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longboard maintenance guide – You must turn on these screws

If you want to have long-lasting pleasure in your longboard, you should regularly check for defects. It is worthwhile to invest a little bit of time to look at a new board thoroughly. If you are familiar with your sports equipment and know how to build it, you will be able to gain an understanding of the importance of care and maintenance. Which screws you need to turn to keep your Longboard fast, reliable and supple and rolling, read here.

For safety and driving comfort - Please wait regularly

Regularly, in the ideal case before each trip, a short security check is due on your longboard. First of all, you should make sure that everything is tightly screwed: due to the vibrations, which the board is automatically exposed to during use, a screw or nut is quickly released and has to be tightened again. Please do not hesitate to exchange parts, which can be solved again and again or can not be tightened properly. Also, you should focus on the individual components of your longboard:

The deck must be regularly checked for cracks and breaks, which are not always visible at first sight. Cracks can also occur on the rolls, and occasional small stones stick into them, which must be removed. At the latest, when the rollers are heavily worn, it is time to exchange them.

The ball bearings - The right care for more speed

The ball bearings should be regularly cleaned and oiled: Special cleaning sets are available commercially which can make the necessary work considerably easier. In principle, however, you can also achieve good results with a commercially available citrus cleaner, a shish kebab, and any large plastic container: Always thread ball bearings and spacers onto the spit and immerse it in your container filled with the detergent.

Now move the parts to be cleaned in the liquid until everything is clean - about 40 seconds should suffice. Afterward please do not forget to rinse all components thoroughly with water and then oil with a suitable product (please do not use engine oil!). If you have screwed everything up again after this treatment, your board should run considerably faster than before with the soiled ball bearings.

Hard or soft - A matter of taste

How hard or soft you control the steering of your longboard, that is, how quickly it can lean to the sides using body weight, is above all a question of taste. If you experiment with the different settings, you will soon develop a feeling for what is beneficial for you, your driving style and your board.

Tip! To adjust the steering softer, slightly loosen the so-called "Kingpin," the screw in the middle of the axle. If you want it harder, pull it a little.

If you find that the desired result by tightening or loosening the kingpin can not be achieved alone, you also have the option of " Bushings (the rubber rings under the Kingpin) to" exchange. They are available in different forms and hardnesses and are not too expensive at about $10 per couple. If you want a more flexible board, you should opt for Tapered (Cone) bushings. Flat bushings (barrels) provide greater stability but also make the axle slower.

In addition to your preferences, your driving style and the style of your longboard also play a role when choosing the right bushings. Flat bushings are mainly used for downhill skiing, but can also be the right choice for free riders. For cruising and carving are tapered bushings usually cheaper? Because there are two bushings on each axle (top bushing: on the upper side facing the road and bottom busing: on the lower side facing the board), you can also use different types on the same axis:

Here again the most common variants at a glance:

Driving Style

Top Bushing

Bottom Bushing






Conical or flat


Conical or flat





Advantages and disadvantages of care tips for longboards


    • Long durability of the longboard
    • Removing wear phenomena
    • For ball bearings there are special cleaning sets


      • The maintenance should be done regularly for safety reasons before each trip

    No more care is needed - you should avoid this if your longboard is dear to you

    Longboards are robust and have fun for everyone - as long as they are used appropriately. If you put it on, his board will also be broken. Damage can in principle occur in all components and should always be rectified immediately.

    Tip! A common beginner's fault is the tightening of the screws: if you overdo it, you can destroy the bushings and even damage the deck.

    To protect the ball bearings, you should avoid driving in the wet, dusty, sandy or muddy ground. The dirt can get into the ball bearings and make them unusable, so they have to be replaced. It is also hardly recommended to make changes to the longboard on your own. Please only use components which have been produced for this purpose and with the necessary care.

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