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How to scarify a lawn

Every spring the same: the long winter has been added to the lawn, and the strong moisture has contributed to the increased formation of moss. Latest now is the right time, to begin with, the care of the lawn. To get rid of the lawn efficiently from moss, you should vertical it.

Required utensils

  • A motorized scarifier
  • Handvertikutierer
  • feather broom


  1. First, the interface and edges are edited with the hand-held ever. To do this, place the hand curler on the lawn and pull towards the body, then push it away again. This is how the knives slide through all the layers of the Grasso and pluck out what is not part of the lawn.
  2. Repeat the above procedure until the bare ground is almost visible. It is best to use scarifying when the same spot is processed from different directions.
  3. The method mentioned above is also suitable for the motor-driven scarifier. In this case, the scarifier is used for the same length in different directions across the lawn until hardly any more lawn felt is present. The surface should be broken after each complete run. If you drove again with the motorized scarifier, it would push the dead plant remnants back into the soil.
  4. Three to four passes are also required with the scarifying machine. If it is not better afterward, it is recommended to try again by hand. The lawn is perfectly vertical when it is spotless after drying, so it has a uniform color.
  5. For the lawn to become perfect; the spring beater should be used after the scarification. To remove the very last remnants, the spring beater must be guided with sufficient pressure. If even smaller spots of moss are found, they can still be removed with a scraping sideways movement of the metal brush.

It is always amazing how much material is extracted from the lawn by the scarifying process. Just as amazing is the result, but the result is not immediately visible.

  • It takes about two to three weeks until the lawn has recovered from the scarifier, but then the lawn is more magnificent and rich.
  • The ideal grass height for scarifying is 4 centimeters. Also, the lawn should be relatively dry.
  • The cutting depth is ideally three to five centimeters. In doing so, the council is more likely to use the lawn twice a year as a single year and too low.

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