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Nerf Vortex Diatron Review

The Nerf Vortex Diatron goes completely new ways in the Vortex series, not only that it fires two discs at once, it even uses a priming mechanism (trigger mechanism), which has never been seen before. This also brings with it a problem with itself as you will immediately experience.


  • Horny design
  • Multi-Shot Madness
  • Good performance


  • Unusual priming mechanism
  • Reasonable reloading
  • Little shot

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Design and ergonomics of the Nerf Diatron


The Nerf Vortex Diatron is very much oriented to its older brother of the Vigilon, which applies, for example, to the magazine trigger levers and the bullied design. Regarding color, the Nerf Vortex Dilation with very fine white and a red front area, however, strikes his brother by lengths. She just looks like a hammer! Like the Vigilon, the lever for opening the magazine is attached on both sides, accessible by the thumb of the left or right hand; the same is the loud and satisfying snap with which the rather large magazine compartment opens. Due to the lever position, this could happen unintentionally, which would cause the Nerf Diatron to lose all eight discs.

There are eight discs, not the maximum load, the magazine could use theoretically even ten discs, which fit synonymous, however, they are very difficult to get to the one and the other jamming the Nerf Gun jamming. From that, we find the magazine is too deep, of course, it is also of the disc width. However, children’s hands probably have quite a lot to do the discs. In the fight, the fiddly loading is also no fun.

A problem with the Vortex Vigilon suffers, but this also works with only one disc in the magazine. The Vortex Diatron always shoots two discs, which allows us four shots (or 5 when we put it on and ten discs) and does not trip with only one loaded disc.

In addition to the eight discs, the Nerf Diatron has a Tactical Rail (attachment rail, e.g. for a target telescope) and the option of attaching a shoulder.

Nerf Diatron: Handling and Performance

As noted, the Nerf Vortex Diatron is a special trigger mechanism (primer), before you can push the trigger, you have to open a lever (approx. 8 cm long) attached to the left side. The lever is slung in the barrel and is opened towards the mouth and closed again, which tension the mechanism.

We find it is good that experiments with new possibilities, finally we want a further development of the blaster. Nevertheless, we cannot resist two criticisms. Firstly, the lever is very fragile, and you have to be afraid to fold too far forward in the enemy’s foe, and second, the process feels cumbersome. It is an innovation that may score with better design and higher user-friendliness, but in the present form, it is still a little habituation.

The other performance of the Vortex Diatron is convincing. The range is pretty good for a Nerf Gun without Flywheel (about 21 meters, angled) and the hit accuracy is at least okay. Most of the time, only one of the two discs reaches the maximum range, but at least we have a very legitimate hope to miss two players. LARP-technically is of course great!

Our conclusion to the Nerf Vortex Diatron

The Nerf Vortex Diatron has a good concept, looks great and has a really good range. The loading process is a bit too cumbersome in the battle, however, and with four rounds, you are often not far from the duel. The operation is innovative, even if taste. Anyone who wants to play a “multi-shot madness” Nerf Gun would like the Vortex Nerf Diatron nothing wrong.

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