How to update iphone without itunes

iOS Update – wireless and without iTunes
Apple products have become a good selling platform in the last few years because they combine many different functions in one device and offer the user the greatest comfort. To keep the mobile devices up-to-date, there are always updates for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and co., Which should be installed by everyone to close security gaps, improve the system and get more features. This is particularly fast with the related iTunes program, which allows iOS to be updated in minutes on the mobile device. Since, however, a computer is not always within reach, this is also possible by mobile or wireless means.

The prerequisites for this are not too extensive. For devices that do not have a mobile tariff, a WLAN connection must be provided to download the update via it. This is the case with the iPod and also with older versions of the iPad. With the iPhone and with newer issues of the iPads, a WLAN connection can be used, but also a standard UMTS connection, with which the device from each location the update can download.

Step by step to the update

  1. To install the corresponding updates only with the help of the device itself, first, go to the “Settings” menu.
  2. There is also the button for the “software update” with which the device installs the update. This is however only since the iOS version 5.0.1. possible.
  3. If the button has been selected, then you have to keep to the instructions of the device, and the installation works almost as if by itself.


  • Data tariff as well as download rate: Depending on the data rate of users, however, it can be that downloading the update via UMTS takes much longer than on the computer or with a WLAN connection. Therefore, it is recommended to download the update at least with a WLAN connection to save time.
  • The update of the iOS version without a computer is an efficient function because the user is always and everywhere informed as to whether a new system update is available and he can install it immediately to close security gaps as soon as possible. This can secure sensitive data of the user in case of emergency, and he can move freely and without significant leniency on the Internet and call up different content.
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