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How to screenshot on macbook air

Making a screenshot with a Mac – explained step by step 

A screenshot is very easy with Mac OS X with onboard devices. The Apple operating system brings two different possibilities. On the one hand, screen images can be created directly using global key combinations. On the contrary, there is the program “Grab,” which with German language setting “screen photo” is called. Both approaches sometimes yield different results. With the help of the key combinations as a file created screenshots, for example, are always immediately placed on the desktop. Screen images set up with the program must be saved explicitly. The procedures for creating screenshots are the same for desktop Macs and the Macbook.

The global key combinations are

  • Shift-Command-3, for saving the screen expression, as a file.
  • Control-Shift-Command-3 copies the screen to the clipboard.
  • Shift-Command-4 saves a section as a file.
  • Control-Shift-Command-4 copies a section to the clipboard.

The creation of screenshots with the program screen photo is described in detail below.


  1. For a newly installed Mac, the application screen is not in the taskbar.It must, therefore, be called from the program folder.It is located in the subfolder Utilities and can be recognized by an icon that represents a window and these options are hidden behind the menu item “Photo.”Here you can choose between the entries Selected area, Window, Screen, and Self-timer.
  2. In addition to the entries, key combinations are also available, so that frequently used functions do not always have to be selected via the menu.
  3. After selecting one of the functions from the “Photo” menu, a dialog window appears, explaining the further procedure.Then the screenshot will appear in a window.
  4. When closing the window, or after selecting the menu item Save, a file selection window appears, which can be used to save the screenshot as a TIFF file.


  • If several screens are connected to a Mac, the Shift-Command-3 key combination also creates a corresponding number of screenshots, one from each display.
  • If a screenshot document the function of a program and, for example, select selected text also active, the “self-timer” function is recommended.
  • If the mouse pointer also appears in a screenshot, you can select this via the menu “Settings …” in the program. This dialog is also used to adjust the appearance of the mouse pointer on the screen photo.

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