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Android 14 Can Ensure That Your Device Can Continue To Access The Internet As It Ages

Google is developing a new feature for Android 14 that will allow Android devices to remain connected to the internet even as they age. According to Esper’s Mishaal Rahman, it enables devices to dynamically update their root certificates. Currently, root certificates can only be updated on Android devices via system updates. Users will be able to update root certificates on their devices via Google Play Services with the new feature.

This feature will ensure that the Android device can remain connected to the internet even if the device manufacturer no longer provides system updates.

What is a root certificate, and why is its expiration important?

When an Android device is used to visit a website, the website establishes a secure connection with the device using root certificates. These root certificates have an expiration date, and when they expire, the website will no longer be able to establish a secure connection with your Android smartphone or tablet, preventing it from opening.

As previously stated, root certificates on Android devices can only be updated via system updates provided by the device manufacturer. Therefore, as the device ages, it may no longer receive system updates. In such a case, a device’s root certificate may have expired, preventing it from loading websites.

This will not be the case with Android 14 devices. Users will be able to update root certificates independently of system updates through Google Play Services. Therefore, even if their device becomes obsolete and no longer receives Android updates, they will be able to obtain the most recent root certificates and maintain Internet connectivity. Since Google is considering making it a core module, all device manufacturers will be required to implement it.

This is a great feature for Galaxy devices with a lower price point

Samsung’s Galaxy A01 and Galaxy M01 entry-level smartphones receive Android updates for only two years. Therefore, when Samsung stops updating these devices and one of their root certificates expires, these devices may be unable to load websites. However, once Samsung updates these phones to Android 14, this will no longer be the case.

Last year, a root certificate expired on devices running Android 7 and older versions of the operating system, preventing them from accessing specific websites. Android 14 may prevent this issue from resurfacing. Also, the next major root certificate will expire in 2035. Therefore, people will not have to worry about it shortly.

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