Apple Confirms Additional Issues for Buyers of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models are afflicted with a particular issue that causes their displays to flash horizontal lines. Apple has now confirmed the issue and disclosed that a fix is in development.

In an internal Apple memo seen by MacRumors and confirmed by me, the company admits that customers may “report seeing horizontal lines flash across the screen when they turn on or unlock their phone.”

Importantly, Apple has ruled out a hardware defect that may have prompted the recall, stating in the memo that “a software update will soon resolve the issue”

When is “imminent”? It would appear that iOS 16.3, which is currently in beta testing, is the answer, but this seems unlikely. This major update has just entered its second public beta, and Apple typically releases four to six betas in addition to a “Release Candidate” before a product’s launch. Therefore, I would not anticipate iOS 16.3 to be released before late February.

More likely, is iOS 16.2.1. While iOS 16.2 was relatively stable, Apple is releasing a series of “minor point” updates to address remaining iOS 16 launch-related bugs. Apple rarely publicly beta-tests minor point updates, so a fix could be released as soon as the company is prepared.

In a new report, MacRumors states that iPhone owners running iOS 16 are reporting a “vast array of bugs,” many of which are unique to the iPhone 14 series. These include sluggish keyboard response, camera freezes, and truly bizarre user interface bugs, among others. Numerous Reddit, forum, and social media complaints are referenced in the report.

MacRumors also cites the opinions of three influential tech YouTubers, whose tweets about iOS 16.2 — the most recent version of iOS 16 — and iPhone 14 models have gained significant traction in the last 48 hours. Aaron Zollo of Zolltech tweeted, “I’m hearing from more and more people about iOS 16.2’s problems.” “I hope a major bug fix is forthcoming. Hearing more of this every day.”

44% of iPhone owners surveyed by Rjey Tech reported more app crashes after installing iOS 16.2, while Tom ‘The Tech Chap’ Honeyands tweeted, “My iPhone 14 pro max is by far the most buggy iPhone I’ve used in a LONG time… Is it just me?? (iOS 16.2)” and received tens of thousands of confirmations of his suspicions.

Apple has work to do, and with iOS 16.3’s release still, weeks away, I anticipate iOS 16.2.1 to be released sooner rather than later.

Sources have informed me that Apple is working on a fix for the horizontal lines bug, which it intends to release as soon as possible in iOS 16.2.1. Priority is also being given to addressing several other iOS 16.2 issues, but if there is a delay, they will be pushed to iOS 16.3, which could launch as early as this month.

iOS 16.3 will now be released the following week, following a significantly shorter testing period than the majority of major point updates in recent years. This means that iOS 16.2.1 will expire]

[01/19 Update: iOS 16.3 Release Candidate is now available, and testing has confirmed that it includes the horizontal lines fix. Excellent news.]

iOS 16.3 is a major update that adds significant new features. This includes integrating nearby parking options into Apple Maps, enhancing the usability of Emergency SOS calls, supporting third-party security keys instead of two-factor authentication, and introducing new notifications for HomePod Handoffs.

The last of these is likely to arrive before the release of Apple’s first new HomePod since 2020, which Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed yesterday will “be arriving soon.” According to rumors, it will replace the original HomePod, as opposed to being an update to the more recent HomePod Mini, but little else is known.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max had a problematic debut. This display issue joins iMessage and FaceTime activation issues, CarPlay, data migration, iCloud bugs, shaky camera lenses, random restarts, lock screen, and Dynamic Island bugs, and excessive battery drain.

With iPhone 15 rumors already surfacing, those on the fence about an upgrade may wish to wait until the next generation. However, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max owners can rest assured that the latest in a long line of fixes is imminent.

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