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Nerf N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12

The Nerf Alpha Trooper is a Nerf Gun from the N-Strike Elite series, which is popular among nerf fans also relatively. Often it is said, you have only a Nerf Rampage in another cover – whether this is true and what the Alpha Trooper otherwise has to offer so, we will look at a bit more – have fun!

Details about the Nerf N Strike Elite Alpha Trooper

Series: Nerf N Strike Elite

Length of the weapon: 50cm

Weight: 550g

Fire modes: single shot or slam fire.

Shot frequency: 3-4 darts per second.

Munitionsaufnahme: 12-Dart clip magazine (basic equipment), expandable.

Max range: 15.2 meters on the test of Randomshadow09 on youtube, 21.5 meters on other YouTubers; 20m according to manufacturer


  • Super ergonomics and operation
  • Very reliable
  • Good fire rate and
  • Great accuracy


  • Unconstant range
  • Improvements to the original do not constitute a new purchase

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The Nerf Alpha Trooper comes in the colors gray/white/blue/orange to your home. We are used to it, nothing special. What first catches us is the orange plastic part at the back of the weapon – it is there that you can attach a shoulder support – basically positive, but it is not included. A Modulus kit with a matching shoulder support should be in our opinion, therefore – without it looks not quite as cool. At the end of the barrel is a grain to aim, on the Nerf rifle there is a Tactical Rail for target telescopes – also shoulder can be attached, extensions not.


The Nerf N Strike Elite Alpha Trooper comes without batteries and is fired either in single shot or slam fire mode. In the Slamfire mode, the trigger is pressed while the plastic handle under the barrel is moved back and forth as fast and vigorously as possible. The magazine can only be changed if the plastic handle has been retracted below the barrel.


Almost all Nerfs have Tactical Rails, including the Nerf Alpha Trooper. It has a tactical track on which equipment can be attached from the module kits – that is visors, sight poles, protective shields, etc. A shoulder rest can be attached, as well as the cool shoulder support with the integrated blaster. However, the Nerf Alpha Trooper does not accept any running extensions – and there is no Tactical Rail for two or two handles. To the suitability of the weapon in connection with the kits you come here: Nerf Modding


For the Nerf Alpha Trooper, Blasterparts even delivers two tuning sets. The first includes only the spring for higher reach. However, there is still the Tactical Range Set, which can do a lot more: The piston gets a cleaner guide with the insert, the catch spring prevents uncontrolled triggering and the second spring for more reach, so that also 25-30 meters are possible. All info here: Nerf Tuning.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12

The Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 ( N-Strike Elite Series ) came on the US market in 2013 and is the successor to the much-loved Alpha-Trooper CS-18. In addition to the smaller magazine with 12 instead of 18 darts, the Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-12 promises a better range than the original, as is also common with all Elite Nerf guns. The blaster comes in great footsteps because the predecessor from the N-Strike series was very popular and enjoyed, besides a few small quirks and short range, at good values and high operating comfort.

The Alpha CS-12 has a very reliable and comfortable slamfire (semi-automatic) and a tactical rail, for additional equipment.

Ergonomics and design of the Nerf Alpha Trooper



One of the most obvious differences is the new color scheme in the blue of the N-Strike Elite series, whether one likes the more like the yellow-orange of the CS-18 is of course taste. We find that the paint job has done very well with small details like a white stripe, across the Nerf Gun, which is going through as soon as the primer is withdrawn. As with the CS-18, the front grip is at the end of the primer, which is moved back and forth comfortably with the left hand, making the dart sharp or disengaging it when Slam Fire is used.

The next big difference is the missing shoulder. Although there is an appropriate Clipper to attach, however, one must acquire the shoulder neck only or take from another weapon. Without the shoulder strap, the N-Strike Elite Alpha reminds us of an Uzi. However, the lack of the possibility of extending the run to the mouth of the estuary has been left, which is not dramatic. Less noticeable is the improved grip shape with finger joints.

Also, it was changed away from the unreliable 18 Dart N-Strike drum magazine to a standard elite clip. As always, it is easy on one side to see the number of infectious darts. Of course, all other Elite magazines fit into the Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-12. The clip release button is attached to both sides and is well placed.

Like its predecessor, the Alpha Trooper comes with a beautifully sized Jam-Door (flap for releasing jammed darts), which even automatically closes when priming.

Performance and handling

The Elite Alpha makes a very good impression because the simple operation was maintained and the reliability was increased. The Slam Fire is much more reliable than the CS 18, and the primer is no longer stuck. If the 12 darts are not enough, of course, you can just put a 40 dart drum instead.

The Nerf Alpha Trooper is very handy, and all the mechanics run very smooth, the movement for priming, like a pumpkin, feels light and natural and is done with a rich and satisfying sound. Even with the Slam Fire, the Nerf Gun is relatively stable as it is held with both hands.

The range has improved, at the shoulder height the blaster created about 12 meters and angled 20 meters. However, the range is relatively inconsistent with differences of up to 5 meters per shot.

The accuracy is still good. With a fire rate of about three darts per second, we are also very satisfied, most semi-automatic blasters only create under 2, but here the priming process is so well designed, which can be done more.

Conclusion for the test of the N Strike Elite Alpha CS-12

The new Nerf Alpha Trooper is the good old Alpha Trooper with slightly fewer weaknesses, but just as good handling. For veterans who already own the first Alpha is worthwhile a new purchase is not, but the performance gain is too small. For Nerf fans who do not own Alpha yet, they are almost a must. Despite it’s not so fantastic range of 12 meters to 20 meters, it is a basic blaster and suitable for every Nerf battle.

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