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How to unlock ipad passcode without restore

When the iPad locks the user

The iPad manages contact details, birthdays, phone numbers, and much more. A blocking of the iPad is therefore always difficult to digest. Even when buying a used iPad, where the previous owner forgot to reset the factory settings, it is important to be able to reset the iPad. In general, the recovery mode helps in the case in which the security code for the iPad no longer exists. These methods do not restore your deleted data, but at least the device can be reused afterward.

Reset via the computer

As a note at the beginning: Before you reset your iPad, remember that all your saved files will be deleted. Also, collected messages, etc. are deleted, and there is no method to restore them.

Apart from this method, you can also contact an expert for restoration. It is important in this case to take the invoice with the purchase of the iPad. This implies the assumption that you had stolen the iPad and wanted to reset it and make it usable.

  1. For restoration, the iPad must be connected to the PC as a first step.
  2. To put the device into the DFU mode, the recovery mode, the device must then be switched off.
  3. Press the Power button for about 3 seconds, then press the Power + Home button for about seven seconds.
  4. Release the power button, but keep the Home button pressed until the PC recognizes the iPad. If something goes wrong during these steps or the screen remains black, simply press Home + Power button for ten seconds to exit the DFU mode.
  5. If everything works as intended, then open iTunes, if this is not already done automatically. iTunes should now show you an info window. This infor- motion must contain the following text: “iTunes has detected iPad has been recognized in maintenance mode. You must restore this iPad before it can be used with iTunes.” Now press the Restore button and wait for the restoration to complete.
  6. iTunes will ask you if the device is to be retrieved from backup mode or restored as a new device. Be sure to restore the device. Otherwise, you will be prompted for the code again. As the last step, you only have to restore your music and other files; you are done.



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