Apple TV 4K Is Available To Spectrum Subscribers For $7.50 Per Month

Charter Spectrum announced on Friday a promotion that allows new and existing Spectrum TV and Internet customers to add an Apple TV 4K to their subscription for $7.50 per month. The promotion follows the release of a standalone Apple TV app.

The hardware offer was detailed in a press release announcing the Thursday App Store release of the Spectrum TV App for tvOS.

According to the terms disclosed in the document, new and existing customers will be able to add Apple’s top-tier streaming box to their monthly plan for $7.50 plus tax for 24 months beginning the following week. Charter is presumably marketing the 32GB Apple TV 4K, as the full-term cost is comparable to purchasing the $179 device at retail. This is not specified in the press release.

“With Spectrum TV on Apple TV 4K, customers can now enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience on their iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of marketing. With innovative features such as zero sign-on, the Apple TV app, and Siri, customers are able to immediately begin watching their preferred channels, shows, movies, and sports.

Charter Spectrum became the first U.S. basic cable provider to offer support for tvOS 12’s zero sign-on functionality with the launch of Spectrum TV this week. The feature authenticates existing subscriptions automatically, allowing users seamless access to channels and on-demand content provided by their chosen cable package.

Zero sign-on is intended as a replacement for “single sign-on” functionality, which debuted in 2016 to streamline the login process for an increasing number of third-party video streaming applications.

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