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Nerf BigShock Review

In addition to the CycloneShock, the Magnus, the Centurion and the new RotoFury, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega BigShock is the smallest variant of this Blaster series Jolt is copied – just covered with a little more plastic. Others find something nicer sounds and call them the “Sexy MEGA Jolt.”


The little “beast” uses, as was also differently expected, the MEGA darts. The Nerf BigShock comes in a compact format and fits into every bag (not to be taken literally). It is mainly aimed at children from the age of 8, but every Nerf fan knows for sure that there is a big room above the 8 – we do not need to mention that. Whether the attributes such as “powerful single shot blaster,” enormous “MEGA” range and good handiness can take seriously, we have tested for you.


  • Cool mega design
  • ammunition attitude
  • Good quality
  • Easy handling
  • Super compact


  • Short range
  • Uncomfortable for prolonged use
  • Low fire rate

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Mega BigShock – design and ergonomics

First of all, the Nerf BigShock is a MEGA blaster. This is easily recognizable by design. We like it very much that Hasbro has also released a small blaster for the MEGA series. Regarding processing, we must also praise Hasbro here, both the feel in hand, as well as the appearance, make the Mega BigShock a lot.

From a single shot blaster, you can not expect a big magazine, which is clear. For this, however, you can attach another (spare) arrow on the top of the blaster. So you can make the second shot again quickly, while the opposite still surprises that he just finished the first dart arrow😀

The handle itself seems to be a compromise solution. For large hands, it is somewhat small/short. For the little ones among us, he might be a bit too wide. This is however always individually dependent and should be no reason not to have the mini-MEGA Bigshock want to have. Even if we liked the design and the blaster of the optical well, so we could find it still a little smaller. But if you want it smaller, you can also go back to the Nerf Jolt.

The N-Strike Mega BigShock shows at least two different colors on the Internet. The basic color red is the same in both variants, but the difference is in the color of the trigger that shoots the darts from the blaster race – once in gray and once in orange. As I said, we can not tell you at the moment what exactly is behind it.


Handling and performance of the Nerf BigShock

The handling is quite simple: simply place the dart arrow in the barrel, pull the lever down, press trigger/release and the arrow goes. If you still have the spare dart on the blaster, you can push the right behind and give the second shot.

However, we have to be quieter in performance. The ranges that we have reached were spread over minimum 7 to maximum 16 meters. Since it seems that our top shot of 16 meters was more of a lucky shot, and we have landed with our arrows usually at 11/12 meters, we also give this in our statistics. The speed is unfortunately not worth mentioning, although the 60 km / h definitely enough to surprise someone from shorter.

Our conclusion

The design and processing of the NErf N-Strike Mega BigShock is great, the handling easy and the performance rather average. We do not make our criticism in the fulfilment as clear in this review as in some others. This is because we do not expect miracles such as excessive range or speed from such a small blaster.

Its size also brings some advantages with it. This way, the Nerf BigShock in an undercover mission could easily be introduced into a birthday party or the office and then spontaneously allow a small joke with good friends or colleagues. 😉But even the little ones among us Nerf fans can secretly take this blaster to the breakfast table. So do not be surprised if you suddenly have a dart on the coffee cup in your hand😀

You should not expect miracles from this blaster. If you want to have a MEGA with a good performance, you should rather have the MEGA CycloneShock. The Nerf N-Strike Mega Elite BigShock is more than suitable for the big ones as a small fun toy for the little ones and for the little ones as a good entry into the nerf scene!

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