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Apple Shatters Earnings Records, Dissatisfies Analysts, And Offers Holiday Cheer — November 2018 At Apple In Review

Looking back at Apple’s November 2018 performance, it appeared that investors were not as Christmassy as Apple is with its new holiday advertisements. Microsoft has surpassed Apple as the most valuable company in the world, so Apple may be searching in the wrong places for solace.

Thus, Apple held the second of its major Fall events in October. However, sometimes a trillion-dollar company has no recourse. In November, Apple released three new phones, two new iPads, a desktop Mac, a laptop, a pencil, and some sort of keyboard cover; however, its stock price continued to decline. Apple was no longer a trillion-dollar company due to a significant decline in its stock price.

It will return, and if Tim Cook were here right now, he would say that it was never about the money, to begin with, so there. In November 2018, Apple lost the title of World’s Most Valuable Company to Microsoft, which had to sting.

You may have forgotten that Apple is the most valuable publicly traded company in the world because it has held this position for so long. Apple ranked first between August 2011 and November 2018.

It will be again, Microsoft will be again, and all of these companies will dance around, but Apple must be hurting. On the other hand, it is November. Apple had released new products, but after two months of announcing them, the company needed to get them into consumers’ hands.

In passage

While many of us were tracking our packages, Apple may have been constructing a new shelf for all the awards it received.

The enterprise as a whole was awarded the Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award for its efforts to increase device accessibility.

This is not a new effort or direction for Apple, nor is it the company’s first award of this kind. Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s Senior Director of Global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives, stated that accessibility has been central to the company “from the very beginning” while accepting the award.

“Our products should eliminate obstacles so that you can achieve this regardless of your ability. This task is never complete “she said. However, this is precisely the type of design and engineering challenge Apple was created for.

Also this month, Apple received the Stop Slavery Award from the Thomson Reuters Foundation and announced a new initiative to help victims of human trafficking find employment within the company.

The Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park then received the Structural Artistry award from the Institute of Structural Engineers of the United Kingdom. You’ve never heard of them and are wondering how many awards ceremonies there are in the world, but then you see an image of Apple Park.

And you conclude that this is structural artistry. Even if individuals bump into its walls. It is a nominal cost to pay for art.

The Steve Jobs Theater is “the largest structure solely supported by the glass,” according to the UK organization, which presented the award to Eckersley O’Callaghan & Arup, an architectural firm.

It will not be the last honor Apple Park receives. Tim Cook was announced as the inaugural recipient of the Anti-Defamation League’s Courage Against Hate award in November.

Tim Cook has been a pioneer in combating the use of technology to spread hatred on Apple’s platforms, according to ADL CEO and National Director Jonathan Greenblatt. “We are proud and excited to present Tim with this award because he is a staunch advocate for the LGBTQ community and immigrants’ rights while denouncing racist vitriol like the events in Charlottesville.”

In December, Cook would receive the award and deliver the keynote address.

Tim Cook continued to speak out on social and political issues in his new role, but he did so through keynote addresses. He excels at these.

Money beckons

Cook is similarly competent when speaking on Apple’s quarterly financial call, the legally mandated earnings announcement. They are essentially audiobook versions of Apple’s required financial statements. Although they also include hopeful questions from analysts who believe Apple may reveal plans and patient responses from Tim Cook stating that it will not.

The November earnings call did come at an interesting time, however, as Apple broke records in November. Tim Cook stated on the call, “We’re thrilled to report another record-breaking quarter that culminates a phenomenal fiscal 2018 in which we shipped our 2 billionth iOS device, celebrated the 10th anniversary of the App Store, and achieved the highest revenue and earnings in Apple’s history.”

So Apple is making a fortune and releasing highly regarded products.

What possibly could go wrong?

Apple’s stock price took an immediate hit because successful new products and high earnings are undesirable. Or, investment analysts examine this and conclude that it cannot continue.

“Calendar fourth-quarter guidance reflects our cautious view on weaker-than-expected iPhone XS and iPhone XR sell-through and production cuts,” wrote analyst Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities.

In other words, the new iPhones are not selling. Allegedly.

There were numerous rumors that demand for the iPhone XR had been particularly low.

Apple’s announcement during this earnings call that it would no longer report specific iPhone sales figures drew considerable attention. On future earnings calls, the company would disclose its revenue but not the number of phones it sold.

Everyone reacted with outrage, and the conclusion was that Apple was concealing something. Apple is saved from oblivion only because the price of iPhones is increasing. Sales must be declining.

AppleInsider stated that no other company had ever disclosed its specific sales figures, and nobody had ever complained about them.


While some were concerned about Apple’s accounting practices and others saw how the move fit into the company’s history, there were greater disagreements regarding the company’s future.

However, this was not always the case, or at least it did not appear to be the case for Apple. Now, Qualcomm received bad news.

Qualcomm manufactures modems for mobile phones, and Apple has utilized their technology for many years. This month, US District Judge Lucy Koh issued a preliminary ruling against Qualcomm in an antitrust lawsuit brought by the Federal Trade Commission.

The court ruled that Qualcomm must license its modem technology to competitors such as Intel.

Apple and Qualcomm had been engaged in a global legal battle over patents and royalties up until this point. By November, Apple had rolled up its sleeves, was preparing for trial, and was in no way communicating privately with Qualcomm.

Someone should have told Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf the opposite, as he claimed otherwise. “We do communicate as corporations,” he told CNBC. We are truly on the verge of resolving this.

Ironically, the CEO of a company that manufactures communication equipment does not realize he is not communicating. However, if you recognize that this quote was merely an olive branch, you should realize that it arrived too late.

Apple CEO Tim Cook for President? Not at all

Even before that CNBC interview aired, the New York Times reported that Qualcomm’s PR firm had been targeting Apple with attack campaigns.

Apple was influenced by Definers Public Affairs, the same firm that Facebook used to smear critics following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Much of the investigation focused on whether or not the conservative-leaning news aggregator NTK Network disseminated stories critical of Apple. According to Joe Pounder, the chief editor of NTK, this is nonsense. “NTK chooses what it writes and posts about,” he explained.

Perhaps we are naive to assume that this signifies editorial independence; he may have simply meant that NTK chooses to publish whatever Definers PR tells it.

Definers, for its part, boasted to prospective clients that it effectively owned NTK. Tim Miller of Definers wrote, “Definers manages NTK Network, a news aggregation platform that targets Washington D.C. influencers.” Through NTK, we can directly republish positive news from other media outlets and collaborate with like-minded individuals to create an echo chamber effect.

Whether they have planted stories or completely independent editorials, at least 57 articles about Apple were reportedly published by NTK. The New York Times also cited emails proving “dozens” of articles were planted on conservative news websites.

We can confirm that Definers also emailed us. Miller contacted AppleInsider in June 2017 with a pitch for an article alleging coordination between Apple, Intel, Samsung, and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Apple, Intel, and Samsung are renowned for their close relationships.

Miller’s email to us omitted the fact that Definers worked for Qualcomm as virtually the only omission. We made it.

There was one additional piece by Definers that must be mentioned. A company that worked to discredit Apple and Tim Cook was allegedly behind a campaign to elect Tim Cook as president.

Whether or not you believe Cook would be a good president is irrelevant to Definers PR or Qualcomm, who is believed to have been motivated by other factors. The current occupant of the building is what matters, and Tim Cook and Donald Trump’s relationship at this time was unstable.

Apple was one of more than 50 major US companies that drafted and signed a letter opposing the Trump administration’s plans to define gender at the beginning of November.

In addition to Apple, the letter is signed by Google and Microsoft. The two were then invited to a December technology roundtable event at the White House, but Tim Cook was not. Oh, and Steve Mollenkopf of Qualcomm was.

In addition, while the administration has been imposing tariffs on a variety of industries, it did indicate at the end of the month that iPhones could be in question. President Trump, when asked about the next round of tariffs and whether they would apply to duties paid on imported phones and computers, stated: “Maybe. Maybe. The answer depends on the rate. I mean, I can make it 10 percent, which people can easily tolerate.”

Regarding politics

In November, the United States held midterm elections, and technology companies were among those working to increase voter turnout. All of the major car-riding companies, including Uber and Lyft, provided free or discounted rides to polling stations — but never back — and updated their apps to assist voters in locating them.

On the day itself, Apple News was redesigned to place midterm coverage at the forefront of the app. Through a connection with the Associated Press, Apple News provided real-time information on the Senate and House balances.

As you are aware, the result was that the Democrats gained control of the House, but Apple’s home state of California also got a new governor. AppleInsider examined the potential effects of both of these on Apple.

Regarding people

This month, neither office nor a PR firm was required to make news. Mark Zuckerberg allegedly ordered Facebook executives to abandon iPhones in response to Tim Cook’s criticisms of Facebook. Later on, he denied being so petty and simply stated that Android is “the most popular operating system in the world.”

Then there was the Black Friday shopper who either misread the terms and conditions or simply failed to notice them and consequently filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for not doing what it did not promise to do.

We do not know the exact cost of suing Apple and, one imagines, having a judge tell you to read the fine print. However, it is likely to exceed the $200 gift card that this shopper believes she is entitled to.

We’re also not entirely on board with the notion of purchasing an expensive iPad Pro and then bending it to the point of breaking. In retrospect, YouTuber JerryRigEverything could have simply waited for Apple to bend some iPads, but in November he torture-tested one iPad himself for laughs.

AppleInsider also tested the new iPad Pro models in November, though our methodology involved using them rather than holding a lighter to them to determine how long a flame would last.

Everything examined

We also tested, reviewed, and tried every Apple product introduced in September and October. The outcomes were uniformly good but not uniformly exceptional.

How Apple relocated the Smart Connector on the new iPad Pros was also met with harsh criticism. This ostensibly straightforward modification conceals a remarkable lack of foresight, which means the connector may never be as useful as Apple anticipated.

However, we discovered that the iPhone XR is much more than just an entry-level smartphone.

Considering November

Apple released new products in November, some of which included hardware: the Apple Watch received two new Hermes bands. In addition, watchOS 5.1.1 was released to resolve issues with Apple Watches becoming unusable.

Otherwise, Apple unveiled plans for a new Entrepreneur Camp for women with app-based businesses and unveiled new advertisements, including a festively animated one.

It seemed premature to be looking ahead to the end of the year, but perhaps Apple is just eager to take a break.

What occurred next

Continue reading AppleInsider’s 2018 review. Apple disclosed how its technology was saving lives. Apple had to contend with lawsuits and a new PR blunder regarding the iPad Pro. Reviewing the final month of 2018.

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