrooms 
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: Efficient with 2 cooling modes and 2 fan speeds to provide flexible and optimal room temperature; controls with 10 temperature settings make it easy to adjust cooling to your comfort 
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND CLEANING: This AC has a fixed chassis and installs easily in a double hung window (size: W 21.875 – 36 x H 13.375″) with included EZ Mount installation kit; slide-out filter makes cleaning a breeze to keeps your unit running its best when cleaned every 30 days” 
  • EZ mount kit included
  • Lightweight
  • 10 temperature settings
  • No energy-saving features
  • No remote control

3. Best Smart: Windmill 8,300 BTU Window Air Conditioner

The Windmill Air Conditioner is an innovative, stylish, and quiet window air conditioner that does an excellent job of cooling small spaces. However, you may also want to consider the Midea U air conditioner if you desire a more affordable and quieter model.  The Windmill AC is simple to install, so long as you can lift 60 pounds. I could not, but fortunately, I was able to enlist the assistance of a muscular friend. If you are a lone wolf, the company offers a premium installation service through TaskRabbit.  My 6,000 BTU unit arrived fully assembled, with side panels included. In addition to adhesive and non-adhesive foam insulation, the box also contained scissors and screws.  As a safety precaution, you should install a support bracket (not included) if you live on a higher floor. This was not a concern for me as I am on the ground floor and have window grilles.  The window must have a minimum opening width of 22 inches and a minimum height of 13 inches.  The instructions on how to apply the foam and position the unit were so clear that it took us only twenty minutes to install it. My coworker Mike Prospero required approximately the same amount of time to install the Midea U Inverter.  Connecting to Wi-Fi through the Windmill app was also straightforward. The packaging includes a piece of paper with a QR code that prompts the user to download the app.  Windmill offers an iOS and Android mobile application. I used the QR code on the packaging to download the app to my iPhone. I activated the unit’s Wi-Fi pairing mode and easily connected it to my app.  The application has the same controls as the remote control. You can turn the air conditioner on and off and adjust the temperature, fan speed, and mode. A lightning bolt icon leads to the Power & Energy tab, which displays the AC’s current power consumption. Tap the icon with three dots in the upper-right corner for more information about the device and additional settings, including a night mode.  When it comes to window air conditioners, a function typically trumps form, but the Windmill AC manages both well. It’s powerful enough to cool small rooms while attractive enough to blend into your existing decor. When summer ends, I won’t be eager to remove it from the window or cover it up.  Installation is simple, the app is convenient, and the operation is quiet, which is a relief. No longer must I crank up the volume on my television to hear dialogue over the humming of my air conditioner. You may also want to consider the Midea U air conditioner among the best intelligent air conditioners if you want a quieter and more affordable model. But considering its price, design, and features, the Windmill is an excellent window air conditioner option. 
Key Features 
  • No Pre-assembly With The Easiest Room Air Conditioner Installation Kit Possible 
  • A Quiet Ac To Really Make Your Home More Comfortable 
  • Enjoy More Efficient Cooling That’s Good For The Planet 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Easy-to-install 
  • The Windmill AC & Install Kit 
  • Cosmetic Side Panels 
  • Elegant appearance
  • Upward air flow
  • Pairs to app and voice assistants
  • Dual filters
  • Easy to install
  • Cosmetic side panels
  • Lack of HomeKit compatibility
  • Slightly expensive for BTU count
  • Pricey for its size
  • Not Energy Star certified

4. Best for small room: Frigidaire FFRE053WAE Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner

The Frigidaire FFRE053WAE Window Air Conditioner is a budget-friendly, compact, lightweight, and Energy Star-certified option for rooms up to 150 square feet. Its 5,000 BTU rating makes it ideal for small spaces, and despite its low price, it comes with various useful features, including a 24-hour programmable timer and remote control. In addition to conventional cooling, the unit features a digital control panel with auto, dry, fan, and eco modes.  This air conditioner weighs less than 40 pounds, making it easier to install than heavier models, and its window-adjustable side panels are optional. It has an extra-long power cord that eliminates the need for an extension cord. The filter can be easily removed and cleaned to keep the air conditioner operating at peak efficiency. This air conditioner is louder than many others, running at 56 decibels, which is relatively loud in a small space. 
Key Features 
  • ENERGY STAR Certified: Use less energy than standard air conditioners reducing your energy usage, and ultimately lowering your utility bills 
  • SpaceWise Adjustable Design Optional Side Panels: With the Adjustable Side Panels, the side panels will extend to best fit your window 
  • Power Cord: Comes with an extra-long three-prong cord — makes extension cords unnecessary 
  • Programmable 24-Hour On/Off Timer: Customize times to fit your schedule for immediate comfort when you get home. The built-in timer allows you to preset the unit to turn on and off in half hour increments 
  • Effortless Temperature Control: Our air conditioners maintain the preset room temperature, so you will always remain comfortable 
  • Remote Control: Allows you to precisely control the temperature and fan speed from across the room 
  • Easy-to-Clean Washable Filter: Capture dust from the air and keep your dehumidifier working efficiently with our easy-to-clean washable filter 
  • Affordable
  • Energy Star certified
  • Lightweight
  • Extra-long power cord
  • Noisy

5. Best Quite: Midea 8,000 BTU U-Shaped Smart Inverter Window Air Conditioner

The Midea U-Shaped Inverter Window Air Conditioner is one of the quietest air conditioners, operating at just 42 decibels. It is ideal for use in a bedroom or a child’s nursery. It is significantly quieter than other models due to its unique U-shaped design, which utilizes your window to block compressor noise. In addition, this window air conditioner is certified as Energy Star Most Efficient, saving 35% more energy than other conventional units.  The Midea Air Conditioner is available in multiple sizes, ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 BTU. It includes intelligent features that allow you to control your smartphone’s settings or a smart assistant such as Amazon Alexa. The U-shaped design allows you to open your window freely, let in the fresh air on lovely days, and the anti-theft mechanism locks the window when it is closed.  This air conditioner is somewhat tricky to install due to its unconventional design; you will likely need to watch the manufacturer’s installation video to understand how it operates. Furthermore, the display does not dim or turn off, which can be somewhat annoying in dark rooms. 
Key Features 
  • Introducing the first-ever U-shaped Inverter Window Air Conditioner that allows you to open or close your window while the unit is installed. The innovative design makes installation very easy, and the ability to close the window isolates the noise outside making it ultra-quiet. 
  • Ultra-Quiet – The U-shaped design blocks the noise coming from the compressor outside.     
  • Quick & Easy Installation – Includes a quick-snap bracket.     
  • Long-distance Airflow up to 20 feet – The strong airflow allows you to feel the cold air up to 20 feet away.     
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Energy Star Most Efficient certified
  • Extremely quiet
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Still able to open window
  • Tricky to install
  • Display light can’t be turned off

6. Best Wall: KEYSTONE 12,000 BTU 115V Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner

Through-the-wall air conditioners are more permanent than window units, and the Keystone Wall AC is an excellent option for rooms up to 550 square feet. This unit is compatible with existing 24.5 to 27-inch wall sleeves and includes the necessary foam seals and trim kit for retrofitting the AC into an existing sleeve. Energy Star-certified and capable of dehumidifying up to 2.5 pints of moisture per hour, the 12,000 BTU model is Energy Star-qualified. It also features three cooling modes and three fan speeds to meet your and your family’s needs.  This wall air conditioner’s temperature-sensing remote with a built-in thermostat is one of its most remarkable features. The remote can be placed on the opposite side of the room, and the air conditioner will monitor the temperature throughout the room, not just in its immediate vicinity. Also included are a front-accessible washable filter, four-way air flow direction, and a programmable 24-hour timer. The unit has an energy-saving mode, but it is loud for a modern air conditioner, operating at around 60 decibels. 
Key Features 
  • Free Up Windows From Large Clunky Unit 
  • Sleep Without Interruption 
  • Control From Anywhere In The Room 
  • Easy Removal 
  • 3 Cooling And Fan Speeds Plus Auto Cool 
  • One Year Promise 
  • Trim kit included
  • Easy-access washable filter
  • Temperature-sensing remote control
  • Energy Star certified
  • Noisy

7. Best Portable: LG LP1419IVSM Smart Dual Inverter Portable Air Conditioner

With its low noise level and solid cooling abilities, the LG LP1419IVSM is a top choice among portable air conditioners. The 14,000-BTU model can be used in rooms up to 500 square feet in size, can dehumidify the air by up to 6.7 pints per hour, and uses up to 40% less electricity than other portable ACs thanks to its dual inverter technology. The only problem is that Energy Star hasn’t approved it. This air conditioner has a decibel rating of just 44 at its quietest setting, and it can be controlled via Wi-Fi, the LG ThinQ app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home.  The window vent kit for this portable air conditioner makes installation a breeze, and the caster wheels make moving it around a breeze. Remember that the hose is only 35.5 inches long, so it needs to be situated relatively close to the window. It has a timer that you can set to turn on and off automatically, three different fan speeds, and an automatic air vent that swings open and closed. The AC has a built-in accessories tray for stowing the vent hose and window kit out of sight when not in use. 
Key Features 
  • 10,000 BTU (U.S. DOE)/ 14,000 BTU (ASHRAE) 
  • Estimated Cooling Area 500 Sq. Ft 
  • Efficient, Energy Saving Inverter Technology 
  • Optimal Low Noise Performance 
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful dehumidifying
  • Easy to install
  • Smart features
  • Fairly short vent hose
  • Not Energy Star certified

8. Best Over-the-Sill: Soleus Air Exclusive 8,000 BTU Air Conditioner

The installation process for the Soleaus Window Air Conditioner is painless. Its innovative over-the-sill design allows it to be installed in seconds without drilling holes or requiring precarious balancing. It can cool rooms up to 375 square feet in size with its 8,000 BTU cooling power, and you can get it with or without Wi-Fi connectivity, depending on whether you want to control it from your phone.  The fact that the condenser for this air conditioner is external to the building rather than inside the house means that it operates with minimal noise. When set to sleep mode, it becomes almost inaudible. The AC’s temperature-sensing remote further guarantees that the entire room is kept at a comfortable temperature. Make sure to measure your window before purchasing, as the unit only provides 11 inches of clearance over the sill and features a 24-hour timer, energy-saver mode, and auto mode. Some customers in high-humidity climates have reported having to drain the AC, despite this not being specified manually. 
Key Features 
  • DESIGN: Exclusive Soleus Air design combines the benefits of a portable ac, window ac and mini-split ac into a simple format 
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Simply slide the saddle air conditioner over the windowsill for a safe installation without any tools required or risks of the air conditioner falling out of the window. The maximum window sill clearance this unit will fit in is 11 inches. Fits windows 24″ to 48″ wide. Fits windows with a minimum of 16″ height clearance. 
  • MYTEMP REMOTE: Activate the MyTemp sensor on the remote control and relax anywhere in the room while the air conditioner cools to your exact location. Save on energy costs with the 24-hour timer, energy saver mode, and sleep mode and rest easy knowing the air conditioner with automatically restart after a power interruption. 
  • ENJOY THE VIEW: Keep the view outside and full use of your window even after installation without having to remove the air conditioner 
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Electronic controls and LCD remote controls keep all the industry-leading features at your fingertips. Washable and reusable filter for easy maintenance and extended product life. 
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Easy to install
  • Temperature-sensing remote control
  • Doesn’t block window
  • Available with or without Wi-Fi
  • May not fit all windows
  • May need to manually drain

9. Best Portable: BLACK+DECKER 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The portable air conditioner from BLACK+DECKER is suitable for spaces up to 200 square feet in size. It keeps the air dry and cool by regulating the humidity, which aids in the control of mold and mildew.  The Black & Decker BPACT08WT is a portable air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 5000 BTU DOE (8000 BTU ASHRAE), a dehumidifier fan, and a 5-inch threaded exhaust hose.  As described in our Black and Decker portable air conditioner 14000 BTU review, the BPACT08WT Black Decker portable air conditioner features three built-in functions. The portable air conditioner has different cooling, fanning, and dehumidifying modes, so you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money by combining these functions into one device. If your home is on the larger side and you can afford an air conditioner, you may want to consider one of the best central air conditioning units.  Utilizing the Black & Decker air conditioner’s 24-hour timer could prevent your energy costs from skyrocketing. Doing so lets you determine precisely when you want it to operate and turn it off when you don’t need it. Similar to the Amber portable air conditioner, but only runs for six hours. Identical to the Serene life Portable Air Conditioner, it has a sleep mode that allows it to operate quietly so that you can get a good night’s rest.  However, you must know how much air conditioning you need to cool the room adequately. Therefore, measure the space precisely.  As with the Honeywell MN10CESWW, the Black & Decker unit includes a reusable filter that slides out when it needs to be cleaned to keep dust and other unwanted particles from circulating through the air. Unfortunately, there is no check filter indicator on the unit, so you will need to keep track of when it needs to be cleaned. This should ideally be performed twice per month.  As with most portable air conditioners, the Black and Decker BPACT08WT AC is covered by a one-year warranty that includes labor and parts. If you experience any issues, such as the air conditioner not blowing cold air during the first year of use, feel free to contact Black & Decker’s customer service team for assistance.  If you have a small room, the Black & Decker BPACT08WT is most likely the best air conditioner you can purchase. You’ll receive a complete window kit with everything you need to install it, and due to its self-evaporating operation, you won’t need any buckets or drain pans. The installation kit contains: 
  • A window casement. 
  • An air exhaust hose. 
  • Hose inlet/outlet adapters. 
  • A water drain hose. 
In addition, the unit includes a remote control that allows you to operate it from the comfort of your bed or sofa. 
Key Features 
  • QUIET & POWERFUL – Our 4,000 BTU (8,000 BTU ASHRAE) compact air conditioner (16.5 x 11.5 x 26 in,) will keep you cool and comfortable all summer. An adjustable fan speed cools the air to 65°F at the coolest setting. Sleep mode makes it extra quiet while you rest 
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL ROOMS – This floor-standing portable AC unit provides steady, fast, effective cooling for rooms up to 150 sq. ft. It’s the ideal small air conditioner for dorms, apartments, cabins, campers, offices, bedrooms, or living rooms 
  • SIMPLE & QUICK TO INSTALL – Just wheel this portable air conditioner into any room with a double hung or sliding window. Attach the included hose (4’ 11”) & window adapter & plug it in to an outlet! At the end of the season, just unhook & store. Top mounted control panel with LED display 
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN – The simple remote control & top-mounted LED display with 24-hour timer allow you to precisely control the air temperature. To clean the filter, just slide it out twice a month, rinse it thoroughly under running water, & put it back 
  • 3-in-1 FUNCTIONALITY – Combines 3 energy efficient functions for all your cooling & ventilation needs with cool, fan, & dehumidifying modes all in one machine. Bucket-less, self-evaporating operation makes your living space cool, clean and dry 
  • Cools a room approximately 15′ x 20′ 
  • Compact size
  • Comes with a full window kit for easy installation
  • 24 Hour Timer & sleep mode for energy efficiency
  • No Wifi for Internet connection

10. Koldfront WAC10003WCO 10000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

This window-mounted air conditioner can cool a space of up to 450 square feet. It has three fan speeds, four-way air direction control, a sleep mode, and a dry mode. It also includes an intuitive remote control.  When temperatures are high, the Koldfront WAC10003WCO’s 10,000 BTUs can effectively cool 450 Square Feet. The WAC10003WCO is simple to operate and maintain due to the included remote control and the digital display that is simple to read. The Koldfront WAC10003WCO air conditioner has three fan speeds for cooling and comfort. This unit is suitable for window installation. 
Key Features 
  • 10,000 BTU cooling capacity; Recommended room size: 450 sq ft; Temperature range: 62° – 86° F 
  • Three (3) separate fan speeds; 4-way air directional louvers; Remote control included; Auto function; Sleep mode; Dry mode 
  • Uses the energy efficient coolant of the future R32, which surpasses even R410 in capacity and coefficient of performance 
  • Energy Star rated; Energy Saver mode; 24-hour timer; LED filter alert; Input voltage: 115 V/60 Hz; Current 8.03A; Plug type: NEMA 5-15P 
  • Dimensions: 14.6H x 19.0W x 21.4D; Min. window height 15.5″; Window width: 23″ – 36″; PLEASE NOTE: This window air conditioner does not require a wall sleeve 
  • 10,000 BTU cooling capacity makes it ideal for large rooms up to 450 sq.ft
  • Features 4-way air directional louvers that provides maximum cooling coverage
  • Comes with a remote control that makes it easy to change the setting from anywhere in the room
  • Built-in fins may not be sturdy enough


All types of air conditioners operate similarly. First, they extract air and remove any dust and impurities with a filter. This air is then circulated over a cooling or evaporating coil, which absorbs the heat. Concurrently, moisture from the air is converted to do on the coil’s surface, effectively reducing the humidity level in the room. Finally, the air is expelled from the device, reducing the room’s temperature. 

There are numerous varieties of air conditioners. Window units are typically the most popular because they are inexpensive and straightforward to install, though they may not fit in some homes and apartments with unusually shaped windows. Portable units are advantageous because they can be moved from room to room, but they are less efficient and require more maintenance. Built-in or split systems provide a more permanent solution, but their installation requires a professional and can be costly. 

Check the air conditioner’s filter each month and clean it if necessary to keep it clean. Additionally, examine the water pan inside the unit and wipe it down with a rag or sponge to ensure proper drainage of the unit’s condensate. Additionally, it prevents mold growth. 

If you have basic DIY skills and a few tools, you can likely install a window air conditioner on your own; however, because some units are cumbersome and awkward, you may want to enlist a friend’s assistance. When purchasing a new air conditioner, you can ask the retailer for installer recommendations if you are unsure about installing it yourself. 

Depending on the type and functionality, the price of an air conditioner can range from $100 to several thousand dollars. If you need one with advanced features and a high BTU capacity, window air conditioners can cost upwards of $1,000. Portable air conditioners are typically more expensive, costing between $200 and $500 on average. In general, wall air conditioners cost $400 or more, and mini-split options begin at around $800, plus installation fees. Central air systems are often desirable because they can also be used for heating, but the system and installation will likely cost several thousand dollars. 

British Thermal Units (BTUs) are used to measure the amount of heat an air conditioner can remove from a room; larger rooms require a unit with a higher BTU. Energy Star suggests 6,000 BTU units for rooms up to 250 square feet, 8,000 BTU units for rooms up to 350 square feet, 10,000 BTU units for rooms up to 450 square feet, and 12,000 BTU units for rooms up to 550 square feet.  


These ten air conditioners are excellent options for those searching for a cost-effective and efficient way to cool their home or office. Each has distinctive features, but they are all simple to use and install. If you’re looking for a portable air conditioner, any of these are excellent options. 

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The 10 Best Window Air Conditioners

August 14, 2022

Opening a window or running a fan on a hot summer day is simply not enough to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. Not to mention the agony of trying to get a good night’s sleep in a stuffy and…

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