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Best 3D Scanners For Every Budget

3D scanning appears to follow a path similar to that of 3D printing; the formerly industrial-only technology is making its way to the budget sector, which is excellent news for anyone looking to digitize their environment. From scanning small objects to large people for virtual reality or slicing and 3D printing, 3D scanners have come a long way in terms of their capabilities and applications.

So, whether you’re looking to dip your toes into 3D scanning without breaking the bank or want something a bit more advanced for your business, the 3D scanners listed below should suffice. Despite their low cost, these scanners have impressive scanning capabilities.

For more advanced applications such as quality control, reverse engineering, and inspection, we suggest reviewing our Best 3D Scanners for Professionals list.

So, what options are there for inexpensive 3D scanners? We have the solution. Here are the most affordable 3D scanners based on their price-to-performance ratio, precision, and usability.

Our Top Picks

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How does 3D scanning work?

There are two distinct 3D scanning methods. First, using software such as display land, you move a camera, smartphone, or drone around your subject to generate 3D triangulation points. Although this method does not require new equipment, it is not the most precise.

The second method involves using dedicated 3D scanners, the devices discussed in the preceding article.

When scanning a photograph, the primary task is capturing the color; however, depending on the device, it is possible to obtain the 3D shape without any color. (This may not be an issue for game designers, but retailers require accurate colors so that site visitors can rotate the product and examine it from all angles.)

Despite this, a digital scan still contains some imperfections. Similar to how a photo scanner has a limited resolution, there will be a small space between each laser trace on the subject’s exterior. Finding software that can fill these gaps and create “closed models” is advantageous, although surface detail may be lost. Repairing the mesh will require manual labor, similar to photo editing.

3D scanners have not sold as many units as 3D printers, which suggests that the world needs more 3D content creators. Possessing a 3D scanner may even provide you with a commercial service, but don’t expect instant results.

Choosing a 3D Scanner

When selecting a 3D scanner on a budget, you should prioritize accuracy, usability, and the ability to scan the desired object size.

The objects you intend to scan will determine whether you choose a stationary, fixed scanner with a turntable or a handheld scanner with fewer restrictions on the size of things that can be scanned. A fixed 3D scanner can do much of the work for you by rotating the model, but the maximum size of the object it can scan is typically much smaller.

Precision is also crucial. Scanning objects, faces, and everything else, the majority of modern 3D scanners feature a variety of modes to accommodate the task at hand. Some will be more suitable for specific objects than others. Dark or reflective surfaces and difficult-to-scan features such as hair may necessitate additional equipment, such as a matting spray, or be insufficient to capture such details.

Finally, it would help to consider whether the software is practical and user-friendly. A 3D scan generates a large amount of data that must be processed and combined by algorithms. As a result, you should seek rendering software that performs well and doesn’t take too long. This will depend on your computer’s processing power, so check the hardware requirements and ensure your computer can handle this intensive task before you begin.

In addition to the software and capabilities of a 3D scanner, you should also consider factors such as the scanner’s weight, ergonomics, and portability. Using a handheld scanner to scan large objects or people can be particularly taxing on the wrists; this is an often-overlooked aspect of a 3D scanner’s usability.

If you want to get a head start on the technologies that are currently in use, you can skip down to our summary of 3D scanning technologies.

7 Best 3D Scanners For Every Budget 2022

These 3D scanners should meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly entry point into the world of 3D scanning or something more sophisticated for school or creative projects. Most of the 3D scanners in this section cost less than $1,000. Despite their low cost, our top picks for inexpensive 3D scanners boast impressive scanning capabilities.

1. Best 3D scanner for most people: CREALITY CR Scan 01 3D Scanner

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The Creality CR-T 3D Scanner is a fun tool for exploring the possibilities of 3D scanning, and it may also be useful for retailers because it captures the surface’s 24-bit color texture. By integrating a structured light scanner into a 15mm-thick Android tablet, Creality has created a low-cost device capable of performing basic processing and editing tasks without a computer.

Featuring automatic turntable stitching via a Bluetooth-connected turntable, the scanner is simple to operate once it has been calibrated and set up. The true beauty, however, is that it can be carried in a bag like any other tablet. There is a tripod mount on the bottom and a battery that will last for a couple of hours (although you’re probably better off using mains power). Ingeniously, the 3D scanning hardware can also function as a projector. True, there is a built-in video projector.

Key Features
  • Compatible with 3d printer
  • 0.1mm High Presicion
  • Fast Auto Matching
  • Auto data Processing
  • Auto Multi-Pose Alignment
  • White Light Safey in Use
  • 24bit Ture Color
  • User-Friendly Software
  • Tablet with built in scanner
  • Scan includes texture map
  • Bluetooth turntable
  • Functions as a media projector
  • Supply issues

2. Best 3D scanner for creatives: SOL 3D Scanner

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Here is the model we recommend for artists, designers, animators, and 3D modelers who wish to incorporate physical objects into their digital workflows. USB 3.0 and Mac compatibility contribute to the SOL 3D scanner’s suitability for this purpose. .obj,.stl,.xyz,.dae and. ply is all available export formats, allowing the software to integrate easily into any workflow.

Even in operation, this design is more elegant than others. The camera mount can adjust the scanner’s height and distance, and the included black-out tent is a nice touch.

SOL also provides a glimpse into the potential world of 3D sharing by allowing each of its customers to share up to 30 models from a storage space of approximately 30 models. This is a unique act of kindness and a nagging inducer of desire.

Key Features
  • Innovative Technology 
  • User-friendly 
  • Seamless  
  • Experience Behind The Innovation 
  • Affordable and User-Friendly
  • White Light Desktop Laser 3D Scanner
  • Automatic turntable calibration
  • High quality scan per rotation
  • High color accuracy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Steps need to be taken to avoid wobbles
  • Availability issues

3. Best 3D scanner for education: EinScan-SE White and Light Desktop 3D Scanner

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This 3D scanner, which comes with a plastic stand, appears to be more complete than other 3D scanners, which is excellent news for its reliability, especially in educational settings. Because the scanner is hard-wired to the turntable, the two are much less likely to separate due to a knock once they’ve been calibrated – unless you’re scanning objects larger than 200mm (7.9 inches).

The scanning is accomplished by a projector integrated into the scanner. In contrast to earlier models, the EinScan-SE receives the signal containing the light patterns via the same USB cable on which the information is returned. The only other cable to knock is the power cable, which is superior to Afinia’s earlier systems.

The software is user-friendly, with on-screen instructions for the process and – most importantly – the subsequent repair and assembly of the scan. You can also export various file formats, including.3mf files containing color data.

Notably, the EinScan-SP, the more expensive model, roughly halves speed and doubles resolutions, and enables the addition of coded targets.

Key Features
  • Easiest 3D scanning experience for non-technical users
  • Dual scan modes: Auto Scan and Fixed Scan
  • Easy to operate and great to performance ratio
  • Multi-functional, Capture 3D Data Easier and Faster
  • Dual scan modes: Auto Scan and Fixed Scan
  • Wide scan range from small to large.
  • Accessible price
  • Fast scan times
  • Portable
  • Minimum object 30x30x30mm

4. Open-source 3D scanning option for enthusiasts: HE3D Open Source Ciclop DIY 3D Systems Scanner Kit

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A tidal wave of enthusiasm buoys the 3D printing community, so it is only natural that this scanner has wholly assimilated into that customer base. It is available in both pre-assembled and do-it-yourself kit forms, with the latter providing substantial savings and an educational experience to complete or share.

Because this machine was designed with the open source community in mind, it also includes Linux software in addition to Mac or PC. Open source will appeal to some but not others, so we should also mention that you’ll need a Logitech C270 HD (one of the best Logitech webcams) – the webcam the designer used to scan hue and sit between the two (yes, two) lasers on the platform.

A handful of M3 screws, nuts, and washers comprise the construction. However, as with all such endeavors, there is always a risk of defective components if you choose to self-build.

Key Features
  • Totally open source 3D scanner for 3D printing , free to get the software. Generally, after you place an order, we will send you detailed instructions and software by Amazon BUYER MESSAGES,also we provide after sale service there.
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Full kits, it include all the parts for the scanner
  • Injection molding red plastics parts, not printed! that make the scanner more beatiful, you won’t encouter the problem caused by not precision size
  • Upgrade to new intergrated motherboard
  • 2 lasers scanner
  • Up to 3Kg object
  • Injection moulded option (tends to be better quality)
  • Logitech webcam needed

5. Best Value For Money 3D Scanner With Turntable: Matter & Form Mfs1V2 3D Scanner V2

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Matter and Form released its first 3D scanner in 2014 to provide an affordable alternative to the market’s abundance of expensive hardware. Since then, Matter and Form have sold thousands of 3D scanners worldwide.

The updated Matter and Form V2 (MFS1V2) 3D scanner are now available. Maintaining a similar appearance to its predecessor, the manufacturer has prioritized usability improvements. Its +Quickscan feature, which can scan an object in as little as 65 seconds, truly elevates this scanner to the next level. If you already own V1, you can purchase V2 through MF Studio, or it is included with V2.

Matter and Form V2 is an affordable option for artists, educators, and hobbyists seeking a high-resolution 3D scanner. It costs just under $750. However, this is not a professional-grade 3D scanner.

The V2 is a 3D scanner that is highly accessible. It is well-documented, making it easy to use, and more importantly, it provides exceptional customer service and support. If you’re just getting started with 3D scanning or want to use it in an educational setting or as a hobby, this machine is an excellent option that won’t break the bank. It struggles with certain types of objects; for instance, it will never be able to handle delicate items with numerous holes. However, it performs admirably with tangible things where the laser can detect all surfaces. Despite its flaws, we believe its price of just under $750 and +Quickscan software make it worthy of consideration.

Key Features
  • Designed in Canada to transform beginners to professionals. The Matter & Form V2 3D scanner +quick scan is the next evolution of desktop 3D scanning
  • Equipped with Matter & Form +quick scan software. The V2 allows you to get complete geometry in as little as 65 seconds
  • The perfect 3D printing companion. The V2 is designed to integrate seamlessly into your workflow. Simply scan, mesh and Export your creation, to be used with any 3D printer in the world
  • Get up to 0.1 mm accuracy with the precision of eye-safe red lasers. Supported on both Windows and Mac, with multiple export capability for 3D printing
  • Sleek, foldable design allows you to keep your scanner and workspace neat and clean. An integrated case protects both the turntable and the camera. Simply fold up the base When not in use
  • Approachable and easy to use software
  • Excellent customer service
  • Scans quickly if you have +Quickscan
  • Decent scans
  • Scans texture well
  • Low (relatively speaking) price
  • Compact and portable
  • Meshing algorithm can have difficulty identifying empty space and turns it into blobs
  • Trouble picking up very fine detail
  • Lighting can be tough to get right — would be great if it came with a lighting box or some structure to aid this

6. Best Cheap 3D Scanner: Revopoint POP 3D Scanner

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The Revopoint Pop is a budget-friendly scanner that prioritizes usability and affordability. The Pop scans its targets with a dual-camera infrared binocular structured light and an RGB sensor that detects color and texture data.

It offers an accuracy of up to 0.3 mm and a scanning speed of up to 8 fps for full-color scans. You have two options for scanning objects with the Revopoint Pop: fixed or free. In selected mode, you are restricted to a space between 50 x 50 x 50 mm and 200 x 300 x 300 mm. Revopoint provides a turntable to facilitate stationery scanning. With modes such as Feature mode, Marker mode, Face or Body Mode, and even Dark mode for darker objects, it is possible to differentiate further how the Pop is utilized. Its light source is a class 1 laser, which is safe for the eyes, so you won’t blind your friends when scanning their faces.

You don’t want a handheld 3D scanner to be too heavy if you’re using it. With a weight of 225 grams and dimensions of 155 x 38 x 26 millimeters, the Revopoint Pop should not make you feel like you’ve been to the gym. It is also relatively portable. This handheld scanner is also compatible with smartphones and power banks, making it a mobile piece of technology.

Naturally, a scanner in its price range will have limitations, such as the difficulty of capturing highly reflective or transparent objects. Also, anything black will be complicated to scan. Some techniques, such as a mattifying spray, may be necessary for the more reflective areas.

Revopoint offers the scanning software Handyscan and the post-processing software 3DmodelProcess on a USB stick. They provide the tools for transforming a 3D scan into a 3D model, which can then be exported as an STL file for 3D printing. Although the software is usable, it lacks the finesse of more capable and expensive alternatives.

Nevertheless, if you want to 3D scan figurines or people without spending a fortune, the Revopoint Pop is a solid budget option. If you intend to utilize the scanner in handheld mode, it will cost you $500. Additionally, a Starter kit includes an auto turntable and phone holder, advanced equipment that consists of all of the above, plus a power bank setup for $600.

Key Features
  • Accuracy Up to 0.3mm
  • Multi scanning modes
  • Eye-safe infrared Light
  • Work with PC/PHONE/PAD
  • Directly export stl. ply. or obj
  • RevoPoint Support
  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • Small high details scans are not the best

7. Best Value 3D Scanner: Shining3D White Light Desktop 3D Scanner

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Shining 3D calls their EinScan SE model the “cheapest professional level 3D scanner”; it is their entry-level 3D scanner. Some of their other scanners, such as the Einscan Pro 2X, can cost upwards of $7,000, but just because the EinScan SE is their most minor expensive scanner doesn’t mean it’s not impressive.

It can scan up to 70 x 70 x 70 cm, which should be sufficient for your printing needs unless you need to scan entire automobiles or people. Furthermore, it is accurate to 0.1mm, so scan quality will not be an issue.

You can either have the object being scanned rotate automatically or manually, as the EinScan-SE provides multiple options. Overall, it is a very impressive 3D scanner for the price.

The Shining 3D Einscan-SP desktop 3D scanner is appropriate for both novices and experts in various fields, such as design and manufacturing, science, and art. The product includes free, highly effective software. Since the light source is completely safe for the eyes, even children can use the scanner, making it an excellent tool for educational purposes. 

Compared to the Einscan-SE, the Einscan-SP has dramatically improved scan speed and accuracy, which are likely the deciding factors when purchasing such equipment. In addition, this model supports alignment with markers, which significantly increases the level of automation and — more importantly — the quality of results when scanning objects devoid of distinguishing features and geometry.

Key Features
  • Go3DPro is Official Authorized Distributor of Shining 3D EinScan Products. This product comes with FREE Worldwide Global WARRANTY by Shining 3D 
  • Scan Speed: 8 sec/ 2 min Fixed/ Auto scan. Feature/ Manual Alignment Mode for Fixed Scan. Turnable/ Manual Alignment Mode for Auto Scan.
  • Single Shot Accuracy <0.1 mm; Min scan Volume 30mm x 30mm x 30mm; Max volume: 700x700x700 for fixed scan, 200mm x 200mm x 200mm for auto scan
  • Single Shot size: 200mm x150mm; Point distance 0.17-0.2mm
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1* Scanner, 1* Turntable, 1* Scanner stand, 1* Scanner Bracket, 1* Calibration Board Holder, 1* Power Cord, 1* Power Adapter, 1* USB Cable A, 1* USB Cable B, 1* Quick Guide.Package Dimension:610×295×205 mm3. 1 Year Manufacture Warranty and Lifetime Support.
  • High accuracy and detail;
  • High scanning speed (4 sec per scan);
  • Ease of use;
  • Safe light source;
  • Semi-automatic calibration;
  • Two modes of scanning: Fixed and Auto;
  • Color and texture scanning;
  • Compatible with most 3D printers;
  • Multi-purpose.
  • To scan dark and shiny areas, one would need to use scanning spray, unlike with laser 3D scanners;
  • The scan volume in auto mode is fairly restricted;
  • Relatively high system requirements, the necessity of an Nvidia graphics card.


It is the accuracy of one image capture. Example: 0.05mm accuracy. Most 3D scanner OEMs also specify volumetric accuracy. It is the accuracy of several captures, and this global accuracy diminishes the bigger the scanned part is.

Handheld 3D scanners, portable 3D scanners, and wireless 3D scanners. Portable 3D scanners and handheld 3D scanners are designed to be carried and operated by hand. The person holding the 3D scanner points it at the object to capture it from different angles and obtain a 3D model.

Some advanced white light 3D scanners only need one second to make 16 frames and capture 2 million points of the object. A top-of-the-range handheld scanner with VCSEL technology is capable of going as fast as 80 frames per second and capturing up to 4 million points in a flash.

It’s the distance between two points in a 3D model. The smaller the number, the higher the resolution. Lower resolution means points are more spaced out. Higher resolution means points are denser, therefore providing more details.

The manufacturer receives on average $9,750. Reason #2: hidden costs are built into the price of the scanner. Aside from the hardware components that make up your 3D scanner, there are lots of expenses that go into making and marketing your device. Warranty costs.

At its most basic, it involves taking a lot of images of an object from different angles and stitching those photos together in a software program to create a 3D model. Alongside a DSLR camera, you will need an Arduino, a stepper motor and driver, an LCD screen, and an IR LED.

3D scanners help preserve history by capturing delicate artifacts and fossils into 3D digital form. Non-contact 3D scanners, such as structured-light systems, are especially great for this type of application because they capture the object without causing any disturbance to the original.


The preceding information about three 3D scanners should make it simple to choose a high-quality, cost-effective scanner that meets your needs.To learn more about the product, visit the product’s Amazon page for additional information and customer reviews. I hope you make the correct choice.

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