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Surely you know the problem. You are looking for a product and are faced with such a large selection that your decision is almost impossible. Which product is good and satisfies your expectations? Which offer should you rather move your fingers and do not do yourself a favor, even if the buying is cheap and the reviews of the other buyers do not sound so bad? In the end, the diversity will only help you if you can make it transparent and trust in a genuinely independent opinion.

Who are we?

We are a manufacturer-independent test portal. In the fields of wellness, household and electronics, baby, garden, home improvement and sports, we test equipment and products for you. Many manufacturers want to put their products to the test in our practice test to detect and eliminate potential weaknesses. All tests on the respective products are, of course, carried out objectively as far as possible, although individual components may always be included. On the one hand, the testers receive from the dealers themselves the products with the order to “test them” and partly also to anonymous test purchases.The salesman in the store, the dealer on the Internet or an advertising medium, you no longer believe. This is not surprising, as the trader, no matter how good he advises you, is, of course, in his interest and with the focus on his prospects. Have you already experienced a salesperson who describes a product which is of interest to you with a negative feature and thus makes you the purchase decision? In contrast, you have certainly already experienced that the promised features and advantages of home are no longer present at all and that you have a product “chatter,” which you do not need and in retrospect in this form Also did not want.With us, you have chosen an independent consultant who has been testing various product groups for several years and is testing a variety of devices and articles. Our tests are not only independent but also comprehensive and based on the most important customer criteria. To form an opinion and to test a product for you, we buy or lend the products listed or evaluated on the portal or ask the manufacturer if a product is available for testing. Even if we have sought contact with the manufacturer for some products, the evaluation is independent and is not affected in any way in its neutrality. All informative pictures and product videos are not advertising with us but inform you accurately and independently of the products. With all our test reports, you can be sure that we have not only held the product in our hands but have tested it thoroughly and evaluated it honestly.

Extensive tests without disguising criticism

Hand on the heart, which product or machine is already 100 percent perfect? Can you see it? This is the reason for the difference between our individual characteristics and other test results. Since we are not dependent on manufacturers or suppliers and do not speak to anyone about the mouth or in the direction of the advertising drum, you also find all the shortcomings or little criticisms honestly listed. If you buy a product from our reviews, you will not be disappointed and will be able to see precisely the aspects of the product, which you have already learned from us in our test portal. They save a lot of trouble, which always occurs when the information is incorrect or incomplete. Often a test report from the laboratory is not only very transparent but also very useful for you as a consumer and potential customer. We test for you from people for people, so the test report is comprehensible, honest and free from not clearly defined statements.As we test for you, you can spare yourself an unnecessary and expensive purchase, which you will not be happy with at the end and with which you will not buy the product promised to you in the advertising. We test engineers, as well as a variety of different technical devices and products, beauty and wellness offers from various manufacturers, as well as products for daily needs and your life. In a transparent comparison, you can see from our tests, which pros and cons are associated with a product and thus decide explicitly and whether this product suits you or does not fully convince you. Our team has the expertise required to test different products and articles. However, as we test our products from the consumer’s perspective and not from the manufacturer, the results are the basis for a satisfactory and safe purchase.

What can we do for you?

Whether you are watching for an electric toothbrush, a new TV set or a kitchen appliance, a new Make Up series, or a wellness bath with an honest rating, we are your test portal, with manufacturer-independent opinion, which we publicly represent for you and you Thus providing the desired insight. Since we are acting without financial interests, there is no reason to gloss over anything and present a result with a non-realistic assessment. You will no hard have to rely on the flowery speeches of dealers and suppliers, but you can also make a judgment through these test reports and trust in a test in which the product has been subjected to all possible test criteria. Your shortfalls will be reduced and you will save a lot of money. Memorize how many products you have already purchased and only realized during the use that the actual reviews of the so-called other buyers do not correspond to the facts.It is known that many reviews are purchased on the Internet. Even in test portals you do not always have the certainty that the evaluated product has been tested and comprehensively controlled for its function and benefits. In order to avoid this problem and no longer rely on purchased opinions, you are in the right spot and have chosen a test portal that deals with product testing and do not hesitate to buy the product To hold it in their own hands. Our advantage is the fact that we work in a team and get different opinions about a product. These flow into the test report, whereby an independent result and not just a person ascertained result shows. There are many reasons to encourage you to read real test results. The most important reason, however, is your safety as a consumer, who will no longer jeopardize you and invest in products that do not meet the purpose you have in use.Instead of spending a lot of time reading reviews and customer feedback, you can take the right decision with a glance in our test portal and get all the information you need about the item you want. We notify you about the positive and negative characteristics, tell you about the advantages and disadvantages, as well as to real experiences in the use of the tested product. You will find clear comparison tables, constantly up-to-date products and can rely on the warranty that we present you 100 percent independent tests. Do not leave your customer satisfaction to coincidence any longer and decide to obtain an opinion that is not available and is not related to the promises made by a manufacturer. We are not marketers, but experienced consumers who will help you select the products that best suit your needs and provide you with the basis for your decisions. As you are doing, thousands of customers who are overwhelmed by the big offer and are irresolute in their decision-making process. The comprehensive test reports, in which all the facts about a product are used, you no longer have to choose and trust the dealer, but can independently inform yourself before buying.