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Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 Review

The futuristic Nerf Vortex series comes with a cool sci-fi look, which suggests that these weapons are technologies from the future – perhaps from another planet? One does not know. The fact is, the Vortex Nerfs shoot green discs instead of darts. You ask yourself what the pros and cons bring with it? Well, on the one hand, the discs are much more reliable, and it is less likely to load inhibitions. On the other hand, the range is on the average with the Nerf Vortex weapons bigger than with the usual Dartbladtern.


  • High range
  • Cool design
  • Cool recharge
  • Very high fire rate
  • Easy and fast recharging


  • Very loud
  • A little less precise than the predecessor

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Design and ergonomics of the Revonix 360

The Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 is a remake of the well-known Vortex Pyragon. However, the large magazine which is attached to the pyragon underneath the barrel (as in the case of a turbulent) is missing, because the Revonix 360 has instead a revolver magazine and additional breakpoints for a (not supplied) rifle belt. Also, along Tactical Rail for additional modules.

Even if the Nerf Revonix 360 is firmly oriented to the design of the Pyragon, it is a lot bullish. The Revonix’s barrel is about 2 cm wider, although there is no technical reason for it. Contrary to the predecessor, the Vortex Revonix 360 also has an ejection lever and an ejection door (slam door) to release the jamming. This feature is also found in other Vortex series blasters, such as the Diatron and this works very well. Through the door, even the loading mechanism can be admired, which moves the disc from a lateral position to a horizontal.

The design and in particular the color is very cool, noble white with red flames on the run let Nerf boy hearts beat faster! The flames fit well because the blaster makes an infernal noise when firing the darts, one could mean the run burns.

Nerf Revonix: Handling and Performance

The drum magazine holds incredible 30 discs and comes with the nice advantage that it can be loaded relatively easily within a Nerf battle. Only the front of the two handles can be dragged, the drum magazine is rotating, and the next disc (also has slam-fire) is loaded. We find that does not run as smoothly as with the Pyragon – almost already one has the feeling against the mechanism to fight. Also, the front handles are not very comfortable in either hand.

The disc is inserted at the side of the drum magazine of the Nerf Vortex Revonix 360; the disc can be inserted super-easy on both sides, like the coin at the machine. At the same time, the integrated drum has the advantage over the external 40-disc Pyragon magazine that it does not always fall out, but of course, a not full magazine can also be fed. A small drawback is that the Revonix 360 cannot record in which chamber still discs since the drum rotates after each shot leads uneven loading to “empty shots.” Each of the six drums can hold up to 5 discs.

Regarding range, the Nerf Revonix 360 can play its full strength and creates a good 19 meters (angled 22 meters). However, you certainly do not hit every target at this distance; the scatter is as with all nerf guns present. Effectively it is up to 15 meters. Although the Revonix is superior in range, the Pyragon is more accurate. However, all Vortex Blasters suffer from a low flying speed of the discs (compared to dart blasters) which make them vulnerable to wind. Therefore, discs often turn right or left just before the target or are pushed up or down by the wind. When using indoors, you do not have this problem, of course.

With the Revonix 360, this results in a scatter of about 1 meter to the left and right of the target to the maximum distance, without angling. Some outliers landed as usual with Nerf far away with up to 4 meters, probably by a gust. At the fire rate, on the other hand, the Nerf Revonix was able to shine again, with a fantastic three discs per second!

Conclusion on the Vortex Revonix 360

The Vortex Revonix has, in our opinion, pushed the king of the Vortex series from the throne up to now, but the Revonix 360 can still hold its own. Super design, good handling, easy reloading, a magazine which can not fall out and convince a high rate of fire. Moreover, it is lighter than the pyragon and has a slamming door.

There is no reason not to buy this nerf blaster, whether it’s a nerf battle, a LARP event, or fun for the son-in-law – everyone is here. Access!

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