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How to sync wii remote to wii u

A Wii is a now very popular game console, which works in principle similar to a PlayStation or other consoles. The controller is the remote control of the device and must be synchronized before it can be used. How this is done is explained here simply and comprehensibly. Nintendo also has the individual steps in its instructions for the Wii, but this is very small and easy to overlook. Synchronization is very easy and does not take long – but you have to know what to do first.

What needed for synchronization

  • The Wii console
  • a controller
  • suitable batteries for the controller

How does synchronization work?

  1. If you want to synchronize your Wii controller, first remove the protection of the remote control and open the battery compartment. In the inside of the compartment, there is a small red button bearing the inscription “Sync.”
  2. Since the Wii must always be in sync for synchronization, turn on the console. This is done using the “Power” button on the front of the console.
  3. The Wii console has an SD card slot on the front side, which is below the on / off switch. So under the button labeled “Power.”If you have opened this card slot, you can start syncing, because there is also a small red button with the label “Sync.”
  4. Finally, both “Sync” buttons must be pressed at the same time until you receive the message that a new controller is successfully added.
  5. Now you can release both buttons, and the Wii is fully ready for use with your controller.

What is to be considered?

  • You only have to make sure that you have pressed the two “Sync” buttons until you get the message that the controller has been successfully synchronized.
  • If the batteries are very fast, the controller may be faulty. If this is the case, you should simply reinstall the remote control again. This is possible after pressing the reset button on the console itself, which is below the power button.



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