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Nerf Stampede Review

If you have a great gift under the Christmas tree, it could be the Nerf Stampede ECS of the N-Strike series, because this blaster is damn big! The Nerf Stampede is a magnetic clip system-based blaster that Hasbro launched under the N-Strike flag in 2010. For the operation of this Nerf 6 D batteries are necessary.


  • High fire rate!
  • Fully automatic blaster!
  • 6 Tactical Rails!


  • No battery use possible
  • In standard version short range
  • Bitchy about dart arrows

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According to our information, the Stampede is no longer produced. Nevertheless, residual items are still available. It may be worth reading further 😉Perhaps quite interesting for one or the other: Originally, the Nerf Stampede had the addition ECS 50, later then ECS 18 and finally only ECS.

Nerf Stampede: Design and ergonomics

The Nerf Stampede ECS is mainly in the colors yellow, black and orange – typical N-Strike colors level. Now and again she has also appeared in the clear green and orange (in the Sonic series). Where other blasters have too little of it, the Stampede with the Tactical Rails perhaps exaggerates a bit. A total of six tactical running rails can be found on this Nerf Gun, where you can attach your accessories (two under the barrel, two on top and one on each side), such as the protective shield you see on the product packaging. The Jam Door, where you can loosen jammed darts when it happens, is located under the holster, which allows you to transport this blaster comfortably (you can also find appropriate brackets for a carrying strap)

The magazine is clip-based, and the release button can be found on both sides of the Stampede. To get the batteries into the blaster, you need a screwdriver. Due to the batteries comes, again and again, neat weight on the already quite light Nerf Gun. The focus of the Stampede ECS is therefore also a little further back, which makes the blaster easier to hold and prevents it from a tip over at the front. On the additional handle, which you can put under the barrel at the front rail, is a button. Press the support feet out. With these, you can use the Blaster in a stationary position and better target your opponents.

Overall, you can see similar features as the Nerf MEGA Centurion – if you look at the handle with the trigger. Possibly. The Nerf Stampede was also a light model for the later Centurion.

Handling and performance of the Stampede

With the power button switched on, your opponent can be angry when they fly up to three darts a second. This is for an automatic Nerf, in any case, a decent value, which one may expect. Unfortunately, the Nerf Stampede ECS is only usable in automatic mode, so you must always have batteries. Now and then it happens that the dart arrows in the front only so flop. Too often this is not the case.

When standing straight, you can shoot up to 12 meters with the standard spring, up to 15 meters with an angled shot. If this is not enough, there is also for the Nerf Stampede ECS a tuning pin. You should be careful when inserting the darts because if they do not sit properly, there are jamming and crushed darts. Nothing we wish you, so watch 🙂We have not tested the Sonic version, but heard that it should be something more reliable than the N-Strike version. But as already said – this is outside our tests and thus not included in our evaluation.

Despite the “meager” range, the accuracy is not satisfactory. Ultimately, the high fire rate, but in any case, a dart will hit his target. Concerning. of the batteries one more sentence: if you feel that the Stampede is not as reliable as before, then simply changes the batteries. It sometimes has miraculously loaded batteries in an automatic nerf to have. Other Modding like the Voltage Mod can still get a few percent more from the Stampede, but this can have an impact on the engine if you exaggerate.

Fun / Conclusion

The Nerf Stampede ECS is a blaster for lovers or those who just want to run away (as many darts in a short time), but also no cheap fun. In the meantime, there are already similar blasters, which have some better performance. Nevertheless, she is a nerf gun with which you can make the one or the other afternoon fun and cool it looks definitely!

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