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How to wash a shower curtain

Washing a shower curtain – you should consider

Comfortable after a busy day in the bathtub, feel comfortable when showering around; these are performances which are combined with a beautiful bath. Looking at reality, but not everything is as beautiful as it initially seems. Ugly water spots or even greasy spots from the shower gel are only too often on the shower curtain.

To remove these defects, it is necessary to wash the shower curtain. How to clean a shower curtain optimally, we will explain step by step in the following instructions …

  1. How and how is a shower curtain washed? 
    A shower curtain made of fabric can be washed with a fine wash at 30 ° C in the washing machine without the addition of detergents and other laundry items. A shower curtain made of plastic should be soaked in a bucket of water overnight and then cleaned by hand.
  2. What should be considered after washing? 
    After washing, take the shower curtain out of the washing machine and hang it without the curtain in the shower. After it is dry, you can iron briefly over the shower curtain.
  3. How do you ensure that the curtain is still water-repellent? 
    If you want to make sure that the shower curtain still repels the water, there is the possibility to impregnate the curtain. For this purpose, you only need an impregnation which is suitable for washing. Then mix them with some water and place the still wet shower curtain. If the exposure time is fulfilled, hang the shower curtain wet. After it is dried, you can iron briefly over the shower curtain and it looks like new.
  4. What should be considered in general? 
    Check beforehand whether your shower curtain is actually washable in the washing machine. Read the enclosed information sheet of your shower curtain and check whether you prefer to wash it by hand or in the washing machine. If you do not want to clean your shower curtain immediately in the washing machine, you can also rub it with lemon juice, which kills bacteria and temporarily cleans it as well.


  • So that the whole procedure does not happen too often, you can prevent unsightly stains on the curtain. To prevent bacteria from spreading, allow your shower curtain to dry properly after use. Do not let it hang up, but spread it as far as it goes.
  • You can also smear the shower curtain with some baby oil. This shampoo or shower gel completely peels off the curtain.

If you pay attention to all these things, nothing will stand in the way of relaxing in the bathroom.

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