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Nerf Demolisher 2-in-1 Review

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Missiles? Exactly – the Nerf Demolisher is the only one of all Nerds of Hasbro, who also shoots with rockets. Explosions do not follow, but this feature is cool, as we find. Whether this feature is good in practice, you can find in our report to the Demolisher – convince yourself of the facts or scroll down to the bottom line!

Details about the demolisher

Series: Nerf N Strike Elite

Length of the weapon: 51cm

Weight: 1.500g

Fire Modes: Semi-automatic.

Shot frequency: 2 darts per second.

Munitionsaufnahme: 10er-Banana-Clip-Magazin (basic equipment, any other applicable) + 2 rockets.

Max range: 27.4 meters according to; 27m according to the manufacturer – the rocket manages it to about 15 meters.


  • Fantastic shot frequency
  • Very good accuracy also at far distance
  • Cool rocket light


  • Rocket lights not removable
  • Range less than stated

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The Nerf 2 in 1 Demolisher is white/gray/black/orange colored, whereby the orange dominates. Usually, the XD models are white/blue / orange, but this model has been chosen for a different design. We find a bit of a pity because we find the white/blue/orange something fresher, more modern and cooler. But this is not a too serious point because the blaster still looks damn cool: The Banana magazine makes it a unique Nerf Gun, which is different from all others.

There is a lattice in the shoulder rest, in which a replacement bomb can be stored.


To be able to ball the darts around your friends, you need batteries. 4xAA calls the Nerf Demolisher – the rocket is manually fired by pulling back the “lever” at the bottom of the barrel. Is somehow no lever, but we do not know how to call it otherwise. As usual with semi-automatic Nerfs the engine needs 1-2 seconds lead time until the darts come out with full power.


The Nerf Demolisher has two tactical rails, Tactical Rails, with which a lot can be started with modulator kits. Here you can build pretty much everything, apart from the kit components, which are underbuilt – like the biped and the second handle. Otherwise, red spot sights, muzzle dampers & Co. can easily be installed – the modding potential is thus given. Of course, you can use any clip magazine, even the Rampage. More info: Nerf Modding


Obviously, there are Blasterparts for this battery-powered Blaster the Voltage Mod. The device is “over-stressed” (sounds more dangerous than it is) – thus, batteries with higher operating voltage are used. This makes the engine brighter and provides higher range & more speed. Interested? The link to the Voltage Mod for the Nerf Demolisher can be found here: Nerf Tuning.

The Nerf 2 in 1 Demolisher in our test

The N-Strike Elite XD Nerf Demolisher 2-in-1 was the first Nerf Gun to reveal the Habsro in 2014, which is said to have an extra elite range. Blaster with the corresponding abbreviation XD should shoot particularly (therefore, all over 23 meters) far. We were curious, but also somewhat skeptical, but so far the normal Nerf Elite Blaster has not yet approached the values printed on the packaging. Will the Nerf Demolisher be the exception?


With its cool design in MP look and bright color, the Nerf Demolisher can be seen. The whole is rounded off by a large Bana magazine clip (AK 47-Style) of the ten shot. The magazine can only be filled up to the curvature, but otherwise would certainly provide for 2-3 darts more space. The system is very promising and lets the hearts of modders and LARPers beat faster, but the N-Strike Elite XD Nerf Demolisher with the grenade, therefore!

The box corresponds to most elite series packs, but with an extra window that shows the mini-rocket of our Demolishers. Unfortunately, the thing is only a large foam arrow and shoot no further darts … or explodes … here is probably the Modder scene asked😉

The Nerf Demolisher has a detachable shoulder rest, ten darts, two mini rockets and the magazine. The look is a bright construction worker orange, this is probably the new Nerf Gun of other products of the elite series stand out, and the fan eye in the shelves of the toy stores catch.

Design and ergonomics

We have nothing to do with the ergonomics. The handle of the N-Strike Elite XD Nerf Demolisher is as usual well-designed and sits comfortably in hand. Although the pulling-off of the mortar is still under the primary pull, the latter has a special feature to which we will soon come. Also, the Nerf Demolisher offers the very useful mount for the second included rocket, which can be pushed into the shoulder support.

However, there is also a point of criticism; the rocket is deployed there as planned cannot then be targeted over the barrel – whereby Kimme and grain are so small that they are nearly useless anyway. Besides, the pumping mechanism, which has to be actuated to start the rockets, is not so exhilarating. This is attached to an extendable lever under the barrel, similar to a shotgun. The principle gives a bit more action-feeling but disturbs if you want to use the blaster with shoulder support. Because then you do not get the pump handle so smoothly and vigorously back and the rocket hits the ground much too early.

For this, the Nerf Demolisher offers the usual variety of mounting points, which can be used, for example, to attach a good sighting device and another magazine. As mentioned, the shoulder support can also be removed. At the front of the barrel is a small LED light, which is too light.

In conclusion, it can be said that even if the N-Strike Elite XD Nerf Demolisher is a big blaster, which is slightly nasal, the ergonomics have been very good.

Handling and performance

The Elite XD-Nerf Demolisher has not earned the Elite XD-Kurzeme. In the test, no dart came over the magic 23 meter limit (in original 75 feet), instead, even with an angled attack, the darts went to the ground at about 21 meters. Pity! But the Nerf Demolisher surprised us with amazing four arrows the second.

The effective combat distance (just held the gun) is 14.50 meters which is in the Nerf Gun mean. On the other hand, the scatter was very small, which is good, it was only about 40cm to the right and left. We had already told the Nerf Demolisher more range and thought it would be at a too low speed; we were wrong. Surprising 22 meters / second have reached the darts – why then but then we do not reach the hoped 23 meters range?


A fact, however, saddened us and we hope that it is only on our Elite Strike XD Nerf Demolisher. The Nerf Gun has often been bushy, especially if you do not push the trigger fast enough, “jam” many darts at the steady fire and remain stuck in the chamber.


The N-Strike Elite XD Nerf Demolisher is a good blaster, with above-average target accuracy and cool rocket launchers, despite minor deficiencies in handling and range. The design is ergonomically excellent, and the mini-rockets leave plenty of room for roller-skates.

Surely, the pumping action of the rocket launcher could be better and also the stopping of the blaster is a real minus. But the shot frequency is excellent, and we find the blaster was fun. Indeed a good choice.

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