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Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 Review – Nerf Barrel Break Mod Guide

Today, let’s take a closer look at the Nerf Barrel Break times – it’s a cut-off shotgun, which, let’s take it: a damn big cool factor. Why? That is the point in this report. So far we reveal: Among all Nerfs, this is a small rarity as far as construction is concerned.

Details on the Nerf N Strike Elite Barrel Break

Series: Nerf N Strike Elite

Length of the weapon: 51cm

Weight: 1360g

Fire modes: One or two darts can be played simultaneously.

Shot frequency: 2 darts per second.

Ammunition: Darts are inserted individually, on the Tactical Rail you can carry eight darts.

Max range: 12.2 meters in test at Randomshadow09 on youtube


  • Unique look among the Nerfs
  • Good quality in processing
  • Cool recharge


  • Long reloading
  • Performance not up-to-date

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The Nerf Barrel Break is white/blue / orange colored. The extra cool is the other form of the blaster: it looks like a sawn-off shotgun and can even be used exactly like this. Included in the Barrel Break is an attachment for the only Tactical Rail on the top of the Blaster – on this, you can attach eight darts for ammunition transport. Alternatively, a target telescope or the like can also be used. To be stuck. The Barrel Break we sort into the category of Nerf rifle e and even more precisely in the category of Nerf Shotgun.


The technology makes the Nerf Barrel Break especially interesting: If you want to load, first operate in lever close to the trigger. Afterwards, the double run can be pulled out and finally broken – as with a real shotgun! Now you insert two darts, put the barrel back and pull it back – now can be shot. If you push the trigger only lightly, you only move a dart – if you press more vigorously, both are shot at once. Damn cool.

If a dart jams in the barrel, there is a mechanism for solving this. Two buttons on the barrel are pressed, and the darts fall out.


Let’s say again: The Nerf Barrel Break is a damn cool shotgun. Shotguns are usually not used with red point sighting, you do not lengthen the barrel, and you do not use shoulder rests as much as a dub – we do not think modding is necessary. That is probably Hasbro though because there is only one Tactical Rail, which is used for ammunition. If you like, you can also attach a visor here.

Otherwise in  Nerf Modding here nothing is possible – in our opinion consciously. Therefore, there are no deductions.


You can not do your Nerf N Strike Elite Barrel Break – at least there are no tuning sets from Blasterparts.

Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 review

There are not many nerfs like the Nerf Barrel Break Elite IX-2 resembling a shotgun. The Barrel Break is the cut-off shotgun in the N-Strike program. When we first held this blaster in our hands, we remembered the good old days of CoD2 – for those of us who still know that. For the younger of us: CoD2, long pronounced Call of Duty 2, was one of the coolest ego shooters of all time and has invaded us countless hours before the computer – imitate not recommended (!) – or? But that is not the point. In the following, you can read our new report about the Nerf Barrel Break IX-2.

Design and ergonomics of the Barrel Break


The Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2 is the new version of the Standard Barrel Break in the N-Strike Elite design and shoots elite darts when you plug them into the blaster and press the trigger. The design is cool, and the blaster is well processed – feels somewhat better than others and arouses the feeling that the IX-2 lasts for a lifetime. This blaster feels powerful already – as mentioned above, we came almost nostalgia.

Depending on the offer you can find next to the blaster still ten darts in the pack, although only two fit into the barrel at the same time. The Standard Barrel Break had an ammunition holder included as an attachment on the Blaster, on which the remaining arrows could be stored and so they had always ready to handle. Instead, the Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 has a tactical running track. There you can add matching accessories as you wish.

On the Blaster itself, you will also find a little instruction (picture print on the side) as you load the darts in the barrel. So here nothing can go wrong. With the small red trigger at the back (on both sides), you can lure the barrel and then pull it forward and fold down. Now open the Darpfeile, run up again and you can go.

Handling and performance of the IX-2

As well as we have written about the design and the processing, we have to skip the performance of the Nerf Barrel Break IX-2. Lean 10 meters (in an angled position, even a little more than 7 meters when standing straight) regarding range and precision in the lower field compared to other blowers. Since we had hoped more. Especially since the IX-2 yes the successor the standard Barrel Break seems to be.

During the testing, we could not find any jamming, which should be positive. So the one or the other blaster already has its difficulty – well, with this shotgun blaster it does not seem to give the problem. A nice feature is that you can shoot the darts individually, but also together. If the trigger/trigger is only half, only an arrow is released from the barrel. If you pull the trigger afterward the other dart arrows afterward. You can also pull the trigger right through and shoot both arrows at the same time.

The reload process, unfortunately, takes a long time, but you can not blame this blaster in this design. With this type blaster, the reloading process is a plus. In principle, it is the same inaccuracy. Unfortunately, the arrows do not necessarily fly in the direction we targeted.

Conclusion for the Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2


As far as the performance is concerned, the Barrel Break IX-2 is not the mark of this time. You can hear a lot of voices, which had hoped for more and could have expected. Ultimately, it remains almost at a repaint of the default barrel break. This does not mean that you can not have fun with this blaster – as it was also written: The reloading process is part of the fun.

Perhaps it was also Hasbro’s intention of the standard variant simply to miss a new design. The Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 still looks good, even though it does not shoot over the 10 meters, and you have a great “action” when compared to other blasters.

The coolness factor is high, and the Barrel Break is robust and can withstand a lot.

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