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Nerf Vortex Vigilon Review

The Nerf Vortex Vigilon is one of the blowers with which Hasbro 2011 launched the new Vortex series. In the Vortex series plastic discs are used instead of plastic arrows. The series was presented in a pompous event and enjoyed great popularity because the values like accuracy and range are even better than most of the elite series Nerf Guns.


  • Very reliable
  • Extremely good performance
  • Easy to use


  • Small magazine
  • Magazine door can open when running
  • Coloration of the case only average

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As a result, the discs have the great advantage of being less unstable to fly, and also of bouncing objects. Smart shooters allow this to fire around the corner or behind a cover. The Nerf Vortex Vigilon is, therefore, a primordial rock of the series and is characterized by a green/orange color. In the last four years, the Nerf Vigilon has not yet received an update, which they do not need.

Design and ergonomics of the Nerf Vortex

Thanks to its great reliability and very good handling, the Nerf Vigilon is one of the Nerf blasters that cannot be wrong. The shutter lever for the magazine door is, for example, mounted on both sides and the Vigilon is extremely robust. After opening the spring-loaded magazine door, up to 5 disc discs (XLR disc type) can be inserted. As with all Vortex series blowers, charging problems or jamming is very rare.

Handling and performance

The Nerf Vigilon is sharpened by pulling back the track on the blaster run; then the shot can be triggered by the trigger and the disc flies to its target. The reloading process is pleasantly fast and straightforward. You just have to make sure the discs are aligned correctly so that they can not jam.

The range of the Vortex Vigilon is quite good with 17.5 meters, and surprisingly it does not change when the blaster is angled. The fire rate is not as high as most Nerf guns without a flywheel, about one disc per second are possible.

The Vigilon is fun; the ammunition closes each time with a satisfying ” shmup,” it is well in hand and looks like the “Lawgiver” from the film Dreed.

Conclusion to the Nerf Vigilon

On the contrary, the magazine release triggers itself too easily by itself during the race, which can lead to an unexpected magazine loss. A magazine of 5 shots is quite small and therefore coverage fire is difficult. The bottom line is the Nerf Vortex Vigilon but a really solid choice that brings fun and combines good range with good hit accuracy.

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